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Salma Hayek Pinault Meets the Disney Princesses

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Salma Hayek Pinault and her daughter Valentina recently came to meet the Disney Princesses at Disneyland park.

Salma Hayak Pinault at Disneyland

Watching any two-year-old girl meet Tiana, Cinderella and Snow White would be a pleasure to witness, but when the whole family is just as excited to be there, it’s nothing short of a royal treat.


  • We went last week. Another fun place to meet a princess or two is at Goofy’s Kitchen. Such a fun place and great food too. Very much worth the cost. We met Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother there. Cinderella spent about five minutes talking to my daughter and the Fairy Godmother even sat down at the table for hugs, wrote in their autograph books, posed for pictures, and chatted for a good 10 minutes.

    Tiana also performs in the afternoon over in New Orleans Square. She has Mardi Gras dancers and a great jazz band with her. Very interactive with the crowd. 🙂

  • Contrary to what people believe not ALL cast members know where every single little thing is. The cast member that recommended Ariel’s Grotto probably thought it would be more convenient to go to Ariel’s Grotto because it includes get a meal and meet n greet all the princesses at once. At Fantasy Faire it’s about a 2 hour wait for 3 princesses and they switch out so you don’t always get the one you want. They brought back the coronation and storytelling though so you have a better chance of seeing more princesses. Those two shows occur at a stage right next to Fantasy Faire.

  • Last year i was there and i saw George Lopez shopping at the Emporium. My husband BEGGED me to take his picture with him and i Really wanted to! but i was watching him and he looked like he was trying to look around at things Quickly and there were a lot of people following him and he was very nice whenever someone would approach him. But i felt bad like we shouldn’t be part of drawing more attention to him. if i was famous doig something like going to the grocery store i would just put up with the paparazzi, but i would be really mad if they followed me all over Disneyland. That’s sacred ground and it would ruin my special time there. So i told the hubby No, lets just say we Saw George Lopez at Disneyland 🙂

  • Omg So Beautiful!! I love all the disney princess!

  • I saw Travis Barker with his kids and nanny at Disneyland also. His tattoos gave him away.

  • Lori and Lindsay,
    THere is a place in Fantasy land called Princess Faire I believe where you wait in line (we waited 45 minutes) where you can see 3 or 4 princesees. THey are always changing but you get to talk to them one on one, get an autograph and lots of time for pictures. IT is too bad the cast member didn’t mention it. THe entrance is by the train stop in the back. Just look for the line of little girls!

  • I love to see kids have fun at Disneyland. But I think people should stop gaulking over Celebs. They only reason the pops are after them is to pictures for people that must have it now. And Disneyland should stay a place to be at peace and magic and fairness. The only ones to get in the front of the lines should be make a wish kids. They are suffering and Celebs should not be better then everyone else.

  • Sooo excited to meet Tiana when I go in a couple weeks I loved princess and the frog!

  • Good question Lori. When I went in February of this year with my 4 year old niece, a staff member told me we had to dine in Ariels grotto to meet the princesses. We couldn’t affford it, my niece was devastated.

  • I used to work in the park as Photopass and I worked with the Princesses a lot. We had Travis Barker come with his kid once and they stopped the line for them. When J-Lo came she met the Princesses backstage as a more private meet n greet. The celebs also usually have Plads with them that help control paparazzi and take them to backstage areas if things get out of hand. That’s also their ticket to not waiting in any lines.

  • I agree with Tanya & Jeanie. However, I have seen several other Celebs doing the DLand w/out Paparzzi. It just took me several minutes to recognize them because they were not in their ‘celeb’ gear. I jostled Melissa Joan Hart a few months ago & didn’t recognize her until several minutes later & a nudge from my sister ;P

  • I hope they had to pay double. Disneyland is a place to spend time with your family…not dodging the media. I can understand how the public gets excited about seeing a star, but just let them be!

  • How long is Tiana there for? Is she a permanent princess now? We are coming in October….I too agree that the paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed in Disneyland..

  • If they were no paps following her, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her. She looked like she would have blend in with other guests.

  • I agree with Tanya….Disneyland is a place to have fun and escape the outside world. Paparazzi should not be allowed to take pics of celebs in Disneyland.

  • we saw her getting off Small World, and the paps were crazy. It’s too bad they can’t go to Disneyland and enjoy it without getting hounded by people trying to take pics.

  • My favorite moment was only 3 weeks ago…I was having breakfast with Minnie and friends and low and behold my most favorite character walked up behind me and touched me on the head….when i turned around i jumped up and gave Eeyore the biggest hug i could give…It made my day so special…i found out later that my daughter told him i have him all over my house and she asked if he would make my day special…I’ll never forget that moment! 🙂

  • Did they have to wait in the long lines like the rest of us folk?

  • What day was she there? I was there last week too.

  • I like!!!

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