‘World of Color’ Viewing Tips

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

UPDATE (11/18/2010) – We have updated this post to include new information about the lunch prix fixe menu and updated information about boxed lunches and pricing.

UPDATE (7/15/2010) – We’ve permanently added a third World of Color show each night through Labor Day.

UPDATE (7/3/2010) – Disneyland Resort Hotel guests will now receive a new, great benefit that will give them early access to “World of Color” FASTPASS tickets. Disneyland Resort Hotel guests may now arrive at the Disney California Adventure park gate at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa any time between 9:00 am and 9:30 am to participate in the exclusive FASTPASS distribution offering prior to the opening of the main gate. More Details

'World of Color'

Now that the premiere of this new nighttime spectacular is less than two weeks away, we’re answering some of the questions you’ve asked us here on the Disney Parks Blog. How can I see the show? Will there be a Disney FASTPASS service for “World of Color“?

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful as you’re planning your trip to the Disneyland Resort.

There are three ways to secure a spot for the show:

  • “World of Color” Disney’s FASTPASS Ticket – FASTPASS tickets for “World of Color” will be available each morning at the Grizzly River Run FASTPASS terminals. Guests can insert their park tickets into the terminal to obtain a FASTPASS ticket to see “World of Color” from the reserved viewing area in Paradise Park. As with other FASTPASS attractions, there will be a limited number of FASTPASS tickets available for the show. Note: guests will not be able to pick a specific show time. FASTPASS tickets will first be distributed for the earlier show, and after those have been distributed, FASTPASS tickets will then be distributed for the later show. When all of the day’s “World of Color” FASTPASS tickets have been distributed, Grizzly River Run terminals will convert back to distributing Grizzly River Run FASTPASS tickets.
    • Tip: If you would like to see the show on the day of its premiere, June 11, here are a few things you should know about getting a “World of Color” FASTPASS ticket. If you arrive before park opening, you may park in the Pumbaa parking lot on Disney Way and, beginning at 7 a.m., gather at the Main Entrance to Disney California Adventure park. When Disney California Adventure park opens to the public, guests lined up for FASTPASS will be walked into the park and over to the FASTPASS terminals. As always, theme park admission will be required to enter the park to obtain a FASTPASS ticket and to view the show.
  • “World of Color” Picnic Meals – You can also secure reserved viewing by ordering a special boxed picnic meal. Picnic meals may be ordered online – www.disneyland.com – or by walk-up purchase, subject to availability, at the Sonoma Terrace, Golden Vine Winery. Picnic meals purchased online will include reserved viewing for the first show and walk up picnics will include reserved viewing for the second show. They are available on-line for purchase at Disney.com
    • Picnic meals be picked up at the Sonoma Terrace from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Picnic meal options include four selections for adults: “The All American” (cold honey-stung fried chicken), “The Taste of Asia” (chilled miso-glazed salmon), “The European Antipasto” (cured meats, regional cheeses, artichoke heart, sun-dried tomato) and “The Mediterranean Vegetarian” (marinated grilled vegetables in a whole wheat wrap with roasted garlic hummus). Kids’ options for children ages 3-9 include “The Junior All American” (chicken), “The Lunchbox Classic” (peanut butter and jelly).
    • All online picnic meals with “World of Color” Reserved Viewing are priced at $14.99 and must be redeemed for the designated reserved show date and time. No refunds, exchanges or other discounts.
    • Each guest entering Paradise Park must present reserved viewing area admission. Guests may only enter the viewing area during designated times, which is specified on their ticket. Separate theme park admission is required.
  • Prix Fixe “World of Color” Lunches – Prix fixe Lunch with “World of Color” Reserved Viewing are available at Wine Country Trattoria restaurants. Guests may order from a selection of Italian cuisine at Wine Country Trattoria (current prices are $29.99 for adults and $18.99 for children ages 3-9and includes a complimentary Reserved Viewing for “World of Color.” Reservations: (714) 781-DINE. Seatings are at specified times and space is limited. No refunds, exchanges or other discounts. Separate theme park admission is required.
  • Prix Fixe “World of Color” Dinners – Prix fixe meals with “World of Color” Preferred Viewing are available at both the newly redesigned Wine Country Trattoria and Ariel’s Grotto restaurants. Guests may order from a selection of Italian cuisine at Wine Country Trattoria (current prices are $39.99 for adults and $20.99 for children ages 3-9), or a varied menu of seafood, meat and vegetarian options at Ariel’s Grotto (current prices for inside seating are $39.99 for adults and $20.99 for children ages 3-9). Both restaurants offer Preferred Viewing for “World of Color.” Reservations: (714) 781-DINE. Seatings are at specified times and space is limited. No refunds, exchanges or other discounts. Separate theme park admission is required.

You can also see the show without a reserved spot. There is ample space all around the perimeter of Paradise Bay that provides great views of the show. The views from these locations are certainly different, but the choreography of the fountains, bright bursts of color and music can be enjoyed from all around Paradise Bay.

