The Forgotten ‘Marquee’

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Hotel, 1961
Recently I shared some photos from our archives of the original Disneyland park marquee on Harbor Blvd., but did you know there once was once a smaller, but very similar-looking Disneyland Hotel sign near our exit? This picture, taken in 1961, shows the Monorail on its then newly-expanded track, passing over what is now Disneyland Drive, on its way to the Disneyland Hotel.

As Heather recently announced, the Disneyland Hotel pool will be getting a brand new look that reminds me a lot of this classic photo.


  • I was fortunate enough to have stayed at the DL Hotel “back in the day” and remember feeling like we (my family) were really special being able to ride the monorail back and forth from the park to the hotel. Thanks for posting this wonderful photo. Seeing that old sign really brings back the memories! And like the first poster above, I still enjoy the magic today, at 61 years old!

  • Oh man I miss the old school Disneyland Hotel. The Monorail Cafe, Neon Cactus, the underwater arcade 🙂 Looking forward to the new pool changes though but please keep the waterfalls would ya?

  • Great picture! Thanks for sharing it!

  • I remember that marquee, too! Loved going to the Dland Hotel, especially for a conference. Also loved the sports bar in the Monorail Cafe complex, especially when the Chargers were in the playoffs. And I remember my wife and brother-in-law stopping off at the Monorail Bar for a quick one.

  • Gosh I miss the Monorail Cafe! Such a great little spot with wonderful food and happy waitresses! There’s really nothing even remotely like it now, even with all the new restaurants that have opened since ’01.

    That marquee looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see the water slide version.

  • I can’t say I remember that in person but I love seeing the old photo of it with all those old cars. Thanks!

  • Hardly forgotten. Brings back the fondest of memories! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    This Marguee showing in this picture I didnt see…but the ones from the early 70’s all and the way up to building California Adventure I would never forget….That is where I would get so excited about pulling in to the Disneyland parking lot…I know my sister and I would be yelling out of excitement “where here cant wait to get on the Monorail and all the other rides” Especially the ones with the “E Tickets..LOL”….I loved watching the Monorail “flying” over our heads in the parking lot and bugging my mom on when we were going on that ride. We usually would pick the middle of the day, get off the Monorail and the Disneyland Hotel and have some lunch since it wouldn’t be as crowded like the restuarants inside the park!!!! Disneyland is a place I have been going every yr since I was 5yrs old (in 1971) and We will be there again this Sunday thru Wednesday and at almost 44yrs old I still listen to Disney music traveling to Anaheim and I get so excited like a small child for the first time when we are going in to the parks!! It’s the magic that lives in all of us…it makes you feel like a child again…thanks for letting us bring back the Disneyland Memories!!!

  • I miss the Disneyland from my childhood!!!!!

  • I remember the Frito Bandito cafe in Frontier land. What ever became of the sign, anyway? Love Disneyland.

  • Oh How well I remember Mickey’s Corner and the Monorail Cafe. Many years we shopped at Mickey’s corner and ate at Monorail Cafe. I have several items from Monorail Cafe was a really cool restaurant I actually wish they would bring it back.

  • Gone but not forgotten!!! I will always remember my first stay in the old Disneyland hotel circa 1977.

  • My family loved the Monorail Cafe’. I hope Disney will eventually bring something like that back again.

  • I remember going to the front of the hotel, behind the sign to get the bus to go to the airport.

  • I still have a few things from the Monorail Cafe … much more personal than current dining options.

  • It is amazing to see how far the Resort has come!

  • Likewise! It will always live in my heart and memories.

  • I have wonderful memories of seeing that sign as a child. It is my first memory of Disneyland.

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