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Kona Island Sushi Bar at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Kona Island Sushi Bar
It’s official! The popular Kona Island Sushi Bar at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is permanent.

We’ve been stopping by to chat with the sushi chefs and order our favorites for a while – but now we can share the news that the 20-seat eatery is here to stay, located right outside of Kona Cafe near the monorail.

Mornings they serve coffee, tea, pastries and fruit. At 5 p.m., the menu morphs to sushi with about a half-dozen rolls, sashimi (fish without rice) and nigiri (fish with rice). If you prefer your fish cooked, try the shrimp tempura roll with fresh mango or the Kona crab cake roll with fresh jumbo lump crab cake, avocado and Asian tartar sauce.

Kona Island Sushi Bar

Traditionalists can stick with salmon or tuna sashimi or the delicious tuna poke salad. For vegetarians, there’s a cucumber roll.

Pair your pick with a classic mai tai or Kona Cool Sundown cocktail, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale or Kona Longboard lager, wine or sake. Kampai!


  • I have to say the sushi is amazing, I had the volcano rolls and Andres made them and I got to tell you, perfection. I have great photos of the sushi that I wish I could put up, from taste to presentation, two thumbs way up.

  • We happened to stumble upon this sushi bar while on our honeymoon in Sept 2008, and it was one of our favorite discoveries! I was new to eating sushi and I remember the chef being so patient in explaining all the rolls to me–even let me sample some I was unsure of!

  • Awesome! Kona Cafe has just turned into my favorite spot! Thanks Pam!

  • Would it be classed as counter or table service if you use the dining plan?

    • Table service. 2 sushi rolls count as 1 meal.

  • Will you be able to order sushi while dining at Kona Cafe?

    • Yes!

  • Yummy I was never a lover of sushi until I had it at Disney… What can I say.. the food is great, I am looking foward to more sushi at dinsney in a few weeks..

  • I can’t believe I missed this place! My husband and I love sushi! We can’t get really good sushi here. Again, I think moving to Georgia was a big mistake!

  • I am going to try this when we go this year! We never went there before, it looks very good.

  • I never knew that there was a sushi bar at any of the WDW properties–I can’t wait to try it!

  • So excited! Kona is a must do on every trip and now they have sushi! Excellent!

  • Will they accept Disney Dining Plan now then?

    • Yes, Disney Dining Plan.

  • I think what people are really wanting to know is if this a location on the DDP?

  • So, is this a counter service restaurant? Or do you need reservations?

    • It is a sushi bar, and they do not take reservations.

  • I was just wondering which resort this is it in CA, FL, … where…because I can’t say I have ever heard of it…can someone please tell me where I can find it….

    • Hi Misty, so sorry we did not say it is at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • That is ever so awesome. Glad I saw this on my Twitter. Will definitely be stopping by this eatery during my trip next month.

  • This is such great news! The Kona Island Sushi Bar has become one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite.

  • Fantastic! Is this considered “counter service” for the meal plan? If so, I will be there every day on my upcoming trip.

  • Hooray for being permanent – it used to look so sad when it was abandoned.

  • We will be there in 11 days and I think we will make sure we go there.

  • Definitely a must-do the next time I’m there!

  • I’m delighted to hear that it’s now permanent. It has some of the best sushi on property, and sitting at the bar is quick and convenient. I’ll definitely be back!

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