**All information including benefits, restrictions, prices and show times are subject to change or cancellation without notice.


  • Eddie (#136, 137)..the picnic meals are boxed meals..you take them to go..there are several tables also right at the restaurant where you pick them up. The picnic viewers do NOT sit with the preferred viewing..they merely are given a Fastpass when you pick up your box lunch. They are not reserved SEATS, just assigned areas where you STAND, just like everyone else. You don’t have to go to DCA early to get a FP that way.

  • I have one more question, where will the picnics be eaten at?
    Is there a special seating are for them?

  • I have a question for the picnic dinner, where are the reserved seats located?
    Also what do it mean by the picnic sits are reserved, and the Ariel and Wine Country seatings are preferred viewing?
    Will the picnic viewers sit with Wine Country viewers?

  • We did the picnic reserved viewing on Father’s Day. Never saw a map of any kind. You really only get a Fastpass with a designated color, just like the ‘regular’ FP’s. The color sections were not marked in the area…just CM’s telling you were to go. The colored sections are vertical, for lack of a better way to explaian it. We were in the blue section. The blue section covered a portion of the ‘get wet section’ and all the way to the back. Then right next to us was the yellow section..which also went from the ‘get wet’ section and all the back…same with each color. So even though you have a ‘reserved’ FP, it guarantees that the CM’s will let you into your area, BUT if you don’t arrive early, (the arrival time for the 9:00 show was 7:30 – 8:30, you could end up in the very back. The meal itself was OK..we got our picnic lunch about 4:00 and ate at the tables at the restaurant. They also included a reuseable shopping bag for each meal you purchase.

  • Is it true that if you watch from the non-reserved areas, the images are reversed? Someone said this on Twitter, and I wanted to make sure that’s not the case before I decide to forego the fast pass line (after waiting yesterday only to have the show canceled, and be refused another world of color fastpass because I have an annual pass.)

  • Is there a map of where the reserved seating for the sonoma terrace picnic meals is located? I would love to know what seats I am reserving before I reserve them!

  • I was just wondering if you will always need a Fast Pass to view the show or if that is just to deal with the crowds because it is a new show? We tried viewing the show from the nonticket holder side (we were in front of the Toy Story ride) and couldn’t see a thing. We are not able to get there early enough to get a Fast Pass & I’m not interested in paying for the picnic meal (it gets expensive for a family of four). Are we just out of luck?

  • Are there any viewing options from the Grand Californian Hotel? We’re only staying a couple of days, and it may not be possible for us to remain in DCA until the World of Color begins. If it’s possible to view it from our hotel the night we arrive, it would help our trip logistically.

  • Anyone know if Mickey and friends will be open early on Monday? or if we need to park in Pumbaa?

  • @Erica, the viewing area for those who purchase the picnic meals is the NOT the preferred viewing area. You are just guaranteed a fast pass ticket into one of three zones in Paradise Park.

    I just saw WOC at 10:15pm last night and it was amazing! (I purchased the picnic meals since I didn’t want to wait in line for the Fast Passes)

  • HI EVERYONE!!! =)

  • Thanks for all your responses despite the number of people that kept asking questions that had been answered.

    I love the idea of fast passes for this. I hate that people camp out all day for Fantasmic.

    I just want to clarify the information from the comments. If you do the price fixe meals at Trattoria or Ariel’s Grotto is the preferred viewing spot in the middle of Paradise Park. It would be really great if Disney could release a map with this information as someone requested earlier.

  • I see that meal prices (Ariel’s Grotto, Wine Country Trattoria and Picnic meals) are for adults (10 and up) and children (3 to 9 years old). What about the under 3 crowd? I’m willing to pay for a meal for my 2 & 1/2 year old or will she get a meal free with the purchase of an adult meal? I would really like to know before we go next month so we can plan accordingly. Thank you for any help on this.

  • OMG..I saw World Of Color on Monday night with my cousin who works at DCA and let me tell you it was amazing..We were brave and stood in the “Wet Zone” because no one else was going there and no one would have been standing in front of us so we had a front row seat. Once we went up there people started to fill in behind us. Warning-you do get pretty wet from all of the mist but you HAVE to stand here at least once for the show. It is so amazing and made us feel like kids again being so tiny compared to the water…<3

  • Is there any possibility of a third showing on Friday night due to high demand?

  • Yes, $12.99 for AP holders.

    Lynda, enjoy Club 33. Never been!

  • Ned… are you an AP holder? Just wondering, because when I purchased this morning, the price was 14.99 per box…

  • Oh….and it was $12.99 , not 14.00 as previously thought.

  • Yep…ordered our picnic option for Father’s Day…woo hoo.

  • You’re welcome, Lee Anne.

    I will also be there on Saturday for WOC… I am very excited!

    Plus, I am very happy to share that after having been to Disneyland probably in excess of 700 times over the course of my lifetime, I am also getting to experience Club 33 for my first time on Sunday.

    It’s going to be a GREAT weekend!

