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Disney Character Bandz Have Arrived!

Back in April we told you that Disney-inspired Rubber Bandz were on their way to the Parks – well the wait is finally over! The new Disney Character Bandz are officially here and finding their way onto Guests’ wrists all across Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.

Currently, there are six unique Disney Collections in the Parks. The collections feature a few of your favorite characters from Disney Parks and films such as “Toy Story,” Disney Princesses, The Fab 6, “Cars” & Disney Fairies!

Here’s a peek at a few of the collections you can find in Disney Parks.

Disney Character Bandz

Has your favorite character been imagined into a Disney Character Bandz?


  • This will definitely be the souvenir of choice for my kids on our next visit. I can identify all of the characters except he princesses.

  • Cool! Are they only available at the parks???

  • What about the Emil Bleehall bandz and the Otis T. Wren bandz?

  • I would love to see Stitch in there!

  • @Barbara I’m pretty sure that the red princess is Bell, Yellow is Sleeping Beauty, Light Pink is Cinderella and the Blue and Dark Pink is Snow White.

  • Learning Express Toy stores across the country carry the Disney Rubberbandz – definitely not exclusive to the parks! 🙂

    • You’re right Ashley, these Disney Character Bandz are not exclusive to Disney Parks. But, coming later this summer, Disney Parks will have exclusive Disney Character Bandz that will only be found at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts! Keep any eye out, I’ll be launching another blog post to tell you all about them and when they’re coming.

  • Please tell me how I can get them!! We were just at Disney for Spring Break. My kids will love these!! Can you order them online from the store?? Thanks!!

  • @ Babara ~ Isn’t light blue Aireal? (never spell her name right!)

    Oh and they were available on the Disney Wonder June 13th, I didn’t realize what all the hub-bub was about them!!

  • We are going in July and my son will love the Toy Story set- it’ll be a gotta have while there!

  • My Walmart has had these for about a month. There is a huge display near the jewelery counter.

  • Hi, I found the Toy Story ones at Walmart and the Mickey and Gang, Cars, and Disney Princess at Hallmark and an American Greetings card shop in my local mall. I have also seen them at We are going to WDW in December and I hope they have the exclusive to WDW there then. My kids love these!

  • We sell silly bands at my place of employment, but we don’t have these yet. I really hope we get them because I will for sure be buying all the different packs. I will also be visiting Walt Disney World in August and I am hoping the exclusive ones will be available! My fiance and I pretty much have an entire wall in our house dedicated to Disney because that’s pretty much where we met 🙂

  • OMGOSH, We are planning a trip for late Sept and I was thinking this would be an AWESOME idea if Disney put these out. I would love to get these before the trip for a special on he way to gift to my daughter an 2 nieces..I am so excited to see my Daughter at Disney it makes me cry..Thank you Momspanel 🙂 for making it easier to plan my little girls very special Birthday trip to MAGIC!

  • 1-Princesses Pink is Cinderella (who should be blue) Yellow is Sleeping Beauty (who should be pink) Red is Belle (who is usually yellow) Purple and Blue are the same and I would guess Jasmine (I think should be purple) and Ariel (who should be red). I give a fail to the Princess ones. However they will probably go like crazy, like the ones shaped like a frying pan, or a whale! 🙂

    2-Toy Story Cute! instead of the Rocket should have the Aliens.

    3-Would love to see the icon heads too! So we could have Minnie Mouse!

    PS already on the road to finding them all! 🙂

  • Blog states:

    Currently, there are six unique Disney Collections in the Parks. The collections feature a few of your favorite characters from Disney Parks and films such as (1) “Toy Story,” (2) Disney Princesses, (3) The Fab 6, (4) “Cars” & (5) Disney Fairies!

    Anyone know what the 6th collection is?

    Looks like we got all but the Fab 6 on our trip a couple weeks ago. I guess we’ll have to plan another trip back! °o°

    • The sixth set is another Disney Princess Set. It features Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White and Princess Tiana.

  • My daughter picked up the princess ones the other day when we were at Disney. She was so excited to see Disney bandz. I think the package showed which princess was which because some of them were hard to pick out. Cinderella and Belle were easy. I think Disney will sell a TON of these!

  • I can’t wait to collect them all. Are they at all the Disney’s parks? I’m going to Hollywood Studios and hope I can get them from there.

