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‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ Extended at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World
Just as scores of you had hoped – we’re leaving the lights on and extending Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” at Walt Disney World. By popular demand, the parade at Magic Kingdom Park will continue an open-ended run when “Summer Nightastic!” ends on August 14.

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the parade has been one of our highest rated entertainment experiences at Magic Kingdom Park since returning in early June. It’s been an “overwhelming success,” according to Park Vice President Phil Holmes. And now, you’ll be able to continue cheering and humming “Baroque Hoedown.”
Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World
Of course, new elements of Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” will continue during the encore phase of the run. Those include:

  • Tinker Bell leads the eye-filling procession, waving from the basket of a balloon floating gracefully above a magical garden shimmering in fairy light.
  • Pinocchio and the boys from the classic film’s Pleasure Island sequence join the parade, and Snow White joins the Seven Dwarfs on a diamond mine float.
  • There are new lighting effects, and the parade’s highly recognizable musical theme is brightened by new technology.

Will you take advantage of the extended run? Let us know in the comments.


  • Sounds great, but I’m going to miss Spectro Magic. I enjoy Spectro magic more because it has better lighting effects and newer technology. I do think that the music in the Main Street Parade is better than Spectro Magic’s music. What I’d really like to know is if you plan on keeping Club 626. My family and I live here in Orlando. My son LOVES music and lights. Club 626 is really the only place where he can enjoy this kind of dance party atmosphere. We all had a great time dancing with the DJ and the characters. If you are not planning to keep it, will it be back next summer?

  • I loved this parade when I was growing up.My family is going to Disney the beginning of Nov. I was looking forward to seeing it again w/my kids & was dissapointed when I found out it was ending w/the summer. Please keep this parade going until the holidays please!

  • Coming down for the month of September, can’t wait to see the MSEP…Spectromagic is good, but I LOVE the MSEP!!!

  • This is fantastic news! I can’t wait to hear the song again – love it!! I hope Wishes is back though….I love Wishes!

  • Disney needs to rebuild a Florida verion of the MSEP and keep it going. It’s a classic. It was so awesome seeing this parade again. I was probably less than 10 since the last time I saw it. I’m 29 now.

  • What electic parade will occur after 14 Aug?

  • Awesome, the kids enjoyed it as much as the parents did. Good call Disney!

  • We’ll be there in September, so I’m SO happy we’ll be able to show it to our daughters!

  • Disney does 2 parades a night. Why dont they do 1 electric and 1 spectro? Think about it alot of people leave after the 1st parade. People would stay to see a diffrent parade. People stay, more money in food and in gifts are to be made. Yes it might be hard but its disney they can do it.

  • Please extend Summer Nightastic beyond August 14th!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great news, Thank you.

  • This is upsetting news! 🙁 My family and I are going over Halloween and all of us dislike MSEP. The parade itself isn’t that bad, but the “theme song” is awful.

    Hope Spectro will be around for next year’s trip!!

  • I agree the electric parade needs to come back to California were it needs to be. We really miss the parade and would look forward to seeing it come back.

  • Great news! We will get to see this on our next trip in November. We love Spectro, but can’t wait to see MSEP!

  • “People in Florida might be excited but in California, not so much. The parade needs to come back here where it belongs and it needs to be put in Disneyland (also, where it belongs).”

    Agree 100%!

  • Will be there for the December Holidays. My children were young when they last saw it, and do not remember much of it. Hopefully they will get to see it this year.

  • I am going to the Trade City, USA pin event at the end of the month and was so bummed out that I was going to just miss the opportunity to see the Electrical Parade.

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for extending the parade! Maybe I can see it more than once this trip and, if not, I’ll be back for the Food and Wine Festival in early October!

  • I was there and got to see it!! We were in Disneyland last year and got to see it there first. I still get goosebumps where hearing the score. WOW!!

  • This is great news! We are coming in Nov for the MVMCP, so I am guessing this will run on the nights that don’t have the MVMCP?

  • Actually we miss it out here in Disneyland! When will it be back home?

  • See you in Sept

  • Like Louis, I am interested to know how this will impact MNSSHP parade. I did enjoy seeing MSEP this summer, but I think I prefer Spectro.

  • Awesome. I will be there with my family starting Aug 18th!!!

  • HOORAY!!!!!
    I made a trip to WDW in 2000 just to see MSEP when it was brought back for the millenium and thought my kids would never get to see it. They are 4 and 8 and I hope they can see it when we visit in late October. It is my favorite of all Disney parades. Thank-you Disney for making another dream come true,we hope!

  • Will the extended run continue into October? I will be attending the food & wine festival, as I do every year. If so, will it be pre-empted on the nights of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

  • Thrilled that The Main Street Electrtical Parade has been extended! Here’s hoping that my wishes come true and I get that trip we have been working on before the lights go out again!

  • My all time favorite Disney memory is the MSEP….PLEASE keep it going. I know it can’t stay forever but a few more months would be GREAT!! :))

  • I am so happy that this has been extended. I have not has a chance to see it since 1990…
    I’ll be there in September with my bells on!

  • Fantastic, we will be there in December our 17th year in a row, and my granddaughter, age 4 can’t wait for this great show. I have seen it before and it is spectacular. Good Show!!!

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