Larger-Than-Life Carnivale-Style Puppets Kick Off the Party at ‘World of Color’ Pre-Show

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

As guests gather each night, waiting for our dazzling new spectacular, “World of Color” to begin, they can join in the larger-than-life party atmosphere of a pre-show—a high-energy celebration that kicks off the night. This brand new nightly pre-show encourages families and friends to cheer for their favorite hues with the official “color mascots” for “World of Color.” Each mascot is a giant, imaginative Carnivale-style puppet that brings to life some of Disney’s most “colorful” characters. And when these illuminated Sky Puppets arrive, music, energy, and color really take over! Lumiere (“Beauty and the Beast”) lights up for yellow¸ Sebastian (“The Little Mermaid”) gets folks “out of their shells” for red, and Mike Wazowksi (“Monsters, Inc.”) has his “eye” out for anyone who is hip with green. Of course, there’s no doubt about what hue Aladdin’s true blue Genie favors. What more could you wish for on a thrilling summer night?

This exciting pre-show comes alive every evening during Summer Nightastic!, just prior to the first performance of “World of Color.” Are you ready to show your true colors?

Carnivale Puppets Kick off 'World of Color' Pre-Show


  • Go Green 🙂
    Cant wait to see the show
    Great job imagineers, y’all have the best job ever!!!

  • Love the Lumiere one! Wish I was able to see them in all their glory 🙁

  • Saw this at the preview tonight… these guys were awesome! I especially liked Mike Wazoski and Lumiere. Great show can’t wait to go see it again soon.

  • These look similar, in concept at least, to the puppets used in Tapestry of Nations.

  • Heather, do you know if any Paradise Pier attractions will be closed during World of Color, if so which ones?


  • I cannot wait to see this show. From everything that I have seen so far, it looks to be incredible.

  • Those puppets look really cool. I saw some big puppets like that in person and they are impressive.

  • Can’t wait to see the show on Friday!!!Thanks for all the updates!

  • Where exactly will the puppets be preforming in the viewing area?

    • These larger-than-life puppets will be in Paradise Park.

  • Post 11 – No, I don’t think that concept art was created for a parade. That’s for World of Color. Notice how each character represents a color, this preshow is supposed to take place in Paradise Park (viewing area).

  • I just noticed that the concept art looks like it was created for a parade – not for World of Color. Maybe I’m looking a little too deep into it, but I’m wondering if the concept is for some sort of a SpectroMagic upgrade at Magic Kingdom or the rumored “Rivers of Light” nighttime parade at Animal Kingdom.

  • Looks like the puppet concept from Tapestry of Nations at EPCOT. Boy do I miss that parade. Easily the best Disney parade.

  • Ooh! I love them! Heather, I asked you to confirm the rumors about these puppets when you confirmed the Glow Fest rumors for us, and you came back and delivered for us! Thanks!!! I can’t wait for June 11th!!!

  • Wow, these look spectacular! I’ll be cheerin’ for my blue-buddy!

    I have the same question as some have mentioned before… Is this only for Summer Nightastic? And I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’ve yet to catch it: Will World of Color run all-year-round, much like Fantasmic?

  • They look great! 🙂

  • They look great, hopefully its not just a limited thing and that eventually it grows to become a much bigger preshow for many more to enjoy along the banks of Paradise Bay.

    DCA is finally growing and becoming part of the overall Disneyland resort entertainment package.

    Now lets hope that plans are already in the making for DCA to also take part in Halloween and especially Christmas celebrations.

    I say, open up the pockets order a few more snow machines and give us a snowy Grizzly peak area along with a Hollywoodland Christmas to remember.

    These coming Holidays DCA should really SHINE and be the place to celebrate.

  • That’s almost similar to the puppets that EPCOT used during the millennium celebration’s Tapestry of Dreams Parade.

  • Very cool. They look beautiful. Will this be temporary? Also, will there be special music for the pre-show?

  • Whoa! This looks so awesome. I’m excited for just this pre-show alone. Nothing can beat the entertainment in Anaheim this summer!!!

  • It looks great, really looking forward to this!

    Will this preshow only run during Summer Nightastic? or will it run throughout the year like the main show (World of Color)?

    I really hope it’s not a limited engagement type of thing.

    • The pre-show, which is now officially called Carnivale of Color, is intended to continue with “World of Color” after Summer Nightastic! ends.

  • Very Nice 🙂

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