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Video: ‘Lotso’ at Block Party Bash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

When we first featured “Lotso” (short for Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear) he was a new face at Disney Parks. Since then, he’s been busy. “Lotso” is now part of the Block Party Bash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and if you haven’t seen him in the street spectacular, it’s worth a look:

Block Party Bash features more than 20 Disney·Pixar characters. Got a favorite? Please let us know in the comments.


  • And I agree with Heidi – I’d love to see that! LOL!!

  • I’m with Hayden on this one about the Lotso in the parks possibly being “generic” and not the “bad guy” Lotso that appeared in the film.

    If you really stop to sit down and think about it, this is not the first time they had a villain fraternizing with the “good guys” in the parks. Brer Fox & Brer Bear, for example, are often seen hanging out with “good guys” in the parks (ie: Brer Bear appearing on the riverboat at the end of Fantasmic, etc.).

    Therefore, the cricisms of Lotso being treated as “one of the gang” are pretty much moot, IMO.

  • Buzz and Jessie should dance their paso doble! 😉

  • Just came home from seeing the movie a few hours ago…
    W is Lotso doing in this parade??? He is BAD!!
    I also agree with Katrina – I spent the entire movie waiting for him to turn to the “good side” and he never did!!
    In fact, he “technically” should still be strapped to the front of a truck at the dump collecting bugs in his mouth! (Oops spoiler there!) LOL
    I know my grandson would NOT want to associate Lotso with ANY of the TS gang – and he needs to GO back to the pile of stuffing that he came from!

  • Agree with the non-fans of Lotso..I am very surprised at the attention he is getting. He is not nice,as my 3 yr old daughter would say.

  • i have seen toy story 3 and i want one but still he is the evil guy

  • Just adding my two cents and agreement with the confusion on why Lotso is being treated like a good guy. I don’t want to like him! At least the traditional villians are treated as villians and loved for it, but treating a villian as a good guy just does not sit right with me.

  • Ok.. Lotso is bit, cute and cuddly (on the outside) I want to know where Mr. Pricklepants is – he is way cutier that Lotso and nicer!!

  • When I saw TS3 I kept on waiting for Lotso’ to turn good (even though I totally got the bad-guy vibe from him in the trailers), my rationale being that why the heck else would they have him as a meet-n-greet. Boy was I surprised! I understand that they have villains to meet elsewhere in the parks, but even if you lived under a rock and had no idea who Jafar, Capt. Hook, or the Evil Queen were, they’re quite obviously villains and you can tell from their look that they’re evil.

    Having Lotso’, all big and cute and cuddly there, just rubs me the wrong way. I’d have to resist the urge to kick him in the shins and demand to know how he could do such a thing to the other toys (all the while getting dragged out by security and getting my pass revoked).

    I agree with the above poster that I’d much rather see Carl Fredrickson or at the very least Dug than Lotso’.

  • I cannot believe that Lotso is invited to the parade! He scared my 5 year old twin girls in the TS3 movie and they would freak out if they saw that parade in person. Get rid of him or put him with other villians. He is NOT a happy bear and even though he was given many opportunities to change, he didn’t….so get him out of the parade. The movie should be PG, not G. We loved the other 2 movies and this one was way too intense for small children. We are going back in November and I hope that the bear is NOT in the Block Party bash.

  • Oooo. Ken and Barbie! Now THAT would be awesome! I think Ken was one of people’s favorites from the film too. Great idea Patrick! 🙂

  • BLOCK PARTY BASH is the greatest day time entertainment Disney Parks has ever had! I wish it never left Disney’s California Adventure.

  • I have to agree with Robert. Lotso could join the Disney Villain parade at Halloween with no problem, but putting him in this crew was the wrong call. I hope after more people have seen the movie, someone might reconsider.

  • Have to agree with all of the NON-fans of Lotso. His true name should be Lotso-killer Bear. I just don’t get why Disney is glorifying this villian???? I can’t believe I won’t get to meet my beloved Mr. Fredrickson and Doug because of this evil bear. Even my kids, after seeing TS3 commented that they now don’t understand why Disney is making him so popular. I don’t get it. Let Lotso march in the Boo to You Holloween Parade with the other villians.

  • Why is Lotso on the float with Buzz and Woody??????!!! He was going to let them die!

  • Though I do understand where the confusion arises from, (having Lotso as “part of the gang” despite him being evil) I’m thinking that the folks at Disney Parks are including a generic Lotso-O-Huggin’ Bear. Not the Lotso that went crazy, maniacal, and almost killed Woddy & Friends… Ha! I for one am hoping that Mr. Pricklepants appears at the Disney Parks! I would rush to get a photo with him!

    Though I am curious how people at the parks react to Lotso. Are children afraid of him? Do they run up to see him?

  • LOTSO was the villian in the story and was given numerous attempts to become a hero….. all chances he ignored… now hes the hero in the parade…..go figure

  • Hmmmmm Lotso in the parade acting like he’s a happy-go-lucky bear = FAIL. He’s a *villian*.

  • I’m with Shelley and Ken. If you’re gonna’ have Lotso in the parade, you may as well include Randall from Monters, Inc. and Alpha from Up.

  • Ummm….quick question….is Bo Peep still in the parade?

  • How does Lotso be so happy in the park and so mean in the movie?

  • I think having LOTSO is pretty cool…they should still have green soldiers Bo-peep, jesse woody buzz and all of them too but o well! i think they should have included ken and barbie…will these characters be having meet and greets? I hope!

  • I can’t wait to see Lotso. My daughter really likes Toy Story and I know she will really enjoy herself this August when we head to Disney’s Hollywood Studio.

  • sorry, after seeing TS3 I cannot accept Lotso, after he left the rest behind, he had the chance to save his image but chose not too. If they want to have him in the parks put him on the villian flot, not the fun flot, he needs a time out.

  • Tim, I rationalize it by choosing to believe that the Lotso we see in the parks is Daisy’s second Lots ‘O Huggin Bear. The one she got after she accidentally left the bad-guy Lotso behind. The one who was always loved and cared for, and therefore didn’t become bitter or … you know, maniacal. 🙂

  • Lotso is a mean, evil character who shouldn’t be treated as “one of the gang” even if he does smell like strawberries!

  • People do realize that Lotso is a villian, a toy gone bad? There is no love lost for that character!

  • I love my Lotso doll! I will not let him turn into the Lotso from the movie. Haha.

  • I LOVE LOTSO!!! It’s too bad Lotso doesn’t have his own float like the big Dump Truck he rides in for the Pixar Play Parade at Disney California Adventure Park.

  • Lotso is cool, but I am kinda sad that he replaced Bo Peep in the parade, since I always thought that Bo was kinda cute.

  • I Wanna A “Lotso” of my own, but can he be life size as well!!! 😀

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