One-Stop Searching for ‘World of Color’ Information

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Whew! We’ve shared a lot of “World of Color” information in the past few months.

To help you find everything you want to know about “World of Color,” here are the links to the key stories on the Blog.

This week, “World of Color” premiered at Disney California Adventure park!

A Spectacular Opening Night

Introducing the “World of Color” Trivia Contest Winners

Video from Blue Carpet and World Premiere of “World of Color”

“World of Color” Blue Carpet Premiere Live Coverage

The “World of Color” Press Event Begins Today

In October, we began our “World of Color” coverage by telling you how Paradise Bay Lagoon would be drained and then re-filled while contributing to local water resources.

Mickey Helps Fill Paradise Bay Lagoon for “World of Color”

Soon Paradise Bay Will Begin Filling With Water for “World of Color”
World of Color Concept Art

We kicked off the new year with a series of January construction show production updates.

“World of Color” – Behind the H20 – The Abbey Road Sessions

How Everything is Coming Together for “World of Color”

An Entertaining Look at “World of Color” Construction

“World of Color” — Behind the H2O — The Journey Begins

Then, in March we showed you some artistic elements that would bring Disney characters to life in “World of Color.”

Paper May Fold into the Waters of “World of Color”

Disney•Pixar Animation Brings “World of Color” to Life

Big announcements followed in April, when Disney Parks Blog readers found out when the show would premiere at Disney California Adventure park.

The Stage is Set for “World of Color”

The Date You’ve Been Waiting For: “World of Color” Water Spectacular Debuts June 11 at Disney’s California Adventure Park

May was a month of “first looks,” as we gave sneak peeks into the new artwork and TV spot developed for “World of Color.”

'World of Color'
First Look: New “World of Color” TV Spot

First Look: New “World of Color” Images

Finally, we led up to the “World of Color” premiere this month with looks at how our guests will be able to enjoy the elements of the show, from merchandise to delicious meal packages.

“World of Color” With Flair

Video of “World of Color” Picnic Meals

A Colorful New Look

“World of Color” Viewing Tips

“World of Color” Has French Touch


  • I love all of this great use of media! I would love to see more techy stuff aka interviews with the lighting designers and maybe a more detailed sneak peak in the control room! That would be very exciting!

  • Thanks for all the posts! I’ve seen the show twice now at the previews and think it’s the best water show in the world. Can’t wait to see it again!

  • Great idea to put all of the World of Color links together.

    I’m really excited about seeing the show tonight!

  • I have been following this show sinse October. It is hard to believe that after all of the waiting, all the “behind the scenes” and all of the hard work the Imagineers have done, that we are only about a day away from the first showing! I can’t wait to see this show!

  • I will be there Friday, June 11, 2010! Oh, and did I mention I’m super excited? I’m super exxccciiiittttteeeeeeddddddd! 😀

  • I cant wait to see it! Unfortunately its going to be December 2011 by the next time I’m there (unless fate, magic, and possibly a bit of pixie dust interviene).

  • for the media viewing… do you need to have a ticket for the park? my guest is blocked out tomorrow.

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