Local Artists Bring Downtown Disney to Life After Dark: Scott Williams

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Last but not least…..This is the last of a series of five posts on the musicians in the Downtown Disney District. Introducing Scott Williams:

Scott Williams

Bringing to life an ancient instrument for sacred songs, Scott Williams is a multi-talented musician who creates a vivid tapestry showcasing the hammered dulcimer. With Celtic, colonial, medieval, rock, and Renaissance influences, Scott has developed a repertoire of songs for the instrument which are performed with his own backing tracks. These studio mixes featuring cello, bass, guitars, and mandolins allow Williams to deliver a full bodied performance that can sound like a full ensemble.

Although schedules are subject to change, Scott Williams is currently slated to perform at the World of Disney Stage area in the Downtown Disney District. Check DowntownDisney.com/Anaheim for specific show times.

Do you have a favorite Downtown Disney musician that we haven’t yet covered in this series of posts?


  • Scott lends his talent and charming personality to an incredible repetoire, as already attested. Listening to his performance, either by experiencing his artistry at Downtown Disney or through his CDs, is guaranteed to lift your spirits!

  • Hi again, Well Micaela and I did make it out to see you tonight at Downtown Disney. We were happy to pick up a few CD’s for gifts. Great to see and hear you again !

  • I saw Scott for the first time at the Irish Fair in Irvine a few weeks ago. I bought 1 Cd and hope to catch him at Downtown Disney on Wednesday night. He is very inspiring ! I have been thinking of also learning how to play the Hammer ?!

  • Scott is am amazing person as well as being a musician of merit. He is “Disney Friendly”. Loves to share his music with children and even allows them to play on this very valuable insturment. He makes it look effortless. He has a website where you can get his music (all five CD’s) along with Tee-shirts. He has a large following in California and they encourage people to stand and take photos with him. And remind them to be sure and get an autograph on the CD they just purchased…which surprises them that he would be willing to do this for them.

  • I love hearing Scott play. In fact, my friend and I are coming out to the park this Wednesday the 28th to do just that. Listening to Scott has motivated me to do something that I’ve always wanted to do; get my own dulcimer and learn to play it. I love the sound that they make. Keep on “hammering” Scott!

  • Every year we make it a point to see Scott play at Downtown Disney. We were lucky enough to see him play on July 9th and 10th this year. We waited for our trip to Disney resort to purchase our Hammmerrock CD so that we could get it autographed by Scott.

    We were also lucky to see Michael SG play this year and got his new CD. The artists at Downtown Disney are fabulous!

  • I have had the pleasure of photographing Scott and Drew in Downtown Disney in action. They really are Masters of their Craft and add so much to our culture and this magical place with their amazing talent! They deserve our support and encouragement.

  • THELMA and Johann: Scott does have a website where you can get his CDs

  • He is very good…we always stop to hear him…amazing talent

  • We saw Scott Williams when we went a few months ago. I was enthralled by his rendition of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. I couldn’t believe how awesome he played! I REALLY hope he’s still around in December when we return! I’m DEFINITELY gonna get that CD!

  • Ive heard these musicians many times and I must say they are very good at their craft. Such beautiful music to add to the wonderful Disney atmosphere in Downtown Disney.

  • Went last week and it was so nice. He seems like a very talented man. Music sounds so relaxing. So regreting that I didn’t buy his CD!

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