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Flavors of Club Cool at Epcot

Club Cool

It’s that time of year when I look longingly as little kids abandon their shoes and run around getting soaked by the pop-up fountains at Epcot. For a whimsy-filled nanosecond I consider joining in the frolic. Ultimately, though, I leave “being a kid” … to kids: I can’t abandon my adult inhibitions!

So what’s a person to do: It’s sunny, and “warm” was fifteen degrees ago?

Well, one of my alternatives to acting like a kid by jumping into a fountain is a little spot in Innoventions at Epcot called Club Cool. It’s a place that sells Coca-Cola logo merchandise and “brain freeze” via frozen Coke.

But there’s also a “World Showcase kind of adventure” in Club Cool that doesn’t cost a penny and is a great thing to do on sultry summer days. It’s the fountains that dispense Coca-Cola products from other parts of the world. Here are the choices:

  • Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
  • Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
  • Beverly from Italy
  • Vegeta Beta from Japan
  • Kinley Lemon from Israel
  • Lift Apple from Mexico
  • Smart Watermelon from China
  • Mezzo Mix from Germany

My favorites are Lift Apple and Smart Watermelon – which are usually in high demand and can run out on busy days. If I’d heard Club Cool was out of Beverly, though, THAT would surprise me (enough said about that!).

When I was in Club Cool a couple of weeks ago, I overheard other guests lamenting that the “pours” (as they called them) were so large. They truly were going on a world tasting adventure and just wanted a sip. As for me: I was going back for seconds of those wonderful drinks from Mexico and China.


  • Oh, I don’t want them to take Beverly out! I want to see my mom try it. XD

  • I like how there are some non-carbonated drinks there. I have a dislike of anything with bubbles (I don’t know why, honestly! They hurt my head) and Coke makes a lot of things that aren’t soda, so it’s cool to taste ones from all over the world! Vegeta Beta is actually pretty darn good. Japan has some wacky soft drinks.

  • Dave, thanks for responding.
    Future S.Q.O. c.m. if they’ll have me.

  • Call us crazy, but my daughter and I BOTH look forward to Beverly when we go to Club Cool. I truly think it’s the BEST flavor there!

  • I love stopping by Club Cool when I’m at EPCOT. Personally, my favorite of the drinks is the Manzana Lift (Lift Apple). I actually found that drink when I was in the real Mexico during a cruise and was happy to find it at Club Cool.

    And even though my mother really didn’t like the taste of Beverly, I thought it had a pretty decent taste and not as bitter as I thought it would be (although I have a few friends from Italy and they havn’t heard of it. Mabey it’s just on sale in specific parts of the country?)

    I do second the sentiment that some of the drinks be sold in their respective countries pavilions in World Showcase!

  • No day-trip to Epcot is complete without Club Cool! I definitely love the Smart Watermelon!

  • I Love Club Cool!!! It’s such a great place to go and just “chill” for a while, and try the different sodas… it doesn’t get old! anytime we pass by we stop in for a little refreshing drink! My favorite is Vegeta Beta from Japan. And I, as well, recommend first timers to try the Beverly! Unlike any pop you’ve ever tasted! (And that’s the truth!) I always make myself drink a whole glass of it because I can while i’m there, and always recommend it to everyone who’s deciding which flavor to try next 😉

    I’d like to see more free experiences like club cool… Sponsorships are the way to go!

  • Hi! Being from Germany I think it is great that Mezzo Mix is offered at Club Cool since it really is a very popular drink here. However, the text about it is just incorrect and has bugged me for some time. It reads: “Germans often mix their beer with non-alcoholic beverages like Mezzo Mix, a combination of Coca-Cola and orange flavor, to enhance the flavor.” I know nobody here in Germany who would mix beer with Mezzo Mix. Beer is mixed with lemonade or Coca-Cola and generally Germans like to mix beverages. So these parts of the text are true. Mezzo Mix is in itself a mixed drink: it is Coca-Cola and orange soda.

    But otherwise Club Cool is a really fun place!!

  • Club Cool is a family favorite and must see every trip to Epcot. Watermelon is definitely my favorite and I agree that it would be great to buy some of these sodas at Club Cool.

  • My son makes it a point of coming and tricking those first timers into trying Beverly.

    Personally, Krest is my favorite.

  • I am right there with you. I love the Smart Watermelon! I wish coke would bring that here to the states. Whenever I am at Epcot always have to stop get a drink and than fill a water bottle I have with the Watermelon. I suggest that they supply 20 oz or 2 liter bottles to buy in the store there.

