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Golden Oak Luxury Residential Resort Community at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Today, we’re unveiling something very different – an unprecedented opportunity to buy a home at the Walt Disney World Resort. You read right. Golden Oak is a new one-of-a-kind, luxury residential resort community that Disney Imagineers helped design. So, of course, it’ll have a unique Disney touch.
Golden Oak Luxury Residential Resort Community
Take a look at our first released artist rendering of a Tuscan village courtyard home – it’s one of several architectural styles that’ll be featured at Golden Oak. Parks, pedestrian pathways and a private clubhouse are also planned for the community designed especially for resort living.

Golden Oak, named after Walt’s Golden Oak Ranch in California, will offer single-family, custom homes priced between approximately $1.5 million and $8 million, with fewer than 30 home sites available for sale this year. Residents will also have access to select amenities at the planned Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, including the full service spa, restaurants, golf course and event space.

We’ll have more on this in future Disney Parks Blog posts. But if you’d like to know more right now, please visit www.disneygoldenoak.com.


  • Isn’t that was Celebration was?

    • Hi Sandra…Celebration was designed as a residential “hometown” community. Golden Oak is designed as a luxury resort community for those who will likely visit Walt Disney World several times each year.

  • Just looked at the map on the Golden Oak website. Is it going to replace Fort Wilderness Campground?

    • No, it will not replace Fort Wilderness Campground.

  • How exciting! Wish I could live there, but I’m a few million short lol.

  • Sandra, I think that Celebration is owned by Disney but is not located in the vicinity of the parks. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • At least Celebration was reasonably affordable to a large cross section of Americans, this is all elite. It just sits the wrong way with me. Maybe if I had 8 million dollars to spend on a house I’d feel differently.

  • Sad so Sad $1.5-8 Million..

  • Man, I love WDW as much as anyone, but $1.5 – $8 million for these homes?!? I suppose there are people to buy anything….

  • sounds like it with the exception that it is not a city of its own, and it is Tuscan style instead of New England (is that fair to call Celebration that style?) sounds great though.

  • No, Celebration was a planned community, built around everything you would need to live…school,shops, etc. Celebration was also supposed to have a selection of homes and condos on a variety of economic levels. This looks strictly luxury. Wow.

  • I think it’s really cool what they are doing… But don’t you think they could make the houses more affordable? No one can afford those type of prices in this economy expect celebrities and ceo’s.

  • Yeah, at least Celebration was for all walks of life– this community is for those who have luxury money to spend on a luxury home– and probably have a few elsewhere too. Shame.

  • Put me down for two please… one for every day and one for when I need to get away. I wonder if you’ll be able to use the Disney Dining Plan.

    They aren’t replacing Fort Wilderness – they’re near the campground around the Bonnet Creek Golf Club with access directly through the traffic light at Bonnet Creek and Vista. In fact, they have taken over the site of what was once planned to be the Eagle Pines DVC Resort that was abandoned during site preparation work in favor of repurposing the Disney Institute and opening Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.

  • Disney doesn’t own Celebration anymore. I would guess, since they’re giving the concept a second try, that this is an attempt to get it “right” this time.

  • “Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland… the blessing of size. There’s enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine” — Walt Disney

    Personally, I’m guessing that thirty luxury houses for millionaires might not have been at the top of his list.

    Oh, and the forthcoming shopping complex out by the Western Way?

    “Some imagination, huh?”

    When you think of how incredibly painstaking Walt was in purchasing the land for his Florida Project, and then the current administration come along and sell off great swathes the family silverware for a one-off quick buck.

    Makes me feel rather disillusioned to be honest.

  • Wow…when I first saw this I was quite excited. Our family visits WDW often and since I’ve always dreamed of retiring to Florida, what better place to live than in the middle of Disney World?! But my dreams were quickly shattered the moment I saw the price tag! Sounds fabulous for those who can afford it.

  • The homes certainly are beautiful but very out of my price range. What happened to Walt’s idea of a magical place for families to go? Most families could never go here. What happened to the second shopping center and fifth park that my family heard about two years ago on a Disney Vacation Club tour? I would have liked to see a blog about that instead of these homesites.

  • I think Disney has to start someplace, and beginning with upper scale homes is not a bad way to go. There is no way I could afford to live in those homes … but a lot of people also thought that Celebration was too pricey at the time it was built. Disney no longer owns that because they could not control the schools and many of the rules in that town. *I would not personally want to see cheap homes built on Disney property. I’m an average person, average home; but some people around us do not keep their property up. If they start with the rich, they know they can afford to pay for the upkeep to Disney standards. (I already know this is probably not going to be a popular decision post … but I think Disney is right with this one).

