Glow Fest Joins the Summer Nightastic! Line-Up

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Glow Fest
Last month we shared details of the popular shows and after-dark entertainment that are returning for Summer Nightastic! Today, we have more exciting news. A new, high-energy experience called Glow Fest joins that line-up to light up summer nights at Disney California Adventure park.

While “World of Color” brings a whole lot of color to the Paradise Pier section of the Park, you will find bright lights and beams of color in Sunshine Plaza and the Hollywood Backlot at this summer’s Glow Fest.

Glow Fest begins with the sound of drums and powerful rhythms that will draw you to Sunshine Plaza. An electric energy fills the evening air. As the sun goes down, colors burst to life and music starts to play from a brightly-lit stage that seems to glow. Dancers and world music performers create a fun vibe that you will only find at Disney California Adventure park.

During Summer Nightastic! the daily experience takes center stage in Sun Plaza from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and continues in the Hollywood Backlot until Park closing, so it’s the perfect thing to check out with your family, or if you’re just looking for a fun way to cap your night.


  • We happened upon this on our wat to Tower of Terror, and it was amazing! The dancers are great and the music is a lot of fun! There are three bars for the adults with Mojitos and “Glowtinis” and fun lit up drinks for the kids too. The sky on the Hollywood backdrop becomes a HUGE video projection screen with a live camera feed of the dancers on the street! We went back the next night JUST FOR GLOWFEST!! We’re going on Friday too!! This is SO MUCH FUN! check it out!

  • How long will GLOWFEST be around? I’m blocked out until mid August.

  • I saw this last night. I went to see the world of color, but we were there early so we were strolling around. We saw the entrance and heard the music and we were like, WHAT?! I mean this place was absolutely spectacular! Not only is it great for a teenager like myself, BUT, I was there with my sister’s husband, and he loved it too! It was even selling alcohol if I remember correctly, with fun lit up glasses, great for the adults, while teens and kids can dance up a whirlwind. I hope they keep this for more than just summer. 🙂

  • Wow! This is the best idea since Light Magic!

  • When does it start? Is it going on now?

  • Oooh, I’m so glad DCA is open late this summer because of WoC! I can’t wait to see Glow Fest (although the name isn’t the greatest). We’ll be at the resort in 19 days!

  • I’m happy DCA is getting another show. Glow Fest sounds like it will be fun for the whole family.

  • I’m trying to make heads/tales of this.. Will it be more in style of something like the Epcot New Years Eve parties which are more “adult” in how they’re presented (the lights and effect seem to suggest these) or will it be more akin to the dance parties from event like the Halloween Party or the defunct Pirate and Princess parties which were more subdued and kid-oriented?

  • more eye candy…love it !

  • Sounds very cool!

  • Will this show continue on weekends after summer, or is it just going to run through August? Looks pretty cool.

  • That looks like an 80’s throwback festival! Sounds fun! I have already bought a summer fun pass and this just adds to the excitement.

  • So cool! Staying at the Grand Calafornian this month!!! (:

  • This looks so awesome!

  • Awesome!!! Thanks for the confirmation on this rumored element! I think it looks like fun!!! Do you have any pictures of the Carnivale of Color pre-show yet?

  • Hey Heather,

    Is there an email address we can contact for Summer Nightastic press info?

  • Looks beautiful! I just wish CA Adv would stay open LATE (like Disneyland) at least in the summer… it doesn’t even get dark until 8:30.

  • Awesome! It’s great to see that Paradise Bay won’t be the only thing lit up with color!

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