Silly Symphony Swings – A Second Look

Heather Hust Rivera

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Silly Symphony Swings

In March, we shared behind-the-scenes photos and video that showed Imagineers creating an attraction in Paradise Pier, Silly Symphony Swings, which replaces the Orange Stinger, a swing attraction that looked like a partially peeled orange.

Today, we’re sharing photos of the completed attraction and some fun facts. The attraction officially opens June 11 but has been available for guests to experience for a little more than a week.
Silly Symphony Swings
Here’s the symphonic scoop on the tuneful addition to Paradise Pier:

  • The attraction features 32 single-seat swings for guests, and eight pair of tandem seats for smaller riders and their responsible companion.
  • The name Silly Symphony Swings pays homage to one of Walt Disney’s greatest creations – a series of cartoon shorts, called “Silly Symphonies,” which historians say revolutionized animated films. Relying mostly on music to tell their tales, this series of cartoons was honored with multiple Academy Awards and introduced audiences to several beloved Disney characters, including Donald Duck. Walt Disney Studios produced 75 “Silly Symphony” cartoons from 1929-1939. (“The Band Concert” was not among these cartoons, but it was associated with them because of its similar style.)
  • Standing atop the crimson and cream-colored carousel canopy is a sculpture of Maestro (or “Mouse-tro”) Mickey Mouse – just as he appeared in “The Band Concert” – with a conductor’s baton in hand and clad in his crisp, fire-engine red bandleader’s uniform.
  • The opening of Silly Symphony Swings in 2010 coincides with the 75th anniversary of the release of “The Band Concert.”
  • In addition to Mickey Mouse, “The Band Concert” features several Disney character favorites, including a fife-playing Donald Duck, a flautist cow named Clarabelle and a clarinet-playing Goofy (though he was billed to audiences in promotional materials simply as “The Goof.”)
  • A wooden deck surrounds Silly Symphony Swings, allowing non-riders to watch the fun and enjoy a restful and shady spot amidst the excitement of Paradise Pier.

If you’ve had a chance to “swing” on this new addition in the Park, what did you think?


  • All right Jacob ! first kiss !…Disney holds some “romantic” memories for me also…oh yea,..and the swing is fun,fun,fun !

  • Such a great addition: bringing in classic Disney to ‘California’ while keeping with the Boardwalk theme of Paradise Pier. It shows what can be created with so many talented minds working together.

  • Have ridden a couple of times and it is great!! Sit on the outside swings for a better flight!!

  • Haven’t had the chance to ride them yet, but will definitely make a trip to experience them soon! I am so glad to see that I can ride alongside my little one. Visually, the ride itself is just prettier than the big orange. It opens up the view of the Pier in that area, and is a great addition. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for the area!

  • Very fun. When the orange stinger closed my daughter didn’t quite reach the 40″ mark. The other day we got to ride it together twice. I like it much better that the last version. Makes that area of the park come alive.

    I also noticed the panels on the side are “Animated”. Any plans to hit that with a strobe light at night so you can see the actual animation?

  • I love world of color

  • I think i need to completely throw out my useless expensive materials first of all and believe that its for the best of my pocket. Then for sure get the best and most economical ones. Thanks for making me aware.

  • Haha! I am in both of those pictures! Pretty nifty. 😀

    I was there with some friends for our “Graduation Vacation” and the Silly Symphony Swings was one of the first rides we went on! The music (William Tell Overture) that they play as you ride adds a drama to the attraction. It is so much more than a typical carnival-swing attraction. Now THAT is the Disney difference!

    Right now, though, Paradise Pier finds itself in a strange position, as all of the old decor makes way for the new. Because of this, Silly Symphony Swings just seems out of place, but that is simply because the rest of the land has yet to follow suit in enhancements! The pastel color scheme really clashes with the surrounding attractions (Jumpin’ Jellyfish/Mullholland Madness) or perhaps it is better to say the surrounding attractions clash with the swings!Is there an estimated date for when all of Paradise Pier will be completed?

    I can not wait to see a finished Paradise Pier. The taste I’ve had of its future is fantastic, I can not wait to see it all complete.

    Sadly the lightning effects weren’t going… Ah well. I’m happy my friends and I made it onto the Disney Parks Blog! Haha!

  • We rode it opening day… I like the music and the theme, but personally don’t like such attractions…

    Possibly add airsickness bags to the chairs…

  • My family had fun on this, although every time we rode it there were anywhere from 8-20 seats that weren’t filled, and a long line of wannabe riders!

  • Looks like fun. I can’t wait to ride it one day when we visit Disneyland.

  • Can’t wait to try this ride. It was being renovated when we where there for Halloween. Bummed my son out. Now we can go again and have a new ride to try.

  • This new swing sure reminds me of “The Tennessee Waltz” from Opryland Themepark. Was curious if it was copied or if it is even the old one from the park.

  • It’s a nice little ride, while I am not a huge fan of swings themselves I absolutely LOVE the deck that was built below the swings, it has an elegant and romantic feel to it.

  • ..Sorry, I meant “lightning light effects”

  • I’ve been on the ride. Its really fun.

    MUCH better theme and feel than the Orange Stinger. I love how its themed to classic Disney, and I love the new lower deck.

    The music is great, and it was such a great idea to theme it to The Band Concert with the tornado idea and all.

    Also, at night there are lighting light effects under the canopy.

    And be sure to look at the lamp post at the bottom of the exit stairs, there is an image of Donald with his flute.

  • Though I have never road the orange, It is very clear that the new swings are much prettier! I love these kind of rides. I can’t ride it during my first visit(:! Also, about first visits, are there celebration buttons like at the world. Staying at the Calafornian in two weeks, can you get them there?

  • got the chance to ride the swings on saturday night. It is way cooler than the orange stinger. I like how they have shoulder straps for the little ones and that you can sit with them.

  • I loved the Orange Stinger, I was sad to see it go. But this looks like so much fun. I should be down there around the beginning of September and I can’t wait to try them out. 🙂

  • That’s so romantic, Jacob!

    I can’t wait to give the swings a go sometime this week!

  • Wow it looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to ride it!

  • #1 – I haven’t had a chance to ride on this yet, but then I didn’t ride on it when it was the Orange Stinger. The ride doesn’t interest me, but I’m sure many others will enjoy it!

  • So much better than the Orange Stinger. The music and the open air makes it feel like a whole new experience!

  • Is there a weight limit like there was for the Orange Stinger?

  • I was there last Sunday night to check them out, and I gotta say, it’s an awesome attraction. It’s great for everyone!

    It’s also pretty romantic as well. My girlfriend and I walked underneath the attraction, and stood looking out atParadise Bay, and that’s where we shared our first kiss together. (:

  • I had a chance to ride this… Fabulous! Lots of fun.

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