Must See: A Breathtaking Look at ‘World of Color’ from 1,800 Feet Up

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Today’s video gives a unique look at the new, nighttime spectacular at Disney California Adventure park, “World of Color.” This is a VIP view that most of us will never have the chance to see. While you can get FASTPASS tickets for a ground view of “World of Color,” there’s no FASTPASS ticket that will get you access this high up.

The footage was shot from a fixed-wing aircraft recently at approximately 1,800 feet above Disney California Adventure park. I particularly like the wide shot where you can see Glow Fest, “World of Color,” and the whole city of Anaheim around Disney California Adventure park.

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  • We went to Disneyland last fall and noted the construction and said “We got to back to see this.”
    So, after a spring of many illnesses, we are finally going to Disneyland in a few weeks and have already bought our picnic dinners, so we can get good seats.
    We can hardly wait.

  • Awesome show! And even better from the air! Any tips on how to actually get around the TFR (FAA Flight restrictions) to see it like that?

  • This is absolutely beautiful.

    To Jim, sometimes Disney posts higher quality videos via their podcasts which can be downloaded. I hope this one gets uploaded too!

    However, for online streaming videos this is probably the best default quality that Disney should upload…however it would be nice if their player had an HD option!

  • I just saw the show Wed. night and it was beautiful! This video captures an incredible view we could not see from the ground. My only suggestion is that Disney request that people not put children on their shoulders during the show. You could be standing behind an average height person waiting for the show to start. Then the lights go down and they put a child on their shoulders. Suddenly it’s like you’re standing behind a 7 ft tall person! I have children too but I think it’s a bit inconsiderate to others. If you want your child to see, hold them in your arms. They will be almost equal to your height and it won’t block anyone’s view.

  • Amazing!

    Iʻve seen World of Color live and I remember thinking that it was a bit difficult to see all the formations from a ground-level view. The show was still amazing but THIS truly shows the amazing work of art Disney has created!

    Sure beats my musical light shows 🙂

  • I went to World of Color on opening weekend and I was just so amazed. This video was a wonderful really showcases the power and magnitude of this breath-taking show!!

  • Wow. Just…wow. I’m so pleased by this. 😀

  • Those are some really cool angles! If I were to change anything though, I’d put the World of Color music (the theme they play at the beginning) during the video. I love that song. = )

  • Thank you Heather, for advising the latest GREAT news about the World of Colour schedule from September. I literally had an email from Disney during the day saying it was NOT going to be open past 6th Sept. Came on here during my evening last night (Australian time), and wrote that post that you responded to.

    I am SOOOOO thrilled that my daughter and I will get to see this. I have checked the schedule again for our dates and its there! YES!!!! Its really nice to know that Disney listen to their guests 🙂

  • Great news on extending World of Color into the fall Heather! Thank you so much for letting as all know! I will have to call Disney Dining again in the morning and see if the dinner packages are out for September yet. Great news!!!

  • So glad to hear World of Color will be continuing past Labor Day. I tried to call and book Ariels Grotto, but they said no dinner packages where available at this time. Do you know when the dinner options will be avaialbe to book?

  • Spectacular! Please show more!

  • Saw the show last night at Disneyland and it was so amazing. I love the video u posted I wish it was the whole thing so I can see it again. The emotions you feel watching it is overwhelming. The music created was mind bogling. Great job Disney!!

  • The video link was there this morning and is no longer showing up, where did it go?

  • It looks gorgeous from that height. Can’t wait to go see it in person in September. 🙂

  • So beautiful from this perspective! Also, I am happy to see that WOC will have showings past Labor Day. I so hope that information is true!

  • Totally Awesome!! Like almost being there, Disney excellence as always!!

  • According to Disneyland’s Daily Calendar, which shows info thru 9/22, WOC will now be playing at least one time EVERY night (even weekdays) past Labor Day. This is new info from what was showing yesterday.

  • Time to start a disneyland resort Characters in Flight balloon to see World of Color 😀 (Just kidding. Please don’t do that… I don’t want to see that when I’m standing on Main Street 😉 ) But this is a great video!! Thanks for posting things like this!

  • The show is stunning from this angle!!! Makes me want to see it in person.

  • Unlike any other attraction at any Disney park. Magnificent!

  • Looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing. Unfortunately I have email from Disney reps saying its closing after 6 Sept. Really disappointed that I will not get to see it during my visit from Australia in late Sept. Seems strange that since it just opened, Disney are not at least running it during Halloween Time and Holiday time. Lets hope its back by POPULAR DEMAND very soon!

    • Sharon, this is not correct. I’ve posted additional details in other responses. World of Color will continue after Labor Day.

  • Wow! Ever since my visit to Disneyland on my birtday in June, I’ve been on Cloud 9! I can hardly wait to see Wonderful World of Color, as soon as I save up enough money, I’m there!!

  • Awsome video. Disney will have another smash hit. The view was amazing.

  • They run Fantasmic at least on the weekends…why not run World of Color on the weekends ????? It is really a dissapointment for pass holders,and people who choose not to visit during the summer time.

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