‘World of Color’ Blue Carpet Premiere Live Coverage

Heather Hust Rivera

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'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

We’re out at the blue carpet premiere in Disney California Adventure park, waiting for celebrities to arrive. The premiere event features a carpet that is actually a brilliant blue color to reflect one of the stars of the show: water. The wallpaper that will serve as the background for celebrity photos features every color of the rainbow and many of the bright colors that are featured in the show.

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

We’ll update this post with photos of attending celebrities very soon, so stay tuned.

6 pm: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck just arrived on the blue carpet!

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

6:10: Richard Sherman, composer for classic Disney show, “Wonderful World of Color,” is here for the premiere.

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

6:25: Teri Hatcher, of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” has arrived at the premiere of World of Color.

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

6:40: Jamie Lee Curtis has arrived at the blue-carpet event!

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

6:45: “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens is here for the premiere of World of Color.

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

7:00: John Stamos is at the premiere of World of Color.

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

7:10: The voice of “The Little Mermaid,” Jodi Benson, has joined us for the premiere of World of Color!

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

7:15: Oscar award winning actress Geena Davis is here

'World of Color' Blue Carpet Premiere

That’s a wrap from the blue carpet! Follow us on Twitter @Disneyland for more live updates from the premiere of “World of Color” tonight.


  • I’ll be honest, I had my doubts about WOC. No more!
    World of Color is the BEST nighttime event of all – better than Illuminations, Wishes, Fantasmic! or anything else.

    Two requests:
    1. Please think about an encore presentation of the live stream! It was so good, I have to see it again!

    2. Please bring this to Walt Disney World!!!

  • I can’t wait for Saturday I will be there!!

  • Its great, fabulous, amazing………… thanks

  • I was at the event. I had a good time.

    I really enjoyed World of Color, and I really loved the opening ceremony.

  • Did you all see Teri Hatcher after the show on the streaming video? She was SOAKED! It was awesome. I love WOC!

  • That was great! Thanks for sharing this. Hope to see more live streams from Disney!

  • That was pretty fantastic on my small computer screen. I definitely think a trip to DLR is in order.

  • That was AMAZING. Thank you for broadcasting it live! Pat on the back for all of the Imagineers that contributed to the show

  • Just finished watching the on line premiere of WOC. AMAZING! Thank you

  • This reminds me of when I was working at Disneyland and went to the celebrity party for the launch of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. All the same celebrities showed up. And Teri Hatcher is ALWAYS at Disneyland with her daughter! No suprise that she showed up!

  • where is the link to watch the show??

  • Was at the cast preview earlier this week. Be prepared for an amazingly wet show! I can only imagine what tonight’s gonna be like!

  • Love it!!! Wish I was there!! Thanx for the live broadcast..

    • Glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Great photos! Looking forward to our DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise with Jodi Benson

  • Im jealous of all the people that get to see World of Color.

  • I wish the blue carpet festivities were part of the live stream, but love seeing all the action as it happens here!

  • Nevermind. It hasn’t started yet. Sorry.

  • I am trying to watch the live event on Ustream by Disneyparks. It keeps crashing for just about everyone on there. Someone also mentioned that the show on ustream had been cancled. Do you know anything about this? Thanks

  • i could have been there. i tried really hard to win the contest 🙁

  • Will the blue carpet still be at DCA tomorrow?

  • WOW! Cant Wait Till I See It!

  • Wish I could be there…

  • Wow! I can’t wait to watch World of Color tomorrow!

  • I can’t wait to see who will be coming to this event!

  • Can’t wait for the Ustream to begin. Thanks for doing this. I hope you continue to stream your premieres.

  • I wish I could be there.

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