  • Club Cool is awesome! We never miss it. Part of the fun of it is tasting the Beverly… and watching other people taste it! :)Following up with the others just makes them taste even better!

  • Mezzo Mix is my favorite! It would be cool if they sold bottles of these flavors to take home(or T-shirts)…..And I too like to “strongly suggest” the Beverly to first timers(insert evil laugh)

  • Haha. Everyone hates Beverly!
    Getting this, Coca-Cola?

    • Now, now, Allan! Not “everybody.” Clayton, Andrew, and Cedric’s dad claim to like it. And that’s not counting all the “soda fountain humor” it evokes!

  • I actually like Beverly, but never did see it anywhere in Rome or Milan.

    It would be really nice if the presented beverages were available for purchase at their respective World Showcase pavilion restaurants.

  • Made my way around World Showcase to Italy,
    looked at a menu from Tutto Italia Ristorante,
    Beverly was not listed and the Italian cast member’s had never heard of it.

    • Skip, I’m thinking there is a moral to this story … something like, “When in Epcot, do as the Romans do” (?)

  • MEZZO MIX!!!
    hahahaha the watermelon one was good too!

  • a friend is in the World this week and this post reminded me to TXT him about the Italy flavor.

    I hope he takes my advice.

  • I bring newbies there to have them try Beverly, and they always ask why I have my camera ready. Surprisingly, my dad liked it.

  • Why does everyone blast Beverly? It’s the BEST. Eric, Kevin & Teryn, your sarcasm has been duly noted!

  • Kinley Lemon from Israel is my personal favorite flavor for taste reasons. Beverly is my favorite for entertainment value. I recommend it with flying colors to friends who have never visited club cool……little do they know 😉 . I haven’t lost a friend yet over it BTW 🙂 !!

    Missy S in Alaska

  • I only like Smart Watermelon. It makes me burp like crazy lol.

    • I hear ya, Robin 🙂

  • I am going to agree with Kevin – the Beverly is “amazing” and a “must have” for any first timer.

    The Lift Apple from Mexico is my all time favorite. I usually go back for 4ths and 5ths.

    I do wish they would bring in new flavors every once in a while. It is very interesting to see what is offered at other countries and I am sure there are a ton of worthy drinks out there.

  • Great post Dave. Glad to see you on the blog. Beware the Beverly.

    Orlando Attractions Magazine

    • Appreciate the props, Matt! Stay cool.

  • I don’t believe I disliked any of the flavors and believe that Fanta Kolita (Costa Rica) deserves some mention here as a solid choice.

  • Everyone HAS to try Beverly. It’s simply the best!

  • Call me cruel, but anytime I’m with a first timer to Club Cool, I always tell them to try the “awesome” Beverly. The reaction is hilarious!

  • This is a must stop at each trip to Epcot! Our 5 yr old loves it. And i’m partial to Kinley Lemon. I’d love to see this shop get one of those new machines, I think they are called Coke Freestyle?

  • Sometimes I have to go to my local soda jerk to get my own homemade Mezzo Mix. Of course this is just when my Birthday stash runs out. I agree with everyone, sell it in the states, except Beverly, they can keep it. =)

  • They should just nix beverly and give another country’s coke product a chance. What would be kind of cool is if they actually sold bottles of some of those sodas you could take home. Love that Vegeta Beta from Japan.

  • I love Club Cool! I’m really surprised that Coke hasn’t tried to introduce Smart Watermelon in the states. Everyone I know who has tried it loves it. I bet it wouldn’t cost them too much money to have a little feedback computer on site to poll guest favorites. It would certainly be a cheap way to find out what people think of other new flavors they’re thinking of introducing. Just so long as they keep the international flavors around, anyway. I wouldn’t want club cool to turn into a purely marketing thing! It’s too much fun trying the international flavors! My son absolutely loved Vegeta Beta when he was 4 years old. I’m rather fond of it myself. =)

  • I honeslty can;t remember which flavor it is I like so much. I could of sworn it was the Beverly. Is that the bitter one?

  • I don’t drink soda anymore. I had given it up for over 7 months but I knew when I got to Epcot I’d drink Kinley. We actually made a point of getting to Epcot two different days during our trip and I think it was mostly about the Kinley!!! I won’t try anything else anymore.

  • I love the Smart Watermelon from China as well! Its really neat to try different beverages from around the world, but Beverly is just something I could do without!

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