  • By Robin “Wow…when I first saw this I was quite excited. Our family visits WDW often and since I’ve always dreamed of retiring to Florida, what better place to live than in the middle of Disney World?! But my dreams were quickly shattered the moment I saw the price tag! Sounds fabulous for those who can afford it.”

    I agree with you Robin. It’s pretty hard to get excited about something that the vast majority of Disney Parks fans could never even dream about. I guess Disney is a bussiness and in that the magic is in the money. Don’t get me wrong I love Disney but this doesn’t seem to fit with the family friendly ideals that Walt had. I guess I can hope to win the lottery…If only I played!

  • Disney could better use the land for parks, resorts or shopping. Just seems like an expensive waste of space.

  • How does this help the economy. I think this is Disney going overboard again and believe me I am a big disney fan, but this may be way too much. This exact idea of building these expensive homes is why the economy is where it is today.

  • Thomas you always seem to post the most exciting news on here 😀 lol Some friends and I are pooling together on Facebook, we’ve already got $56 together haha 😀

  • I hope that the profits from these homes will benefit everyone by funding further development in the parks and resorts, but I still think associating Walt’s legacy with something this elitist is in poor taste.

  • I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money, but sadly, I never will…..How disappointing….

  • I love the idea! It’s exciting to know that when, not if, I hit the lottery there is a perfect home for me. The very next day I will come running down there with my over sized novelty check screaming let me in. I don’t understand why everyone has an issue with Disney building it. There is so much unused land, this is not the last open land for building a park.

  • I have no problems with Disney building this community for those with the money to enjoy it. As with everything, it’s probably best to try out a new idea like this targeted to those that can throw their money around and are not happy enough with what they get with “sharing” a place through the Vacation Club. If the concept is successful, maybe they will start other communities targeted more to the ‘Moderate’ and ‘Value’ levels 🙂 With my family just having enough to scratch together to stay at an All Star resort occasionally, I don’t see one of these homes in our future, but if I hit the powerball, I might consider it a great investment!

  • If only I had 1.5 million. Wonder what that would get me? Guess I need to keep playing the lottery. Will there be models available to see?

  • I first saw this article reposted elsewhere, and my thoughts (commented there) are almost identical to Andre’s. Projects like this diminish Disney in my eyes, which is unfortunate – I’d much rather Disney focus on things that their millions of guests can enjoy, as opposed to a handful.

  • I am sure you would have to prove you had the funds to purchase one just to get a peek at the models,otherwise they would become a tourist attraction unto themselves.I guess if I hit the Powerball anytime soon,I will retire to Golden Oaks.

  • From the website ” As a youth in Missouri, Walt Disney would lie beneath the spreading branches of his “dreaming tree” and let his imagination run free.” Somehow I don’t think he was dreaming about multi-millionaires.

  • About Golden Oaks
    One last post Sorry everyone. Maybe with the Millions to be made maybe something can be done about Transportation. The Buses are not cutting it anymore. The people that work pay check to pay check and deal with Buses everyday don’t want to do it on Vacation. We are the thousands that spend money at Disney and we deserve better. If you are willing to Build and area for the Wealthy please do something for the not so Wealthy people that also love Disney.

    Please let us know if that will ever be fixed.

    Stephen from PA.

  • It will be interesting to see how many sell. As for all the luxury controversy, as long as they don’t start a Housewives of Golden Oaks reality show, live and let live.

  • I can’t judge what Disney deems a smart business move or not. Nor can I hate on those who have the money to make one of their dreams come true–such as owning a home at a Disney Park. These homes will likely sell quickly and Disney will probably make a great deal of money off them.

    But it feels icky to me. And I can’t really help that. The whole thing just sort of smells of elitism–building homes at Disney World for the super rich. Seems like something that would fit better in Dubai.

    Doesn’t feel very Walt-esque. I dunno.

  • Then again…supply and demand. And I’d have to imagine that if Walt had lived to see his vision of EPCOT built, it wouldn’t have been cheap to live there either. It is what it is.

  • They could probably charge $10 – $20 million each and still sell them. These are the only home sites on Disney property at the most visited family destination in the world. Would I like to have an opportunity to buy one? Yes, of course. Can I afford it? No. If they were affordable they would sell them all the first day they were on the market. Supply and demand – simple economics.

