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Frequently Asked Questions According to Disneyland Park Operations

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Where’s the best place to see the parade?
Disneyland Resort guests are full of questions. We talked with cast members who work day in and day out with our guests and asked, “What are some of the most frequently asked questions you hear in the Parks?” Well, here they are in descending order:

  1. Does [insert name of attraction] have FASTPASS Service?
  2. Where’s the best place to see the parade?
  3. What are the park hours?
  4. Where’s Mickey Mouse?
  5. Where’s the nearest restroom?

General manager of park operations, Matt Gray, receives tons of questions every day, and his personal favorite is “How do I get to Fantasyland,” to which he always answers, “Make a wish.”

To help answer some of these questions, you can find park hours and the list of attractions that have the FASTPASS Service on disneyland.com. There are also several FAQs on disneyland.com.

So, what do you think are the best places to see the parade at Disneyland park? Do you have a favorite place to see Mickey Mouse?


  • Our favorite place to watch the parade is on the curb next to where the rope leads to Adventureland. One, because no-one blocks our view and they can’t linger there (the CM’s won’t let people block walkways) and two, because it’s a quick trip over to the Enchanted Tiki Room to grab a Dole Whip to eat while waiting for the parade! 🙂 Seems like waiting isn’t a big deal when you have something yummy to enjoy!

  • Oh wow…the most often asked question is missing from the list. The best and most popular is, “What time is the three o’clock parade?”

  • My favorite place to see Mickey is at his house in Toontown. It’s an air conditioned wait through Mickey’s house and garden and a mini theater that shows (what else?) Mickey cartoons. When you finally get to Mickey it isn’t regular Mickey, it’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey!

  • Heather, you must wander the park a great deal during your work week! What is your most favorite question to answer and help with as you walk through Disneyland or California Adventure each day???

  • The best place to see Mickey & Minnie is on Main Street. They tend to come out around the time park is closing. If you are leaving the park to the left of the giant invitation, Christmas Tree (during the holidays), and giant Mickey pumpkin (during Halloweentime). I have found them there on more than one occasion, it is like a last chance before you leave the park to say, “Good-Bye,” and one last photo opportunity. During Halloweentime they were in there mascarade ball outfits. And recently they were in their usual bow-tie, and polka dot dress.
    Another fun area to meet Mickey and all his friends is Sunshine Plaza, at California Adventure. They always seem to be dressed in seasonal attire.
    I am still searching for the best parade location. Best plan, is find a place on Main Street early. I like the daytime parade as I can get better pictures.

  • You can ask me if I’m there because I really do know every restroom in the park. I had a dehydration episode about five or six years ago at the end of the day after I got back to the Hotel. It was not pretty. I have always been a big water and tea drinker, but was having so much fun I just forgot to hydrate properly. so now I really go overboard and so visit the bathroom quite a bit! It doesn’t help when you get on Splash Mountain and your son is joking around about all the water and teasing me about if I have to go! I suppose any Mom with small children would know as well especially if they have potty training toddlers! =D

  • William from MA, Tim Babb much? lol

  • I definitely think the bathroom question is #1. Also if there is any sort of long line “what is this line for”. One time I was waiting in line for a a special LE pin and I can’t tell you have many people asked us what we were waiting for. Finally we started telling people this is the line for the bathroom.

  • Whenever I go to Disneyland with my mum, the restroom question is always the easiest to answer. She knows where every single bathroom is in the park.

  • I definately think where’s the restroom would be number 1 anywhere. Every place I worked that was alway the most asked question I got.

  • My fav ? would probably be “When does Fantasmic! start?” people always ask that question over by ROA. (Rivers Of America) Every time I walk by ROA people ask “What time is Fantasmic?” “When is Fantasmic?” “What time does Fantasmic start? The Same answer is, like Teri said, it Needs to be dark! 😀

  • My fav question? That’s easy. “Is that AM or PM?” Which is often the question I get after responding to “What time are fireworks?” or “What time is the electrical parade?” Ummmm…it needs to be dark 🙂

  • I knew “where is the nearest restroom?” had to be the No. 1 question before I even read the list, LOL! I’ve also heard a lot of people ask, “What time do the fireworks start?” (Which, I notice that after YEARS of a 9:25 start time, is now 9:30!)
    Being short, I think any place on the parade route is good as long as no one really tall is standing in front of me! 🙂

  • My favorite parade spot is near It’s a Small World. There is something about the spacious area, and the background of Small World. It’s less crowded than Main Street and if you get there early for a spot, there are bench like options for adults. Sitting on the ground at 4, 24 and 34 were okay…but after 40 you start to prefer a bench.

  • My favorite question to ask and be asked is, “Where is the Hidden Mickey [here]?” There are so many. It’s a lot of fun finding them all. Ask a cast member and they’ll share with you some amazing secrets.

    My other favorite question to ask is, “May we sit in the front/back?” I love how accommodating everyone is, if you are not rude about it.

  • To watch parades…sitting at/near the corner at the end of Main Street across from the circle where the Walt and Mickey statue is…great pics and viewing with minimal people to get in the way of viewing and pics, as long as the parade is coming from “It’s a Small World.”

  • I love sitting under the trees on a bench in front of/ behind? Main Street station in Town Square.
    My very favorite place to visit with Mickey is in his Film Barn (Mickey’s House in Toontown). Because you get to spend a little more one-on-one time with him, and you never know what movie he’s working on!

  • I heard the most common question in the Magic Kingdom is “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” or that is to say “what time does the 3 o’clock parade reach where we are now?”

  • I love that answer, “Make a wish”. When I work there I want to say that to a guest

  • “Where is the restroom?” is definitely the most asked question; once had three guests ask the same thing within 15 seconds. I basically told the third guest to follow “the group” going to the restrooms!

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