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Wedding Trends: Untraditional Cake Toppers

Korri McFann

by , Brand Steward for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons/Custom Celebrations

Modern brides and grooms are creative with their wedding planning, injecting their own style and personality into the key elements of their special day. At Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings we help them achieve their vision and express what makes them unique.

One way many couples choose to express themselves is by choosing a creative cake topper.

Untraditional Cake Toppers

This gorgeous topper is a white chocolate replica of Cinderella Castle, making it not only a beautiful choice for a Fairy Tale Wedding, but also a delicious one!

Untraditional Cake Toppers

Many couples opt to get a little more personal and top their cake with national flags, photo frames, family crests and even monogrammed toppers such as this one, which has the added effect of being lit by LED lights.

Untraditional Cake Toppers

Want a spin on tradition? Recently we’ve seen couples who represent their personalities with miniature figures. Check out this jet-setting couple, sprinting to their big event atop their cake. For one couple, our bakery even made replicas of the bride and groom out of chocolate!

Untraditional Cake Toppers

Couples also can choose from a wide variety of elegant floral cake toppers. This lily topper offers up beauty and grace, while a cluster of roses offers a splash of color to your confections, and a sprinkling of freesia presents a fragrant surprise for wedding guests. A floral topper is the perfect way for a couple to show off their preferred perennial.

Get creative – our bakery can bring almost any vision to life. Style and personality never tasted so good!


  • There needs to be a cake topper with Ellie & Carl Fredricksen from up with balloons coming out of it!!

  • We had “Minnie’s Dream Wedding” by Lenox on top of our cake at our wedding as we got engaged at the Magic Kingdom. It’s so adorable and it’s a lovely keepsake.

  • My husband and I were married 9/13/08. Our wedding cake featured hidden Mickeys around the sides and our topper was the Lenox piece “Mickey’s Moonlight Drive”, which features Mickey and Minnie in an adorable car. The groom’s cake was a University of Tennessee football helmet with mouse ears. It really was the perfect cake! (Did I mention that our preacher started the ceremony…”To all who come to this happy place, welcome” and our recessional song was “We’ll go on” – from Illuminations – reworked for the organ.)

  • We incorporated a little Disney magic into our wedding day, 10 years ago. My husband’s present to me was our cake topper from the WDCC with Cinderella and Prince Charming running down the castle steps. Two blue birds are holding her veil. We did a series of tiered cakes with fondant ribbons and bows to continue the theme with white chocolate flowers on the lower tiers. Jaq and Gus were waiting in the Royal Doulton teacup off to the side, looking very cute.

    Our friends gave us a Disneyland vacation as one of our presents. And my husband’s mom gave me a Cinderella lenticular cel as another present before I started up the stairs to the santuary “because it reminds me of you in your wedding gown”.

  • We didn’t get married at Disney but we did have a Disney theme and had Donald and Daisy as our cake topper.

  • I wasn’t able to have the Disney wedding that dreamed of, so I incorporated Disney into everything that I could. Some of the highlights are: my bridesmaids and I walked down the isle to “Enchanted Suite” from the Enchanted soundtrack, my husband & I walked back down the isle to “Ever Ever After” on the same CD. While the guest we’re being seated “When you wish upon a star” was played, “A dream is a wish your heart makes” played as we cut the cake. Did I mention my dress was RED & made me look like a disney princess? We had a 3 tiered cake, though not stacked. The tiers were in somewhat of a spiral. On tope of the first was the lenox cinderella & prince cake topper, the second tier held the fairy godmother, and the bottom tier were the 3 mice (suzy, jaq, & gus). It was beautiful and perfect! Maybe someday I will renew my vows at walt disney world. I would LOVE to have pictures in my dress in front of the castle and on the carousel!!!

  • My husband and I used the Lenox Bride Mickey and Minnie as our cake topper. And to make sure our dog was included in our wedding, Pluto the ring bearer was right next to the cake! Our friends and family loved it! 🙂

  • My Mum and Dad have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and had a Cinderella Castle for their celebration cake……it was perfect !

  • My nephew and his wife were married at the Boardwalk in January (FABULOUS wedding) and used the Cinderella Castle. It was absolutely beautiful! (And later that evening, we found out the topper was also quite tasty!)

  • When I got married at Disney 8 years ago this coming August we had ARrabia Brothers make a blown glass Cinderella’s castle as our cake topper, It is gorgeous since It’s in my curio cabinet. WE designed our own size (between the small and large came out to be 36 inches tall and 19 inches in width) and it was so scary because they kept on calling us every time It broke when it was being created. My wedding coordinator was even afraid of it because the blown glass is so delicate but, It survived and is a true testament to what Disney can do to make your day as wonderful as it can be.

  • We just got married in October and my parents got us the Minnie’s Dream Wedding Cake (Mickey and Minnie cutting their cake) Lenox figure and we used that. It was really pretty and a nice keepsake we have now.

  • These are very cool looking! My fiance and I are meeting with our Disney Wedding Planner (Diane Bowen) next Thursday. I’m going to show her some of these.

  • We were married in May of 2009 and spent a week in Disney World for our honeymoon so a member of my family bought me the Precious Moments figurine that was a bride and groom with the mickey ears top hat and the mouse ears white hat with the veil. It was so cute that I used it for my cake topper!

  • well, we got married 16 years ago, before the Disney Wedding craze and we had a bridge cake. On the bridges were tons of porcelain Disney characters with a newly debuted bride and groom Mickey and Minnie! I worked at the Disney Store so I had lots of stuff!

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