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Reservations Open Aug. 6 for Via Napoli

Pizzeria at Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

The new restaurant at the Italy Pavilion at Epcot, Via Napoli, will begin taking reservations Aug. 6 for Sept. 10, the official opening day. A “Grand Opening” celebration will be Aug. 5, but the restaurant will be in a “soft opening” walk-in phase with no reservations between then and Sept. 10.

More answers to reader questions from the last blog post:

  • The restaurant is table service only, no quick service.
  • Disney Dining Plan is accepted (one point per person per meal).
  • The hottest menu item is the wood-fired pizza, and it comes in three sizes: individual; large with eight slices; and a “mezzo metro,” or half meter, that is 12 slices.
  • There is one menu for both lunch and dinner. Average check is around $23.
  • There are several vegetarian options, including the pizza Margherita, fusilli pasta in a Southern Italian-style pesto, salads, minestrone and more.


  • Hub and I are vegetarian – so glad there will more than one option for us on this menu!

  • you can search via napoli menu online and it has a link to show the whole menu along with prices…for a personal pie its 15, a regular 8 slice pie is 25 and a 12 slice pie is 34 pretty reasonable along with the other dishes i cant wait to try it:)

  • Will there be other things on the menu other then pizza? ex: Fried Calamari, Pasta and chicken dishes?

  • I’m wondering, along with Kimberly, when will we be able to begin reserving for the new “La Hacienda” restaurant? I understand it is set to open September 16.

  • Can’t wait to try it!

  • Will there be any outdoor dining at Via Napoli? We are vegan. Any options available?

  • Any word on when we can reserve at the new “La Hacienda”?

  • Are you going to accept same-day reservations for guests traveling in late August? It would be nice to make a reservation during the day for dinner later that night. thanks!

  • I’m in the restaurant business I can tell you that this style pizza is meant to be cooked to order and consumed on site. There are serious quality issues if wood-fired pizza is used for takeout/slices. The pizza will not taste the same if re-heated or if left sitting around.

    I know other restaurants that sell wood-fired pizza do this but I would imagine Disney standards are much higher.

  • Ditto on the counter service request. It seems odd that there isn’t a counter service option with pizza by the slice, especially at lunchtime. I don’t see us eating here anytime soon. There are too many other less common options for table service dining in WDW than pizza and pasta.

  • Okay, sorry if I am slow, but when can reservations be made for dates after September 30? We would like to eat there in December.

    • All reservations can be made Aug. 6 — but only for dates after Sept. 10. So you can make your December reservation then.

  • When will we be able to book reservations for this? We are coming in December and want to get an ADR for it.

    • Aug. 6

  • We will be coming down to WDW in late August on the Disney Dining Plan. And we were wondering how will the Disney Dining Plan work when ordering the larger pizzas.


  • Aw, I’m another one that was really looking forward to having a pizza counter service option in Italy. We tend to only book 4 or so table service places for a week long trip, not highly likely I’d use one of them on a pizza restaurant.

  • Sounds exciting……..can’t wait to try this new restaurant

  • Will there ever be a quick service counter here? Italy and Canada are still the only WS pavilions with no quick service options. Not a big deal at dinner, but I agree with kathryn, I’d hate to have to make a ressie for pizza 180 days out. Maybe they can switch over from QS to table service the way they intend to do at the Cantina in Mexico.

    • No quick service.

  • Will they have any tomato-free pizzas? Garlic white sauce/olive oil? We have tomato allergies in our family.

  • I am allergic to garlic, yet some Italian restaurants are okay with me, cause they add the garlic to dishes, rather than preparing all the sauces with it. This way they can just leave it out. Will there be an opportunity for ordering any dishes (like margherita pizza) without garlic? Thanks.

    • Yes! Address any allergies with your server.

  • Allears has a pre opening menu posted without prices..

  • Just curious as to the thought of having two table service restaurants at Italy and no counter service option? I’m a little disappointed as I originally thought Via Napoli would offer both counter and table service options (similar to Yak & Yeti).

  • #13 Paul – clever!

  • I’m also curious as to gluten free options. If there is gluten free pizza, will it be the same frozen pizza available at the counter service places, or will it be made the same as the menu options?

    We’ll be back to visit WDW at the end of Sept and would love to try a new restaurant, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about trying a new place when we already have so many wonderful options available at EPCOT.

  • My husband and I can’t wait!!! my mouth is watering. I think this is a GREAT idea. It is so hard to find “Good” pizza, and I know Disney is gonna do this right. Looking forward to the menu next week 🙂

  • Is this in addition to Tutto Italia? I love TI, it’s my new favorite.

    • In addition, yes.

  • This sounds great! We love real Italian pizza. and we love all italian food. Do you know of any other menu items? Will they serve alcohol? Have to have a really good wine!! 🙂

    • Hope to share menu next week. And they will serve wine.

  • It seems to me that this can’t be used as a counter service is that correct?

    • Table service.

  • We will be in WDW in August and would LOVE to try Via Napoli! When you say there will be a soft opening, with a walk-in phase, does that mean everyday? What hours will we be able to walk-in?

    • Every day during lunch and dinner service.

  • How will the Large and 1/2 meter pizzas work with the Dining Plan? Will they count as an entree for a set number of people?

    • Details still being worked out.

  • will you be able to take out pizza? Not liking the idea of having to always make a reservation.

    • No take-out pizza.

  • I can’t wait to book this restaurant. This place sounds like it will be the real deal when it comes to authentic Italian pizza. What a great addition to the World Showcase!

  • Pam, any word on a children’s menu?

  • maybe the soup should be called “Minniestrone”.

  • I second the request for information about gluten-free food. I am gluten intolerant, and I would love to eat here with my family!

  • Nevermind… I figured it out. 🙂

  • Soooo, maybe I’m confused. The first sentence says it will be taking reservations from Aug 6th to Sept 10th, but the next sentence says that there will be no reservations (only walk-in) during this same time-frame.

    Which is it? I’m coming down the World during that time and am super excited about this.

  • Wonderful news! Just a quick note: I’m from Italy and minestrone is correctly spelled with one “n”. Minnestrone, as you wrote, is not correct.

    • Thank you!

  • Will they be taking reservations through the internet or will we need to call the dining reservation line??

    • Cal 407-WDW-DINE

  • Will the restaurant accept Tables in Wonderland discounts?

    • Via Napoli will honor:
      Tables in Wonderland, Lunch and Dinner 20%
      DVC Members, Lunch and Dinner 10%
      Annual Pass holders, Monday – Friday, Lunch only 10%

  • Me Too. I can’t wait to see the full menu.

  • Along with “Paul from ON” will there be gluten free but also casein free options?

  • Very cool! Can’t wait to see the full menu with full prices!

  • It’s a shame I’d have to book an advanced reservation just to have a pizza pie for lunch. That’s not exactly the type of dining situation someone typically plots months in advanced. Would have loved to have been able to just get pizza arbitrarily and to check out the place. I wish Disney had factored in a more casual crowd for a clearly casual menu.

  • Is that supposed to be September 5 not August 5?

    • No, Grand Opening is Aug. 5.

  • Will there be any gluten-free options for pizza and/or pasta? I’m booking restaurants for our next trip and my mother has celiac.

    • Yes, there will be gluten-free options!

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