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High-Energy Glow Fest Gets Power Surge This Weekend

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Glow Fest
Glow Fest, a really popular experience at Disney California Adventure park this summer, will be even more lively July 30 through August 1. While I don’t want to spoil any surprises, we want to reward our loyal Disney Parks Blog readers with a little inside information.

Every night this weekend, Glow Fest is charging up the night with a live DJ, colored shirt nights, and even more fun activities.

Check out these highlights:


  • DJ CeeS spins live Friday night.
  • Around 8:30 p.m., meet on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Picture Backlot to get the low down on a fresh dance move (it’s an “everybody-join-in dance lesson”)
  • About 8:45 p.m. DJ CeeS spins a track and everybody shows off the new Friday night dance move.
  • Wear a YELLOW shirt to get a shout-out from DJ CeeS. Who said yellow was mellow?

Saturday, July 31- BLUE SHIRT NIGHT

  • DJ Ups spins live Saturday night.
  • Around 8:30 p.m., meet meet up at Hollywood Boulevard to learn the Saturday night dance move.
  • About 8:45 p.m. show off your new moves to a hot track from DJ Ups.
  • Wear a BLUE shirt to earn a shout-out from DJ Ups, and you’ll never have so much fun bein’ blue.

Sunday, August 1 – PINK SHIRT NIGHT

  • DJ Chase spins live Sunday night.
  • Around 8:30 p.m., don’t miss the Sunday night dance move session on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • About 8:45 p.m., DJ Chase spins while everyone grooves with the new move.
  • Dare to wear a PINK shirt and get your shout-out from DJ Ups. It’s a hot color for some hot music.

So, who’s up for getting their glow on this weekend? Tell us what color shirt you’ll be wearing when the music starts spinnin’!

And if you’ve been in the dark and have no idea what Glow Fest is, here’s a taste of what the experience is like.


  • I was mesmerized by the video monitors with the kaleidoscope graphics featuring disney characters. Any chance that can be downloaded to personal computers?

  • Glow fest is amazing. It’s nothing like a rave more like a Disney dance party. I hope to see it back next year!

  • My family and I love Glowfest! The music, the dancing, the mashups and the food trucks! Louks has some killer feta honey fries–really! They’re amazing.

  • never been to glow fest it looks fun

  • I think it could be quite fun if it’s a big party but it seems so empty in the video… Where is everybody?

  • I agree with Daniel It’s like a rave party and this weird music they dance and lip sync to near the sun wheel. I don’t do that junk. it’s like DCA’s version of light magic. =) i will leave the park and go to disneyland when that stuff starts sorry, that’s me.

  • Enjoyed our stroll through Glow Fest the other!

    Dates need to be corrected:

    Friday, July 30 – YELLOW SHIRT NIGHT

    Saturday, July 31 – BLUE SHIRT NIGHT

  • it looks like fun! one question though, how come world of colour was so widely advertised, but glow fest was barely mentioned and until now I had no clue what it was. also will it be back next summer because my fam isn’t going until then.

  • psssst…Heather…Friday is the 30th and so on. ;>)
    You had me confused for a minute.

    • Thanks, Jeffrey. That was corrected on Saturday.

  • We have had a great time at Glowfest! I have kids, 9,12 & 17 and they have all had a lot of fun dancing with Disney’s dancers or watching the amazing kids that come to show off their skills, not once have I seen a fight, or anything remotely innapropriate just a bunch of people have a safe and good time. Going again tonight!

  • Daniel–There’s no need to be concerned, Glow Fest is only temporary.

  • Looks fun to me!!!

  • Looks great! The lights, songs, all the energy. I want to go!!!!

  • Had a blast at Glow Fest a few weeks back. I was actually bummed that we had to leave to get over to World of Color. Can’t wait to go back for more Glowtinis and Glowjitos!

  • When does Glow Fest finish? I’ve been out of state all summer but want to check it out when I get back to California!

  • I love Glow Fest – i’m really looking forward to these new additions!

  • It’s kind of interesting that it’s taking something that’s subversive and “underground” and giving it a mainstream family twist. As a DJ, I don’t know if I’m offended or find it triumphant that something I’ve championed for well over 15 years has now become Disneyfied and accepted as a pop cultural phenomenon.

  • Yeah, that doesn’t look fun at all. I guess it’s just not my kind of thing.

  • i think you guys should of book big name djs i never heard of any od these djs ?

  • I really hate Glow Fest. It represents everything cheap and tacky that is wrong with DCA!
    You spend all that money trying to improve DCA, and then you do Glow Fest? Isn’t that like making 1 step forward and 2 steps back?…

  • FUN!!! I love hanging out at Glow Fest! Summer means fun in SoCal, and Glow Fest is definetely where the action is this summer! And those Glowjitos are pretty good as well.

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