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Local Artists Bring Downtown Disney to Life After Dark: David Wayne Gulley

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

David Wayne Gulley
Today we’re featuring another artist who performs at the Downtown Disney District.

Drawing on a diverse array of influences, David Wayne Gulley enchants audiences with his mainly acoustic guitar, performing an instrumental blend of rock, Latin, jazz & folk. For live performances, David is joined by Carlos Lopez on drums and percussion and together the two share a rare and powerful musical connection.

Catch David Wayne Gulley performing at the La Brea Bakery Stage area of Downtown Disney District. Check for performance dates this summer.


  • My girlfriend and i have seen David a few times. Everytime gets better and better. We always look ahead into the lineup for downtown disney to see if he is playing. The man is so talented. We hope disney keeps him around for quite a while.

  • Twice I have seen David Wayne play at Disney and both times his talent made an impression on me. He is an incredibly accomplished guitar player that is very passionate about what he does. I have several of his CD’s that I listen to often, as I am unable to see him live as much as I’d like too. If you get the opportunity, see David Wayne live, you don’t want to miss out on this unique experience.

  • I love it when these guys rock out on paint it black!!!!! They do a great job blending with each other and are Extremely talented. I have all 5 of his Cd’s and i never get tired hearing them.

  • Every time I take my family to Disneyland… we make it a point to go see David Wayne and Carlos… These guys are incredible… We even have his (David Wayne’s) CD’s… I could sit for hours and listen to him play. Anyone who goes to Disneyland should definitely see these guys play! Great Job Disney for recognizing David and Carlos ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I discovered David Wayne at Disney and I must say he is a great talent. Try 3 or 4 of his cds. So Cal is my favorite, but unless you go to disneyland regularly, try to get all of his cds when you visit or you’ll regret it. I can say the clarity of his live performances is also amazing. I also heard a rumor that he may have a new percussionist named Pablano, who would even take it to the next level.

  • We have seen David several times while coming and going from Disneyland. We are annual passholders and our trip wouldn’t be complete without his wonderful music outside La Brea Bakery. He is truly gifted and hope he continues to bring us great music in the future.

  • David is great. I haven’t heard of the Gully name before just David Wayne but he is fantastic. He is in my top playlist on my iPod. Thanks for the great music. My girlfriend and I look forward to seeing him in the evenings.

  • We are AP holders and have all of his CDs. My daughter was excited when he autographed a copy one night. We absolutely love his music and play it in our office all the time. Disney has a winner on their hands! It is always a great closer to our evenings when we come out of the park and can hear him and Carlos.

  • One of the best parts of our Disney trip is to watch David Wayne. Glad to see he is still at Disney. My family and I are looking forward to listening to him on our vacation this August. Can’t wait to pick up a couple more CDs.

  • My husband and I have listened to David and Carlos numerous times while at Disneyland. They are both extremely talented! David is the most gifted guitarist we have listened to. We are so glad he and Carlos are receiving the recognition they well deserve. Can’t wait to see and hear them again!

  • David’s music is the perfect piece of California to take home after a great day in the parks. Me and my family have heard him several times and it is great to see him perform. Just like California it self, David is a melting pot of culture and styles that turn his versions of popular songs into our new favorites.

  • We love listening to David & Carlos every time we go to Disneyland. They are my favorite act there. I am glad that they are getting some well deserved attention.

  • OOooh, I luv these guys!!! We always grab a bite to eat at the Bakery and enjoy the music in the patio area! Best way to end a Disney day with our families… between me and my Sisters we’ve got every CD ๐Ÿ™‚
    The Music’s Fabulous!!!

  • Every time we visit Downtown Disney we stop to listen to David play. He is our favorite of all the musicians and the kids like to dance around the courtyard. We have never seen anyone play as quick as he, especially when he plays the Beethoven piece. His wife is friendly too!

  • I have been coming to Disney for years and have enjoyed David’s music so much. When friends come to town I always bring them to Disney and we always stop by to watch Dave play. Good music.

  • So excited to finally see David and Carlos get the recognition that they truly deserve. There’s a reason for it…they’re exceptional. We’ve made several trips to Disneyland from Kelso,Wa and no trip goes without seeing their performances. We’ve talked with David and his wife on numerous occasions and they’re nothing short of great. Super kind and very approachable. We own all the music and can’t wait for more. Guys, we’ll be seeing you in September. Oh, for you lovebirds out there, there’s nothing like Downtown Disney after dark, warm drink in hand and their music in the breeze. Trust me.

  • My wife and I visit Disneyland at least twice a year…no trip would be complete without enjoying the sounds and personalities of Davids and Carlos. Rock on dudes!!!

  • Im really happy Disney loves these guys as much as I do. Very talented musicians. havent seen Carlos in a while , looking forward to hopefully seeing him play with David. I have all of David cd’s so it will be really nice when he comes out with more cd’s. David you are so Groovy!…lol.. really Hip!..and your lovely wife is pretty cool…. V.F.

  • They are good musicians. But their location really gets in the way when it’s time to get to the trams after fireworks; the walkway gridlocks and people get really cranky as they can’t get through. Maybe they could move these talented musicians somewhere off a main walkway to prevent gridlock?

  • I’ve heard him live, several times! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good to see him getting some recognition. I love his gypsy stylings, as well as his Beatles covers.

  • wow thats cool is he going to be there tommarrow cas i might go to see him cas i live very very close to down town disney and i will be staying at the paridise peir hotel .

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