  • I bought the “Mickey” pack at Walmart a few weeks ago. THey also had the Princess pack there.

  • I have Mickey Mouse ones. I went to Lancaster PA this weekend and they sold them there. I swore I would never buy the silly band things. But once I saw Mickey Mouse ones… I HAD to buy them. lol

  • I so do not understand the craze over these.

  • I wish they made a Peter Pan one. He’s my favorite character so I would be all for that.

  • We found the princess ones at our local Walgreens on Tuesday, but they were out of Toy Story. Hopefully, they will be in soon!

  • Hi, Brit here, sorry but – what are they? Are they elastic bands to tie things together with?

  • What about Tinkerbell and Ariel????

  • princess bracelets- my daughter bought them at walmart. the picture doesn’t show the set correctly. she has ariel (looks like a mermaid), snow white, tiana & jasmine. each princess is one of each color (red, yellow, green, blue & purple). the other set i believe has cinderella, belle, sleeping beauty and snow white again. wish they would’ve used a different princess. who needs 10 snow white’s?!

  • Are they sold in a Disney Store like in malls? what stores in Disney parks, like if in the world of Disney, Emporium or Greetings from California? Are there going to be other favorite characters such as Sorcerer Mickey, Genie, Nemo, or Crush?

  • Stitch and Tinkerbell??

  • WalMart, your kidding, I am there like every other day! I’ll look the next time I’m there. I also can’t wait for our trip to Disney World in Oct. I hope they will not be too hard to find while we are there!

  • I actually have these…bought at a Hallmark in northern Virginia. We have 2 sets of different princesses (one has Ariel in fin and the other in her gown, one has Tiana too). We also found Tinkerbell and her fairy friends as well as the Mickey gang. Didn’t find Cars or Toy Story yet…but we’re on the look out!

  • We recently returned from our yearly birthday trip.We found them at The Emporium and Pop Century Resort gift shop.We also found them at WalMart in Kissimmee by the jewelry counter.It was hit and miss at Disney but WalMart had all of them!

  • Has everyone forgotten about Tigger?

  • i don’t know why people are having difficulty figuring out the princesses i’m finding the cars hard to figure out since they mostly look the same except for doc and mater

  • Yes! I’m going out to the parks this afternoon and I MUST get these! Thanks for the tip!!

  • @Brit–the Bandz are meant to be worn as bracelets and when you take them off the original shape comes back. Kids love ’em!

    I am actually having a hard time figuring out who is in the middle of Minnie and Donald. Is it Goofy? The “ear” section looks funny.

    Also, I don’t understand why the princesses are all a color that doesn’t really represent her.

  • Don’t forget to add Pocahontas and Mulan to the Princess Bandz Collection. Those two are both official princesses as well.

    And which characters will comprise the Park-exclusive sets? Will it include attraction-specific characters like Figment, the Country Bears, the Hitchhiking Ghosts, etc.?

  • Ok i’m not up on this trend so the first time I heard of these was the first time you blogged about them and I thought they looked like cookie cutters :). But, they seem neat!
    Though, I will have to agree at why the princess’ do not represent their true color? Cinderella is pink, but she should be blue. Belle should be yellow but instead Aurora is?
    I guess everyone likes a change of color sometimes :).

  • I don’t get what the big craze is about these. They are just elastic bands in shape of Disney characters. Disney isn’t even being a trend setter they are just jumping on the bandwagon to a fad that will be gone in a year.

  • Cool, never heard of these until now. Where is the Chipmunk love?!? Chip ‘n Dale are loved way more than Daisy Duck…

  • Do they only come in 24 packs or packs with a smaller quantity. around how much are they?

  • Too cute! I will have to get me some! I personally like the Princess Collection! 😀

    But, when they come out will they be available to buy from the online store?

  • How about a band series of famous attractions at WDW — I could see a mountain series (Space, Big Thunder, Splash, Everest)…

  • These are cute but need Peter Pan and Stitch ones! 🙂

  • Are there 5 different kinds or six? We could only find 5, but the post says 6. Help!

  • There are actually 2 series of toy story, then they have the fab 6, fairies, princesses and cars. With the 2nd set of princesses already shipped. So technically 7 sets you can get. All of which you can buy online, just search disney logo bandz.

    My girls have definitely jumped in on the fad. I wasnt on board until I saw the disney ones. I am so excited that they came out. Just hoping for a winnie the pooh set!

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