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Your Favorite Place to Watch Fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

To see a story in the sky, you need a great view for Magic Kingdom Park fireworks. But where to go? Are you like me, continually searching for a new favorite viewing area or do you have your own “special” go-to spot? We’re curious. So today, we’re in the parks asking, “Where is your favorite place to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom?”

Now, it’s your turn. Please let us know your favorite spot to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom – or any of our parks – in the comments below.


  • In the rose garden – my husband proposed to me there! We always stop back at that spot and remember how amazing that night was – plus, it offers a nearly unrestricted view of the fireworks. I’ve seen them from the dock at Narcoosee’s and that’s pretty great, too!

  • At Disneyland Park, we like to watch the fireworks from our car at the top of the mickey and friends parking structure. When my husband got home from Iraq, the noise from the fireworks wasn’t exactly soothing, so we thought we’d sit in the car and watch the beautiful show with our own soundtrack. Now that we have sleepy toddlers at the end of the day, we let them sleep soundly in their car seats so we can still steal a romantic moment watching Disney’s magic.

  • Our favorite place to watch the MK Fireworks is from tha balcony of the Grand Floridian, MK View, of course. We can sit on our own balcony and see the entire Fireworks show as well as the light show in the lake afterwards. It’s much more enjoyable and a relaxing way to end the day.

  • My favorite place is in the center of Main Street, just past the ice cream parlor. Also a great viewing area is the lounge on the top floor of Bay Lake Towers – a very private viewing area for guests staying in the Towers – thanks to the Disney Vacation Club for providing us this beautiful vacataion spot.

  • One of my favorite places to watch Wishes is from the Tomorrowland Terrace. Granted, there is now the Wishes dessert party there from time to time, but even without dessert it is a great spot. If you get there early enough, you can get seats and push them right up against the wall. Tinker Bell will fly right above you and you will get to sit, relax, and enjoy the show. Enjoy!

  • Main Street – near Cinderella Castle. ‘Nuff said.

  • We took our family on The Grand 1 Yacht at The Grand Floridian. The captain parked the boat a few hundred yards off-shore from the Train station. It was absolutely incredible!

    Just outside Tomorrowland there is a garden area. That has always been great – and much less crowded than mainstreet.

    Lastly – Watching from The California Grill has always been great. It is now tougher and tougher to get up there and watch, BUT, you can also go to the 4th floor of the Contemporary Hotel, and there is an observation deck outside there too!

    Best to All!

  • Main Street is of course the obvious answer…somewhere near the Partner statue. BUT….several years ago my daughter and I were trapped behind the castle right before the fireworks started. We had been trying to work our way around to the front but the crowds and the timing just didn’t work. It was so cool to watch everything happen right above our heads. Of course it was also interesting to see how far away from the park most of the fireworks are set off! I’d recommed trying this at least once!

  • My now husband proposed to me on Main Street moments before Tinkerbell made her flight. We were standing center and slightly ahead of the ice cream parlor; specifically, it is the first section of actual road after a railroad “plate.” This is our favorite viewing spot, and each time we pass the area, we make sure to retrace our footsteps to the spot and stop for a kiss.

  • Definitely from Mainstreet, directly at the start of where the street breaks into 2 circles surrounding the Walt and Mickey “Partners” Statue, on the left half of the circle on the street. It’s a perfect picture spot because the fireworks are just to the left of the castle, so you can see the whole firework and the whole castle 🙂 I take a picture on my phone each summer and keep it as the background on my phone.

  • We love to sit on the bridge which connects the main hub to Tommorrowland. It is a great place because you get phenomenal views of the fireworks, but out kids really enjoy seeing Tink fly above their heads. It is directly below her flight path. You can almost feel the pixie dust sprinkling on you!

  • We rented a pontoon boat and took a ride in the lagoon. We got a great view of the train station and castle and the fire works. Music is played on the boat. The price even provided snacks. So much fun to enjoy it on our own. Our boat driver was super sweet and full of facts we had never heard. If we are in the park we like to find a spot with little to no trees in the way and hope no one finds a way to stand in front of us at the last minute. We get there early so we are comfortable and unobstructred.

  • I know it sounds crazy, but the best view I’ve ever had of the fireworks was from Splash Mountain. We were lucky enough to get “stuck” on the ride one night and the view of the fireworks show was amazing! I know that can’t happen all the time but it really was a magical experience.:)

  • I’m giving away my secret spot, but oh well, it’s a good cause. And this is for Wishes…haven’t tried it for Summer Nightastic yet.

    From Tomorrowland, go past the Tea Cups towards Fantasyland. Stop in that big courtyard area that is kind of right at the borders of Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and ToonTown Fair. You are RIGHT IN BETWEEN the two launchers; the ones behind the castle to your left and the ones further out to your right. It’s a great place to see the show!

