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Phone Lines Open July 20 For Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Special Events

Update – July 20: Yes, phone lines are now open. Just call 407-WDW-FEST to book for the 15th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Quick Bites
If there’s a special event at this year’s fest that you don’t want to miss, start dialing 407-WDW-FEST at 7 a.m. July 20 – that’s when the Disney reservations team will start bookings for events for the 15th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

With a “Delicious Discoveries” theme, there are plenty of events that are free with park admission, but fans will want to try to snag a spot at the first-ever First Bites Opening Reception ($195 plus tax and theme park admission). Or the new “3D” Disney’s Dessert Discovery ($45 plus park admission) with a front-row seat and sweets for viewing IllumiNations.

We love to wander, sip and nosh our way around World Showcase – the lobster and scallop fisherman’s pie is back in the Ireland Marketplace, ditto the braised beef short ribs in France. And we can’t wait to try the mussels in garlic cream at the new Belgium Marketplace. With more than 250 Disney and celeb chefs showing off their skills throughout the festival, any day is a good day.

Festival details will be available at before reservations open July 20.


  • I wonder when the schedule for the seminars will be posted so we can plan what sessions we want to attend and plan our purchases accordingly.

  • Thanks for the update about the wine & beverage seminars. I was so excited to call and register for some, but no one could give me any information about registering. All the woman told me was that “there was no information available” yet. I guess I will have to check back daily until the registration is open.

    Is there a reason they don’t open all registrations at the same time? Just curious.

  • I got up extra early this morning, 5:30 am Central Time, in order to get my tickets for those hard to get special events. I got what I wanted, but could not get advanced tickets for the cooking demos/ wine & beverage seminars. I’m trying to prevent waiting in line. I thought I read on a blog that advanced tickets for those events are available. Is that true? Is it only at the park? How can I get them? Thank you!

    • Tickets for the cooking demos and beverage seminars will go on sale in advance in late August via the registration web site, same as last year. Please check back to the Walt Disney World Food & Wine website for updates on when the exact sales date begins.

  • Is there a list of available activities that require a reservation in a certain location?

  • Please tell me the 15 beers is going to involve Sam Adams? I don’t see any mentioning of the History of Beer by Sam Adams that’s been one of my favorite events for years.

  • Had to get up early and wait on hold for 25 minutes, but I got what I wanted! 😀 Looking forward to it!!

  • Can we have some explanation on the two tier price for the wine and culinary demos? I am
    surprised this is not clear on the event postings.

  • Hi Folks. I know we are all really excited about this annual event but…..we need to remember that there are a number of outside components that Disney cast members may not be able to control which very well may be contributing to this delay. I sincerely believe Pam is doing her best, lets give her our support.

  • Less than a week now before the reservations open up — any news on when the events will be posted?



    The event dates are, in fact, October 1 – November 14. And as far as the events being listed — again, does anyone “official” know when they will be posted? It’s Monday late afternoon and nothing is up on the site. We’re now looking at possibly only a week to plan for these events…not fair for us avid planners!

  • The event dates are, in fact, October 1 – November 14. And as far as the events being listed — again, does any “official” know when they will be posted? Monday late afternoon and nothing is up on the site. We’re now looking at possibly only a week to plan for these events…not fiar for us avid planners! 🙁

  • I was hoping that the website would be updated by now. Monday midday and still no listing of events.

  • When are the events going to be posted? Thought it was supposed to be by the end of the week — Sunday nite and still no events

  • What are the dates for F&W?? I made reservations last Nov to be there for the first weekend and was told it started on 9/24, but the website says 10/1. It will be a disaster if this is the right date!!!

  • Still don’t see the events….the pages that pull up show error….

  • Oh the humanity! I know Disney wouldn’t be so mean as to give us less than 2 weeks to plan these events…oh wait. :-/ Is there any further information as to when everything will actually become live on the site, because so far there’s nothing new. 🙁 THANKS!

  • Hi, it’s the end of the week (you said the site should be live by now), but I’m still not seeing 2010 info here 2009 map, old Eat the Beat info, etc. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • When can we find out about the seminars and demonstrations? We went last year for our first time and loved it, but we didn’t make any reservations in advance. Thanks

  • Will the events still be posted this week? It would be nice to be able
    to plan before the call in date.

  • I am super excited about the festival this year. Last year was our first experience. We took lots of notes and are preparing much better this year so that we can truly indulge. 🙂 We also only visited for a weekend last year but we have upped our stay to 4 nights! Waiting patiently for the schedules and culinary demonstrations to go live. My fingers are crossed for another Cachaca demo. *wink*wink*

  • There is a Halloween themed 5K on the morning of October 2 and the entry includes a ticket to the Not-So Scary Halloween Party on October 3. This is the same weekend as the Inaugural Wine & Dine Half-Marathon which is being run at night on October 2. They also have a relay option for the W&D Half Marathon if two people want to split the distance, although it is not set up as an even split.

  • Can you use Disney Rewards Cards at the food booths?

    • No.

  • Sure wish you would announce the reservation opening date for Candlelight Processional Dinner packages, too.

  • Love the Food and Wine festival! Epcot is my favorite park. Do you know if there is a 3k fun walk or a 5k fun run being offered this year? Would loved to do it. Not up to the half marathon.

    • Have not heard yet about a 3K or 5K… details are still being ironed out.

  • Wish you could let us know when the D23 event will be so we can schedule around the event and book our Hotel.

  • Where are the special events posted?

  • should be live by the end of the week.

  • Where is the schedule of events for the EPCOT F&W?

  • Hi Pam! When you say phone lines open at 7AM on July 20, do you mean 7AM Eastern time? Thanks!

    • Yes, Eastern time!

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