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‘Marathon Monday’ Newest Twist for Disney Marathon

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Anyone who runs 26.2 miles deserves something in return, right? I mean, besides a lot of aching muscles. Well, we think we’ve come up with the perfect reward for marathon runners.

If you run the Walt Disney World Marathon next year, you’ll get a day at Walt Disney World on the house. Yep, runners who collect their finisher medals from the marathon on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011, can bring them back to Disney the next day and gain entrance at no charge into a Walt Disney World theme park on “Marathon Monday.’’

Marathon runners and fans can also have a say in what that Disney Marathon finisher medal looks like. Just go to and vote for the medal you think Disney should award runners at next year’s Disney Marathon. Voting runs now through July 28 with the winning medal announced in early August.

Hey, if you sign up and vote now, you’ll still have plenty of time to train for the race. On your marks…get set…go!


  • I understand wanting to wear your Goofy medal to the park but why wouldn’t you wear them all. I ran the Goofy in 2009 and worn all three medals the next day to the Magic Kingdom with my family. I”m proud of all the medals. Also once you get in the park there not checking your medals if you want to take the Mickey off and just leave the Goofy.

  • I agree with the majority here…Although great for people who don’t buy annual passes or pay for multiple days tickets, what about the rest of us? We are coming in from PA and booking a vacation package so this is of no added benefit to me!!!!

  • I’m betting the 5k will have a Tangled/Rapunzel theme this year since it should be in the theaters at that time (releasing in November 2010). But that’s just idle speculation.

    I’d think they would want to offer the half marathoners the same free ticket, since it costs the same ($135) as the marathon, plus they would get more lodging-days by getting more half marathoners to stay until Monday.

    I also wonder what they’re planning to do to prevent transfers, since it says the entry offer is not transferable? Also wondering if they’re going to handle the sag wagon/pacing requirements any different or do something to eliminate course-cutters by the next morning.

    Very interesting to follow this development!

  • Anonymous – Since they don’t appear to be answering questions yes you get a Medal for Finishing the Half in Jan (Donald) or Feb (Princess Crown the past two years.) The 5k is a Rubber finishers medal based on whatever theme they have.

  • I’m preparing now and hoping to finish the Half either in January or February (for the princess) do you get a medal for finishing the Half or the 5K?

  • I hope that you reconsider not doing anything special for AP or multi-day ticket holders. The free ticket is not a benefit for a very large portion of the runners. At minimum make the ticket be available to be used for a later date if you pick it up on monday. That way the runner doesn’t feel cheated and the park still gets the visitor on the monday.

  • Love this idea but tickets for the half marathoners would be great too!

  • Darrel, will there be a similar vote for the Donald and Goofy medals?

    And will half-marathon finishers also get a free day in the park?

  • What about the DL half this year! 🙂

  • This is a nice gesture to the marathoners – something they should have done long ago. Nice to see that Parks management and Race management are working together for 2011!

    It would be nice if they would offer the annual passholders who complete the marathon a very sizeable dining discount for the weekend, since you’ve got many loyal passholders and DVC members among the marathoners who won’t benefit from this free day (unless it’s transferable??)

  • what about those of us did the half marathon? Can we get a Monday pass into a park. That would be great

  • @Sandy, thanks for answering one of the questions I had. That’s too bad about no substitution, although I suspected as much.

    I’d also like to know about wearing the Goofy.

  • Great offer, though disappointing to learn when I called you will not offer any substitution (ie free FastPass) for Annual Pass holders or those visiting on packages.

  • You’re able to vote on the main page. Just follow the link above.

  • I’m curious how this impacts the Goofy and Donald Medal. Will Donald be the same as in 2010 and Goofy in 2009?

  • I’d be interested in all those answers as well.
    1) Where do we vote?
    2) What about passholders?
    3) Can we wear Goofy instead?

  • Ditto Joey. I am unable to locate where we are able to vote for the medal.

    Any chance Goofy completers will be able to wear the Goofy medal in lieu of Mickey? I love wearing my Goofy medal around the parks.

  • Neat idea on voting for a medal. I am unable to find where we vote on the referenced website, though. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Also, are there any plans to do anything in lieu of the free entry for finishers who are passholders or those that have already purchased park tickets for their vacations?


  • All that hype and this is it? What about those of us that have APs already? No added benefit there.

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