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Disney Dream Ship Closer to Reality

It’s hard to believe that the maiden voyage for the Disney Dream is a little more than 6-months away! The ship is really starting to take shape. We put together this short video showing the construction progress to date with some amazing renderings of what the end product will look like – it’s truly going to be an incredible ship. Hope you enjoy!


  • We are booked ont he Dream for next summer, can’t wait!!

  • Getting ready to book our next cruise on the Dream…Yeah!! The ship looks fantastic.

  • Outstanding!! This will be our 4th Disney cruise when we sail on the Dream in March to celebrate our daughter’s 21st birthday! Family from all over will be coming along to help celebrate & taking their 1st ever Disney cruise. So excited!!

  • Thank You Disney!!!

  • Can’t wait. Already have a cruise booked for next summer!

  • Looks wonderful! Can’t wait. We are booked on the maiden voyage in January. So excited. Thanks, Disney and everyone at the ship building site.

  • Wow this is cool! I wonder if the water slide tube will get hot inside though?


  • We can’t wait to experience the Dream! We set sail in just 8 short months!!!!!!

  • 7/1/11 : – )

  • We are booked for the July 10th, 2011 sailing! Can’t wait!

  • Have my first cruise ever booked for next May on The Dream. Four nights at Disneyworld and three nights on The Dream, should be a ball.

  • i cried…

  • We are booked Oct 16, 2011. It seems so far away! I like the fact that the ship will be “new”. I can’t wait!

  • it looks amazing… thank you for posting this! Even more excited for our honeymoon onboard the Dream in June 2011 🙂

  • Our first cruise ever next May on the Dream. Then over to WDW to finish up our trip!

  • I am so excited! The ship looks amazing as only Disney can do. We will be on our 11th Disney Cruise when we sail on the Dream in May 2011.

  • My daughter and I were on the Disney Magic for the inaugual Baltic Cruise and were fortunate enough to be two of the guests (there were 7 of us) that actually flew to Papenburg, Germany and spent all day at the shipyard and actually were on the Disney Dream and saw the whole ship inside and out. The ship is incredible and the pictures don’t do the ship justice! Captain Tom told us he can’t wait to bring the ship to the U.S. and we are anticipating our first time on the Disney Dream, the inaugural voyage on January 26, 2011!

  • We are sailing on the maiden voyage next Janueary. Every time I see an update I think I end up more excited than the kids! Can’t wait to board that ship!!

  • We (my husband and I) and our children and grandchildren (14 in all) are sailing on June 12, 2011 – our third Disney cruise. The kids are excited about the Aqua Duck!

  • We are booked for the third sailing during which our twins will turn 5. I am not sure who is more excited them or mom and Dad? This will be our 4th Disney cruise and can’t wait to experience the new ship. Come on February!!!!

  • awww…. I feel so jealous to those who are going on the maiden voyage! We’re not going to be there until August 21, 2011!… Wish we could’ve booked for an earlier sailing. 🙁

  • SO EXCITED!!!!!! Sailing out on July 10, 2011!!!! Ship looks awesome! This will be our first Disney Cruise even though we did ride with Mickey in 1986 on The Big Red Boat!

  • WOW… awesome… we sail with her in Feb. 2011…. so exciting

  • WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! We are very excited can’t wait to see the DREAM in person!! January 26, 2011

  • Beautiful vessel! So much to do in six months. Harkens back to early 1998 in Fincantieri.

  • Now MY DREAM…to sail aboard the Dream!

  • Our first Disney cruise…2/20!

  • Only wish I could be on the inaugral cruise… but i’ll be on board April… Sounds like an adventure waiting,,will not be by last cruise on the ship —She looks like a “princess”…

  • Only 395 days until we set sail!! So very excited!!

  • Going on the Inaugural Cruise in January – Can’t wait!!

  • Can’t wait for Jan 26th! Wonder if my daughter’s will EVER come out of the kid’s clubs! maybe only to see the restaurants and shows. . . . ..

  • I absolutely LOVE the Disney ships. Can’t wait to go on the DREAM. You can DREAM of a MAGICal WONDERful experience.

  • My family and I get to go next May for our 1st ever cruise and are so glad it’s with Disney!!! Then after we get to spend 3 days at Disney World!!! We can’t wait! This looks amazing!

  • Too expensive and deposit is too high. Was trying to save for Disney, but other cruise lines offer similar amenities and features. All the while being 30-40% less and also 1/2 the deposit if not less. I know it’s not “Disney” That was and is the only reason I’m so disappointed. But it’s hard to make up for the 40% “it’s Disney” tax.

  • Booking our trip for March 2011… am so excited.

  • Dear D.S.L and Meyer Shipyard,
    To be able to follow your progress on the DREAM is wonderful. I can only imagine viewing that ship in your huge building. It has to be breathtaking.
    The pride that goes into the ship also has to be more then exceptional. As a Granparent who booked to sail on it in April 2011 I cannot tell you how excited we are to be able to go again and let the inner child out.
    Thank you to all involved in making what only Disney can dream and make.

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