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The ‘Characters’ of Main Street, U.S.A. – A Dynamic Disney Duo Captured ‘At Work’

The Characters of Main Street, U.S.A.
You will hear them before you see them. Seriously. They are the larger-than-life Mayor of Main Street, U.S.A., the Honorable Christopher George Weaver, and his “right-hand man” Chief Smokey Miller, Chief of the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department (and also larger-than-life). If the Chief looks especially happy, it could be because the Mayor has just announced that he will be running for re-election, and has promised to keep Smokey on as Chief for life. If you are lucky enough to encounter these community heavyweights along Main Street in Magic Kingdom park, feel free to join them in song – any song. They know ALL of the words!


  • Wow – we’ve met the Mayor from time to time, but I didn’t know there was a Fire Chief. We’ll have to be on the lookout for him the next time we’re visiting.

  • I am 20 and I have been goign to Disney since I was born. I have been there 13 times and I have never met these guys. Me and my family are gonna go in December and I am looking forward to looking for them.

  • We will be at WDW for July 4th, and can hardly wait to see all the Main Street characters again. They are all so much fun. Our favorite character, though, is Dorma Nesmond at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • I live about one hour away from Walt Disney World. We go several times a year. WHY HAVE I NEVER EVER SEEN ANY OF THESE MAIN STREET CHARACTERS! My entire LIFE I have been visiting the Magic Kingdom and have never even known these people existed!! I’m so unlucky…

  • “When you pull the lever, vote for Weaver!”
    I’ll never forget him saying that to me the last time I was there. He’s got my vote!

  • My husband and I were just at the Magic Kingdom in May when we met the mayor and Fire Chief for the first time. The Mayor renewed our vows right on Main Street. It was really wonderful how they make everyone feel special!!

  • My family and i go all the time to disney world,we met the mayor some time ago when he was the sheriff. That, i have to say, is one of the most memorable moments of our vacations there.He is with out a doubt worth seeing and meeting if you can.He kind of reminds me of a grandfather figuire,always charming and polite,looks for the young ones to get a laugh or a smile.i still have him on our home movies when my daughter met him…never going to erase that memory. thanks mayor,keep up the great work.

  • Danced with the Mayor last time I was there — great fun!! Fantastic way to begin your day at Disney!

  • I have met the Mayor many times (photos to prove it) over the years. One of my dreams for retirement is to take his place one day …. after he retires of course!

  • We were just there 5/1 to 5/8/10 and had met the Mayor and he is someone my daughter will never forget. She had lost control of her ice cream cone and another Disney member seen cone drop on the ground and gave her a voucher to get another one. We had just went back to the parlor and was about to get in line and the Mayor came up to my daughter asked her what had happened and he went right to the frone of the line and got her not just a cone but a Sundae with mickey ears. She still talks about him. If you read this Mr. Mayor thank so much for your kindness and God Bless you you truely shined some light on my little girl while she was at Disney World. She also has a picture on her desk we took of you two.

  • The mayor came up to talk to me last November because I have red hair. He told me that he just has to go talk to all the redheads because his first girlfriend was a redhead. He was very charming and posed for a picture with me! He definitely made my trip more magical.

  • My closest friend and I are taking our husbands and babies (6 months and 1 year) to Disney World next week. I can’t wait to look for all these characters!

  • Our first trip to Disney we got to the MK at opening ceremony. When we walked in we saw Mayor Weaver. We asked if he could be our kids’ first autograph ever and he gladly obliged and signed their very first autograph. He also posed for pictures and sang happy birthday to my son. It made for a very magical first moments in the Magic Kingdom for our family on our very first trip. Something I will never forget.

  • My fiance is a fireman so it was an extra special treat when we met the Chief while on our first trip to Disney World. The Chief gave him an “Official Main Street Fire Department Volunteer” sticker which he proudly wore for the rest of the day!

  • These guys are stellar. Always look forward to seeing them!

  • My friend Leslie and I came across the Chief on our last trip. Leslie has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized chair. He gave her an awesome sticker and thanked her for bringing her own fire engine 🙂

  • I love meeting Mayor Weaver when I’m at WDW! The very first time I met him I wasn’t having a great day, and he cheered me right up with a smile and a handshake. Glad to hear he’s running for re-election. Vote Weaver! 😉

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