  • Well up until today, my dream home wouls have been in Celebration. Today that has changed to Golden Oak Ranch. I do wonder though, why Disney did not continue to add new areas to Celebration rather than pull away like it did . I was bumbed that Celebration hit it’s final phase of homes, which I think was done by St.Joe.

  • What is to stop the owners from renting their homes out when they are not occupying them? Unless Disney puts a stipulation in there about no sub-leasing, I’m afraid a lot of them will go to investors.
    They couldn’t control Celebration……..

  • How do we buy in?

  • Very disappointing! Disney fans across the US are begging for more parks/new parks, more rides/new rides and new hotels, especially in the “value” level. Rather than using this space to expand to the benefit of all guests the current administration has decided to plop houses down in the middle of the magic… and only for the super wealthy. I don’t begrudge millionaires, but since they can obviously afford DVC and/or the the Deluxe resorts wouldn’t that space have been put to better use by building something everyone can enjoy?

  • A perfect offering for corporations or public relations people who can write this off. They can then offer the residence to clients, family, friends and even renters. I would definitly want to see the Homeowners Association rules, otherwise your “neighbors” may be transients and the community appeal may be lost. Is this really for the average person?, I don’t think so. That’s why they offer the Vacation Clubs which are more appropriate for the folks who can’t afford this luxury. For me, living there would spoil the magic.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Andre. I just don’t like this idea. At least it’s out of sight from normal guest areas. With a very popular magical land opening elsewhere, I would hope Disney would be more concerned with proving to the masses that nobody outdoes the mouse. Somehow, I don’t think ultra luxury homes is the correct…um..spell to cast.

  • I concur, this just feels wrong. Walt Disney wanted to build a park for every family to enjoy. With prices this high, what percentage of families can afford to live here? Lindsay is correct, it will probably be all CEOs and celebrities. But since Disney is a business, I guess the almightly dollar will win every time.

  • I believe that Walt Disney meant for his theme parks to be just that. A place where families of ALL economical means would be able to enjoy time together. I believe this community was not part of Walt’s dream. To make such an elitist setting that only a few will be able to afford does not run true to what Walt Disney had in mind. It’s too bad that the almighty dollar has become more important that families being able to afford a special time together in a magical place. Shame on the “new Disney”.

  • Hmm…maybe Neil Patrick Harris and John Stamos will buy these homes. They’re Disney fans. This can become the Beverly Hills of Florida! Maybe I will win the lotto or powerball and become their neighbor! Ok, that’s enough dreaming for one post. =)

  • golly, it isn’t fair that some souvenirs cost so much, not everyone can afford those. same goes for certain Disney restaurants too.


  • Though I can understand why some people are unhappy with this decision, I think it’s safe to say that if you had the money, you would love this idea! I don’t personally have the money to afford a home like this, but I still think this is awesome. Though I may catch flack for this, I think this gives young Disney fans something to strive toward – i.e. motivation to do your best so you may one day own a home in Disney World! I understand that this isn’t attainable for everybody, but you have to admit, living there would be a dream come true for almost all of us!

  • So, they are building homes that less than 1% of the top earning people in the world can afford. It makes the other 99% of us feel left out. I definitely don’t think that Walt would like this elitist plan at all. But I guess that it isn’t about what Walt would want anymore is it? It is about making money at all costs. They should be careful not to alienate the other 99% of us out there though….

  • This does not make me happy. Walt Disney envisioned a place where people from all walks of life could enjoy themselves – so I do not believe that a community catering only to the uber-rich would be a part of Walt’s dream. With an economy in turmoil (somehow an end doesn’t seem in sight in the future), people looking for bargains anywhere, this does not seem to mesh well with where the country is right now. Many people wait and save money for years before they make it to Disney – this community for the elite seems like a smack in the face to those who work hard to save money just to be able to walk into the gates of a Disney park. Instead of perks for the ultra-rich, Disney should continue to offer specials and incentives for people of ALL financial statuses – especially the AVERAGE family. I live minutes from Disney and I would hate to see yet another over-the-top community in central FL, especially one attached to Disney.

  • I don’t really like this idea, I’m sorry. When Walt wanted to build residential properties as part of the Florida Project, this wasn’t what he had in mind. Frankly, I find it a bit elitist. In these unstable times, does it not make more sense to build more value / moderate resorts?

  • Could you give me a time frame on this project, and where I can get plans to be a sub contractor for Disney. We have worked there in the past

  • Next there will be three lines instead of two. Normal People enter here, FastPass and Residents of the “D” World.

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