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Behind the Scenes: Disneyland Performers Prepare for Celebrate! A Street Party

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Celebrate! A Street Party

I’ve always wanted to be a dancer, but I’ve always thought I didn’t have what it takes. I’m not very coordinated and don’t have that natural rhythm that always seemed to be a requirement for a good dancer.

Now that I’ve seen the video I’m sharing with you today, I know without a doubt that I don’t have what it takes to be a dancer in a Disney parade like Celebrate! A Street Party.

Denny Newell, senior show director and creator of Celebrate! A Street Party, takes us behind the scenes and shows us what it takes to get ready for a Disney parade.

These wanna-be dancers must go through auditions, rehearsals, conditioning and more to appear in a parade. I guess it never occurred to me, but Denny points out that the crew in Celebrate! A Street Party must perform on-stage for a full hour on the parade route!

Today, I’m celebrating the dancers in Celebrate! A Street Party, and the next time I’m watching a parade, I will yell and cheer a little louder for those performers. Congrats, guys – you do great work every day.

And just for fun, here are some fun facts about Celebrate! A Street Party.

  • Nearly 100 people perform in Celebrate! A Street Party each performance.
  • At least 40 wigs are used for each performance.
  • Celebrate! A Street Party opened on March 27, 2009.
  • There have been more than 600 performances.
  • Approximately 140 character drums are handed out to guests during each Show Stop.
  • More than 250 lights are used on the parade floats alone.
  • The Disneyland Park Parade Route has 32 “sound zones” with speakers and lights that can fade in and out as needed.
  • In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, and first visits, each day a different occasion is celebrated, including holidays, promotions, and Statehood days!
  • About 60 bags of confetti are shot out of cannons each Parade.


  • Heather I would come watch you dance and support you. 😉 I will celebrate when this leaves. It makes me feel like I am at DCA… The best parade to me is Parade of Dreams. Now that’;s a good parade ..

  • Being in any Disney show is such a thrill. I was lucky enough to be in the original MSEP way back when and even though it was a lot of work, it was indeed fun to see the faces of the guests as we went past. I’ll always have fond memories of that. And this new street party is smart and sophisticated and a ton of fun!

  • every May and October/November, me and my friend Shanaar go to Disneyland for different occasions. We originally created our own arm movements and such for the parade, but then we saw the *actual* movements and have been doing them ever since. the cast members in the parade have actually pointed us out while we were doing our movements along with them. Shanaar even got to dance in the parade one time. so awesome!

  • joshua you can also check out disneyauditions they also post the latest openings im alway on there waiting for my chance.

    linda well mens hair is short as it is so they can just style it, if they were to wear wigs it would be the same thing as to them not wearing one

  • My family and I enjoy all the Disney parades. The performances are terrific. Is there a CD of Disney parade music I can purchase?

    • There is not a CD with music from “Celebrate! A Street Party.” I’m told your best bet at finding music from past parades or shows is at 20th Century Music Shop on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland park.

  • I have seen this parade so many times since I have been to Disneyland 13 times in the past year and I have found myself singing along with the parade. I love it. My question is this: Why is it that the girls have to wear wigs & the boys (men) don’t?

  • i really! love the celebration parade and i really want to go back to disneyland and watch the parade! i really like it and when i get older i wanna work at disneyland

  • I went to Disneyland for my birthday June 3, and I got to be IN the parade!! Oh my gosh.. It was like a dream fantasy come true. I got to go back stage and be on a float with Kermit and Miss Piggy! All the performers were so nice, you could tell they really loved working for Disney.

  • That’s amazing. Hey, could you a behind the scenes for the music? Like how it’s recorded, etc. Thanks!

  • i have been waiting for a chance to audition for this show. its one of my dreams, at the top of the list, to dance for disneyland

  • About how many pounds is 60 bags of confetti?

  • UGH i simply love this parade. I have the music to this… The announcer is so cool 😀

  • I would absolutely love to perform in the parade. what do you have to do to become a performer for the parades? It is my dream to work for disneyland!

    • Joshua, to check out available positions at Disneyland Resort visit

  • I’ve seen this parade and others at the resort (the Pixar parade in CA Adventure). I have always been amazed at the stamina of these performers.

  • I know just how hard this parade is to perform. I did a parody of it on my April Fools Day podcast and just doing that was hard enough. These guys (and gals) work their little tushies off.

  • This was neat! I can’t wait to see you guys in December!

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