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Crepes & Funnel Cake Sticks Now at the Downtown Disney District

There’s a delicious new offering at the Downtown Disney District! I had my first taste of a crepe earlier this month at the new Café Renee located in front of World of Disney, and I have to say it was delish! Café Renee is the latest food location to join Downtown Disney – offering both sweet and savory crepes, as well as funnel cake sticks and drinks. I tried the Caprese and BBQ Pulled Pork crepes – and I couldn’t believe I’d been missing out for so long. I’m dying to go back and try one of their sweet sensations! Don’t take my word for it – check out the menu and give it a try.
Café Renee Menu


  • You make them sound delicious!! I can’t wait to try one!!

  • I would sooo love to try these. Especially the monkey one and also the Funnel Cakes on a stick. I agree that the prices are reasonable, especially for a theme park. Then again, maybe it’s because I live in a part of California where you can’t buy lunch anywhere nearby for under $6 (and that doesn’t include drink) unless it’s bad fastfood. Thanks for the tips on other places to try in the park! My favorite is the dole pineapple stand in the parks. You must get their frozen treat. I have to have at least 1 a day when I visit.

  • Oh wow…that sounds wonderful!!! I will have to try it when I’m there next week!

  • Where are the funnel cake sticks on the menu? I don’t see them.

  • Sounds Yummy! Can’t wait to check it out when I come in September!

  • I remember these fondly from my time wondering the streets of Paris. I can’t wait to relive those moments at Disneyland!

  • Any DVC Discounts or passholder discounts given?

  • Shiny. Crepes are good. Really Good.

  • I was just at the DLR staying at the Disneyland Hotel for a week, and I saw someone at the Crepe place once (while passing it of course) and I TRULY believe that the prices are just a bit too high. Maybe $2 too high. I was dying to try it, but avoided the prices. Almost like the wonderful pizza at Naples walkup. Three slices for $15!? Yikes! I wish we had the same food and shopping as at DTD at WDW. Like Earl of Sandwich for example. We love that place. Great food, reasonable prices for families.

    Moving forward, and a more positive review… you HAVE TO TRY the Louks Greek “roach coach” outside of Hollywood Blvd in DCA. WOW!! The Chicken Gyro is to DIE for. Seriously. We got one with no onions and no tomato, and we ended up buying two more to take with us… it’s THAT GOOD!! Very VERY soft, melt-in-your-mouth thin chicken slices with an incredible gyro cream sauce wrapped in warm yummy goodness. You can’t miss their food truck next to the Candy Store outside left of the Hollywood Blvd. entrance. YUM! Now I’m hungry again!!

  • So excited. We are going next month and I can’t wait. I will definitely be giving The Bavarian Monkey a try. And don’t worry, i’ll buy a $3 drink. It’s all worth it to me 😉

  • Cant wait until our spring break visit to try!!

  • MMMM going to have to try the Nutella one on my next visit.

  • i can get that fresh indulgence crepe for $6 at the crepe place down the block from my house, but i will still try the crepe at cafe renee because i love sweet crepes! and $9.50 isn’t bad for theme park pricing. i probably won’t be buying a $3 drink though!

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