‘World of Color’ With Flair

'World of Color' With Flair
We love showy souvenirs, and “World of Color” certainly doesn’t disappoint. Here’s a sneak peek of whimsical goodies you’ll find throughout Disney California Adventure park:
'World of Color' Popcorn
A “Pop” of Color: Popcorn wagons at Disney California Adventure park get in the fun with flavored and colored popcorn in a souvenir bucket, with tastes of cherry, blueberry and plum. Or if you prefer your popcorn plain, you can get a souvenir bucket, travel mug and sipper to carry home.
'World of Color' Cotton Candy
Eat ‘n Glow: Light-up cotton candy! White cotton candy with a ribbon of pink, blue or purple wraps around a light-up wand. Or just eat: the “World of Color” cupcake has raspberry filling and milk chocolate frosting with a “World of Color” chocolate image.
'World of Color' Light-Up Drinks
Drink ‘n Glow: Spectrum Splash is Minute Maid Light Lemonade with a shot of flavored syrup in strawberry, blueberry or Granny Smith apple, served in a light-up “World of Color” plastic glass. Or with a kick: the Tropical Mist cocktail features Vodka X-fusion and coconut rum topped with sprite – and a light-up swizzle stick, available only at Ariel’s Grotto, Cove Bar and Wine Country Trattoria.
'World of Color' Light-Up Bracelets
If you prefer bling, a light-up bangle bracelet comes in red, blue and green. Or a “light”-er-than-air light-up glasshouse balloon.
'World of Color' Balloons
We plan on eating popcorn with a side of cotton candy and a Spectrum Splash to wash it all down – with light-up bangle bracelets on both arms and a balloon tied to our backpack. (And a cupcake for a midnight snack.)


  • My husband and I were visiting the week that World of Color opened. We have a shot glass collection and my husband found a World of Color shot glass that he loved. However, when we went back to purchase it, all of the stores in the resort were out. We’ve since returned home to WA from our vacation and I’d still like to find him that shot glass. Any suggestions?

  • cool so going

  • Are there going to be shirts, towels, blankets, or clothes, or even pins?

  • Will there be any new merchandise celebrating the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade returning to WDW? I would love to see some Adult t-shirts and pins …etc


  • Is there a CD Album to the show planned in the works?

  • is that a light up cup?! oh my word, i want one of those so bad! i have been anticipating the opening of the world of color, ever since LAST may (2009) when i was there, and the pier was drained. i knew from the start that i wouldn’t be able to see it for a while, and even now, it’s here, practically, and i still won’t get to see it…but it’s still SO exciting! 🙂

  • My kids are really hoping there is a World of Color coloring book, which I guess makes some sense. The items in those pictures though, is pretty darn cool though. I suspect we’ll be taking home some of that stuff too.

  • Will any of there items be available online? I will not be able to visit Disneyland until next year but I would love to collect these items?

  • Oh my gosh- I love this merchandise! My 5 year old daughter is going to want that light up cotton candy for sure. I better start saving! We will probably go in a week or two if we can get a picnic lunch reserved seat.

  • I WANT! Going to WOC on Sunday Woooo Whooo Cant wait… been watching them built it sense day 1. Totally excited… Doing the new Pic Nic lunch.

  • Question:

    Is it a glass or plastic cup that is seen in the middle of the first picture and in the second picture?

    If it is glass, will this be available online????

  • I really hope we can make it this winter… I would LOVE to see the show 🙂

  • that is so awesome ill be there june 12th yay!

  • It all looks great, hopefully the addition of those flavored popcorn will mean that eventually marketing/food will start selling some of the many other flavored popcorn and delicious assortment of goodies that for some reason only seem to be found in Tokyo Disneyland resort.

    I want cupcakes on souvenir desert plates and hot goodies on souvenir cup coffee cups. What better way to increase guest spending then by adding food items and souvenirs that one could really use together. Hopefully the same approach as Tokyo merchandise and foods start reaching the states

  • Very cool stuff.
    It looks great, and I’m sure that the colored popcorn will be a big hit.

  • I want one of everything! I can’t wait, but we will not be there until October. WOC will be still going on in Oct, won’t it? Please say yes!

  • Will there be a soundtrack released as well?

  • Can’t wait. I see the show tonight.

  • Oh my goodness. I cannot wait! I’ll be there on July 14th!!!

  • Wow simply wonderfully and colorful. I like that colored popcorn, and I’m sure those flavors are going to hit the supermarket sometime this summer! I just bought a summer fun pass and I’m looking forward to all the excitement!

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