  • Thanks, Lynda (#116), for the tip! Our last day in the park is Saturday and I was able to order the picnic option for that day. Whew! I really appreciate this blog and all the updates!

  • Heather,

    Is Pumbaa Parking going to be the only parking open at 7am all the time? Or is Mickey and Friends going to be openat 7am all the time too?

  • Just an update… I was able to order the picnic lunch boxes online for WOC this morning.

    And for Amelia (post 106): I believe that you are not going to be allowed to stake out a place for WOC as you would for Fantasmic as they will be dealing with crowd control issues, (i.e., moving people in and out of the viewing areas before, between and after each show. JMO, of course. 🙂

    Lastly, for those who have not read all of the previous posts, (or patient Heather’s responses to the same question repeatedly), the viewing areas FOR ALL (whether preferred, reserved or general) are STANDING (not sitting) viewing only. Cast members will attempt to accomodate those in wheel chairs so they have a better view from their chair.

    That being said, Cast members can only do so much… with large crowds a lot is dependent upon the courtesy and manners of those attending. I think one has to assume that there will likely be some inconsiderate people in the crowds.

  • Heather – THANK YOU for answering all these questions & posting such detailed information. I didn’t see this question asked – perhaps you could answer for me. We always stay at the Grand California. (1) Can hotel guests enter through the private entrance to access fast pass or do the hotel guests have to go to the front entrance & be let in?

    To the pass holders that don’t think Fast Pass is fair. Please look at a different perspective. With your passes you can go to DL every weekend, day, et – basically when ever you wish. You just get in your cars & drive over. Out of state guests pay thousands in airfare, et just to get to California. We are only there for a limited number of days. Also, the camp out all day option doesn’t work for families with young children. Trying camping out for hours with a 4 & 7 yr old who would rather be riding the rides. THANK YOU DISNEY for making this fair to all your guests.

  • I have a 2-year-old daughter who is a picky eater. I don’t think she’ll enjoy any of the picnic meals. Though I will be purchasing 4 meals, do I need to purchase a meal for my daughter in order for her to be with us in the reserved viewing area?

    We are hoping to get the picnic meal package!! This option comes with “reserved viewing” in Paradise Park or on the bridge. What I wanted to know is if “first come first served” applies in this package?? If I pick up my picnic meal at 2pm (earliest time) will I get a viewing ticket for Paradise Park instead of the bridge? Or are the tickets random? Or will Paradise Park be filled up first from the line and then the rest of the line directed to bridge? I would love to know so I can plan accordingly!! THANK YOU =)

  • I know that it is hard to answer everyones questions, but some of us would really appreciate it, especially sine the 11th is this Friday

  • Hi Heather,

    I was wondering if Annual Pass Holders can see the show before June 11th?

  • are fast pass tickets only availible for the premiere date or all days of the show and are shows evreynight?

  • Hi Heather,

    Can you please answer this question? I was wondering if annual pass holders can see WOC before June 11th?

  • Heather, I only have one major concern regarding this ticketing system, perhaps you can help me with it. Are there any safeguards in place, as it relates to the distribution of tickets, to prevent families and groups from receiving separate tickets from the fastpass machine?

    Example: I slide in my park ticket and get a ticket for the first WoC show in the blue seating section, but when someone else in my group slides in their park ticket (immediately after me), what are the chances it gives them either a different showtime or seating section? Now we can’t sit together?

    I guess my question is, will the machines be giving out tickets randomly or in order by showtime and seating section?

  • HI Heather, I have reserved my seating for Ariel’s Grotto, Mark on the line indicated we will recieve our reserved viewing voucher after we have eaten? Is this true. And how early do we have to show up to the reserved viewing area. Our dining experience is at an early time. But i didn’t know if we could still ride the rides in between dinner and the World of Color show. thanks.

  • Also is sitting in our spot not allowed at all for WOC?
    My husband and I wanted to get there early get a fastpass and find a good spot and sit there all day like we do for other shows like fantasmic fireworks and parades
    Where do we line up to return for our fastpass time and can we just line up early to get a good spot?

  • I am planning a trip (from Boston) in September especially to see the World of Color. Haven’t found out any times/days it may be showing in September. Any info?

  • Hey Heather,

    I was wondering how prestaging would work, like when do we redeem the FASTPASS and the instructions for what to do to get the best viewing possible in the reserved area (or is it just random).


  • Is DCA still opening at regular time or earlier?

  • Thank you Heather for all the information. I keep prepared to go to DCA June 11. Just one question. Are we allowed to park in the Pumbaa parking at any time? For example, If I wanted to arrive in the parking at 530am or 6am, will I be able to? Thank you, Zuleika

  • Heather,

    Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for responding to my question! I know you didn’t have to, so I really appreciate your help! However, I must say that I’m still unsure about one thing- will we be allowed to park overnight (Thursday/Friday) in Pumbaa, or will we only be let in to the lot Friday morning? I’m prepared to do what it takes (without breaking any rules, of course) to get into the first show… I just need to know what that is. LOL

    Again, thank you for your help! 🙂

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