  • the best place is on the storybookland canal boats. As long as you stop in a good place you have a great view and get to sit down. You get to enjoy the show with other guests and some great disney cast members.

  • My favorite place to watch the fireworks is from Ohana! Its so cool to sit and eat an awesome meal and get to watch the fireworks out the window from your dinner table. Best place ever!

  • That’s a tough one. I love being right in the middle of Main street in front of the Castle to get the full effect of Wishes. But, I have a special place in my heart for watching Wishes from a swing on the beach at Poly, since that’s where I got engaged!!

  • My family and I are Going to Magic Kingdom July 4th for the nighttastic fireworks. We will stand either in front of the castle or mainstreet. This will be our 5th trip.1997,1999,2000,2005…July3rd-July9th 2010!!!

  • The BEST place in the WHOLE park, NO doubt. That guy was hilarious and I agree with his spot choice.

  • My family and I were just there during the week when Wishes/Spectro were ending and Summer Nightastic was beginning. The first night we saw Nightastic we were on the bridge by Crystal Palace and that was a terrible view. Most of the fireworks were behind a tree. The next night we went to the ferry harbor at TTC and enjoyed a very quiet and WONDERFUL show! It made it so much better that the music was played through the waiting area speakers. We saw so much that you would miss if you were up close. After my first viewing of Wishes I knew I was ruined for any other fireworks (nothing could be that good)…well, the Nightastic fireworks were even better! Just incredible!

  • I love watching the fireworks in the middle of Tony’s Town square in behind the entrance to the park. Also, a good place to see the fireworks is on the bridge coming from Tomorrowland, near the hub, although pretty much anywhere is a good place!

  • Right in the middle of Liberty Square. Just look up and it’s like the fourth of July.

  • I love watching from the bridge to Tomorrowland. There are some little alcove bench areas that you can sit down and watch. I have also watched from the Noodle Station in Tomorrowland and that was awesome as well!

  • I loved watching from the beach at the Poly! Relaxing, no crowds, cocktail in hand . . . can’t beat it!

  • On main street right in front of Casey’s. Great view with the castle right in the middle and the walk out of the park isn’t crazy because you are already past the funnel (Hub to main street).

  • A few ways, if you time it in Splash Mountain in the back when you come outside before the first drop. while the finale to Wishes or Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular is going on you see it completely with nothing blocking you or before the final drop on Splash Mt. you can also time it to see it there. Another place is behind Fantasyland near Mickey’s Philarmagic where they close it off, you can see the fireworks shoot up right from the roof there and of course on Main Street USA near the hub is the best place.

  • Have to agree with Jim (comment #5) – riding Big Thunder Mtn. during Wishes is just amazing!

    And as someone in the video mentioned, from our balcony at Grand Floridian was pretty incredible too!

  • Without a doubt, the absolute best spot is directly under the wire on which Tink flies from the castle. It’s wonderful to see her fly right over your head, and you have a magnificent view of the castle for the show. Brilliant.

  • We’ve tried many different places and always had a good view but prefer Main Street USA … right in the middle … fantastic!!! Can’t wait to be back there … roll on November! 🙂

  • Though I didn’t get to see the entire show from there, one of my favorite experiences involving the fireworks was while riding Big Thunder Mountain. Like the girl in the video mentioned about the Dumbo ride, if you time it right (or just get plain lucky, like I did), it’s tough to top a favorite thrill ride in the dark with a tremendous display in the night sky as a backdrop — really magical.

    As far as “traditional” answers go, I try to get as close to the Castle as possible; that includes the hub out front or near the roped-off area in Fantasyland, where everything is exploding directly overhead.

    And Sara? You’re going to love the view from the California Grill — my wife & I have seen it 3 or 4 times from up there; it’s a perfect end to what’s sure to be a great meal. The best part is that they pipe in the music and narration, so you’re getting the same experience as the guests in the park…only you’re 15 stories up! Enjoy!

  • Favorite place is on the bridge from Liberty square to the castle. Awesome view

  • On the first night of our first Disney vacation, my wife and I saw the fireworks from the roof while dining at the California Grill at the Contemporary resort. The perfect beginning to a perfect vacation.

  • My favorite place is right at the top of the stairs at the Train Station. We’re high up and can see over people, and it never seems to be too crowded up there. I have video of my nephew watching from my Bro-in-law’s shoulders back in ’07 and i like watching his face more than the fireworks show!

  • Maybe the most boring answer, but for me, nothing beats watching the fireworks from Main Street, USA–especially if you are with someone who is seeing them for the first time. I usually go about even with the Ice Cream Parlor, as close to the center of the street as I can get!

    Although, I hope to experience the view from California Grill for the first time during my October trip! 🙂

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