‘World of Color’ Has French Touch

By now, you’ve probably read enough about “World of Color” to know that it’s an amazing collaboration of water, light, color, animation, music and fire. Walt Disney Imagineers developed all these breathtaking elements for this nighttime spectacular, but they had some help from our friends in France. The very talented Fabrice Kebour and Claude Lifante spent a lot of time in California as part of the “World of Color” creative team. Fabrice is one of Europe’s leading lighting and projections designers, with more than 150 productions to his credit. Claude is a world-renowned laser designer and programmer who has worked on laser productions all over the world. Both men have worked on projects for Disneyland Paris. They’ve loved working on “World of Color” for the Disneyland Resort. I had the pleasure of interviewing both of these men. Check it out.


  • I saw this show last night and it was so amazing, truly a life changing experience. The creative force and engineering behind this project is incredible. It brought tears to my eyes on how romanticn it made me feel and how a team cares enough to bring such art direction to the public. Walt would be proud.

  • I am yet again totally in awe of the Disney Imagineers! It looks absolutely incredible: cannot wait to see it in August. I think I may even shed a tear or 2…..! 😀

  • i’m not gonna lie, the first time i watched this, i was so awestruck by the beautiful colors and visuals, i didn’t even hear what they were saying! so i rewound and watched it again!:)

  • Wow. If I’m in awe just from the videos of this show I’m going to be blown away seeing it in person…

    I’ll be there soon, Disney! 11 more days till my trip 😉

  • I’ll say what everyone else has said. That looks amazing. I’m so excited to see this during the summer.

  • It looks amazing!!! I can’t wait for Friday, it’s going to be awesome. ^_^

  • I can’t wait for the premiere tomorrow!

  • Have just discovered this blog and I love it already!

    World of Colour looks absolute beautiful. What a great achievement.

  • I can’t wait for September….so many new things to see and do.

  • I’m so excited!

    I’ll get to see the show tomorrow!

  • I can’t wait for World of Color!

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