Video of ‘World of Color’ Picnic Meals

Wow! The world premiere for “World of Color” is less than one week away. I can certainly feel the excitement here at Team Disney Anaheim. I know all of you are getting excited, too, and you want to make sure you get a great seat to the show. Earlier this week Heather shared a lot of tips about how to try to secure a spot for the show, and I thought you might like to see this video for an up close look at the four delicious picnic meals!

Just remember, the Picnic meals will be available for purchase online beginning June 11, but this date is still stubject to change.


  • Just ordered ours for July 6th. We can’t wait!

  • And one more question – does anybody know when one can go and try to get a stand-by picnic box? We thought they would not be availble for purchase until 11JUN, and now the first weekend appears to be sold out already. The website said Picnic meals with tickets to the second showtime are available for walk-up purchase, subject to availability, at the Sonoma Terrace located at the Golden Vine Winery.
    What time should one try and line up for one of those? Any recommendations?

  • When they say reserved viewing with a picnic lunch, does that mean there is seating or is this a “reserved standing” area?

  • Valarie – thanks for posting the video. Just a suggestion – you might want to consider calling them Gourmet picnic meals. I too wasn’t that interested when I heard a picnic meal. However, after I saw the video, we will definitely order the meals! They look so yommy & very healthy!!!! Thanks for letting us provide feedback

  • How much, how much, how much? How much are the picnic lunches???

  • So has there been a price set for reserved seating?

  • With Karlos, it has always been “all about the food” and this is no exception!! I can’t wait to see the show and have a “picnic meal.”

  • *Quote*
    diana on June 4th, 2010 at 7:39 pm
    Do we have to get tickets to watch the show? or is it just before the premiere?*quote*

    The only ticket you need to watch the show is your ticket into the park. However, if your want preferred seating, you will have to purchase either a picnic meal, or one of the dining packages from Ariels Grotto or Wine Country Trattoria.

  • YUMMY looking food..and what a show this is going to be ! I Love Disney !

  • Ooooh awesome! Is there a vegan option? I hope (fingers crossed)! Thanks!!! I can’t wait to see the show! Crystal

  • Thanks for doing the video – these look wonderful and I love the kids’ meal choices too. It does add to the “vision” of it to see them demonstrated like this. Good call — can’t wait to try them!

  • This is awesome, are there vegetarian options also?

  • Do we have to get tickets to watch the show? or is it just before the premiere?

  • The meals look tasty!

  • I would also like to know exactly what is in the meals and how much it is going to cost. We are going over the 4th of July and would love to try this!

  • Would be nice to see what the other meals “look like” and what exactly they include(the little squirts meals as well)….will there be more info online when you order or just vague descriptions? and will they include a drink with any of them or is that seperate? Going in July and am really excited about seeing this show….we love Fantasmic and over 20 years ago used to watch the one at the Disneyland times!!

  • Good call on posting a video of the food. I’m sure there were others like me that didn’t think much of the picnic meal…probably just because it was called a “picnic meal”! = ) But they do look really nice, so I may have to try one sometime. Thanks!

  • With the food and wine festival and the nice Italian restaurant and now this, DCA is really growing to be known as a “food and drink” sort of place; sort of a grown-ups Disneyland. Nice to see a strong identity come to this park.

  • Will AP passholder’s get their dining discount?

  • Is the vegetarian one vegan?

  • WOW those look really tasty, a huge improvement over Fantasmic!’s dinning package.

  • This is excellent I wonder if Fantasmic will have something like this too! excellent beyond measures

  • Not fair!!!??? I love this place!!! the deli, the wine tasting!!
    the Deli is sooo nice!!! So, I am sure the food will be fabulous!

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