Introducing the Cast of ‘World of Color’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

If you had the chance to see ‘World of Color‘ this past weekend, there’s no argument – the stars of this technical spectacular are definitely the fountains. There are almost 1,200 of them. Did you know the fountains have different roles they perform in the show?

Butterfly Fountains
This delicate quartet creates a serene effect, fluttering just above the water’s surface. With butterfly-like wings, they deliver smooth, yet stunning patterns – evoking pathos and drama with ballet–like grace.
World of Color Butterfly Fountains Rendering
Chaser Fountains
More than 400 Chaser Fountains create lightning-fast effects that“chase” each other in rapid-fire succession. Like the action stars they are, these fountains allow booming beads of water to be projected up to 80 feet high.
World of Color Chaser Fountains Rendering
Dancer Fountains
These six co-stars create swirling dual nozzles that intertwine streams of water. Like a dancing couple from a classic Hollywood musical, their ease and grace create unforgettable moments of choreographed dancing water magic.
World of Color Dancer Fountains Rendering
Dual Water Whip Fountains
Their repertory includes not only vertical patterns but also wider, fan-like designs. In theatre parlance, these 65 fountains can “change costumes” and become the ultimate 19,000 sq ft. water screen cyclorama on Paradise Bay.
World of Color Dual Water Whip Fountains Rendering
Flower Spout Fountains
Here are a dozen actors with dramatic range. These fountains can shoot high-velocity streams of big, frothy water and then easily transition the shape of those streams into a “blooming” 60-foot-wide flower petal.
World of Color Flower Sprout Fountains Rendering
Geyser Fountains
With Diva-like attitude they can launch 40 gallons of water at once, announcing their presence with a distinct authority. These 10 fountains live up to their name (and reputation) by being the most powerful; each Geyser can shoot huge bursts of water more than 200 feet into the sky.
World of Color Geyser Fountains Rendering
Grid Fountains
These performers comprise a network of grids that create a vast “ensemble cast.” Positioned eight-feet apart, these vertical fountains are capable of firing water up to 40 feet in the air. Their specialty is creating massive, three-dimensional designs, like a whale moving through the Paradise Bay.
World of Color Grid Fountains Rendering
Single Water Whip Fountains
Our 75 star ballerinas are the most elegant and graceful featured in World of Color and perform a mesmerizing ballet. With independently moving heads that can sway in any direction and project water more than 100 feet in a vertical pattern.
World of Color Single Water Whip Fountains Rendering
Which fountain do you think is the biggest “star” in the show? Which one do you like best?


  • I love the single water whip fountains for their graceful presentation – however the grip fountains are technically amazing in their synchronization.

  • The Geyser Fountains are my fave! I can’t believe how they make these fountains not only have multiple colors, but also literally sparkle as if the water was infused with crystals or some precious element! World of Color is truly amazing to behold!

  • Its gotta be the Dual Water Whip Fountains they make the screen that makes the disney characters come to life in the water! although the hight on the Geyser ones sound amazing and would be my second choice!

  • At 40 gallons of water a shot the Geyser fountains are some of the most spectacular – needless to say the mechanics and workings of all the fountains are awesome. For a tech-geek like me, can we also see a real picture of the different fountains? Thanks

  • Hi – Any idea how long World of Color will show? We’re coming to Disneyland over Labor Day Weekend for the Disneyland Half Marathon. Will WOC still be showing? Thanks!!!

  • Speaking of some talented fountains, my personal favorite is the grid as well, has Disney mentioned anything about a soundtrack release?!

  • I believe they all have an important role in the show. My favorite one is the chaser fountains. These are the ones used in the parts of the show like Toy Story when Buz is flying around the lagoon right?

  • All of the fountains are great.

  • I seond that the Grid are the stars BUT I love the single whip for just being AMAZING!

    I was there opening day for the 1st public show and will return to see it MANY MANY times!

  • Heather,

    Any idea when merchandise will be available online?

    • Be sure to look for tees, fleece and a pin available in the next couple of weeks. June 23 is probably the earliest the merchandise will be available.

  • I think the grid fountains are the biggest stars in WOC. I like the chaser fountains a lot!

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