• What a beautiful picture! I am so excited for the resort to open.

  • This picture is just the tip of the iceberg of how beautiful this area is. Ko`olina is composed of seperate lagoons closed in by rock walls. The waves are barely there, which is good for the keiki. The sand is warm and soft so that you can lay on it all day. The grassy area above the beach line is very well maintained and there’s a walkway lit for romantic moonlight walks. There’s a sort of gazebo building that overlooks the enitre ocean skyline perfect for weddings! Disney picked the perfect spot for this beach resort, because it’s pristine condition away from heavily congested Waikiki. I wish I could show everyone my pictures :)thank you for sharing this blog, it’s so exciting to drive by and see the building take shape. You can already see the triangular shape tops 🙂

  • I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii….so my husband said for our 2012 Anniversary (13 years) we need to go! Guess where we are planning to stay?

  • My boyfriend and I are getting married next year and this would be a perfect Honeymoon spot. We’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.

  • nice ………..

  • Ko Olina is simply beautiful…..

  • My husband is dreaming about going to Hawaii….Soo for our 15 year anniversary we are finally taking the plunge and going. Guess where we are planning on staying!

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