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Sneak Preview: Starspeeder 1000 Collectible Exclusively at Star Wars Celebration V

A few months back, it was announced that Star Wars Celebration V, the official Lucasfilm event that celebrates all things Star Wars, was going to be held at the Orange County Convention Center, August 12-15.

With Star Wars Celebration V taking place right down the road from Walt Disney World, Disney Theme Park Merchandise decided to join the Rebel Alliance and get in on the galactic fun! Not only will Disney Theme Park Merchandise have a booth at Celebration V to showcase new Star Wars merchandise coming to Disney Parks, but we’ve also created collectible merchandise that will only be available at Star Wars Celebration V.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of our Star Wars Celebration V exclusives – the Starspeeder 1000 “Sneak Preview” Vehicle.

Starspeeder 1000 Collectible

In 2011, a spectacular new Star Tours adventure will make its debut at Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Based on the iconic Lucasfilm Star Wars saga, this immersive, 3-D attraction will take you on all-new adventures that will bridge the “long time ago” between the two Star Wars trilogies.

In anticipation of the “reimagined” Star Tours attraction, Disney and Lucasfilm are proud to bring you this “Sneak Preview” of the Starspeeder 1000. This collectible will be available exclusively at Star Wars Celebration V locations and will not be re-produced when the attractions re-open in 2011. It features the new design and sounds found in the new attraction. This will be a limited edition of 10,000 pieces and will retail for $24.95.

And don’t forget! For one last chance to experience the original ride with fellow Star Wars fans, don’t miss the “Last Tour to Endor” after-hours party on August 14 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


  • Will the store still be opened after the ride closes? Will not be there until 9/10 but love the store just as much!

  • Is it available for order? I am unable to attend the events.

  • Will you have any other merchandise specific to the current star tours ride at last tour to endor? Also will there be any Ewok merchandise?

  • Ok, Thanks for your help Dara that cleared things up! I just hope I can get one on that night.

  • So confused Lol, From what I read on the Star Wars site Celebration V is going on though Sunday August 15th and the Event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Saturday the 14th.

    • Sorry for the confusion, Zack! Hopefully this helps clear things up… You are correct, Star Wars Celebration V takes place August 12 – 15 and Last Tour to Endor takes place in the evening on Saturday, August 14.
      If there are any StarSpeeder 1000’s left after Celebration 5 closes for the night on Saturday August 14, we will bring them out for Last Tour to Endor. After Last Tour to Endor has ended, we will bring any remaining StarSpeeder 1000’s back to Star Wars Celebration V on Sunday, August 15 for the last day of the convention.

  • I would also like to know if there will be any exclusive merchandise sold at the “Last Tour to Endor” party.

    • Yes! We have created a limited release T-Shirt and Trading Pin especially for Last Tour to Endor!

  • This along with the other pieces of Celebration V specific merchandise was in a case to be viewed during the time of the Star Wars Weekends, however, it doesn’t go on sale until August the 12th when the Celebration V convention is going on. I suspect with 10,000 units to move, that it will be on sale at the Convention as well as during the Last Tour to Endor event.

  • Yea, its rather confusing. Hope somebody can find out the answer and then lets us know 😀

  • I’m confused. I thought the merchandise that was previewed at Star Wars weekends was for the “Last Tour to Endor” party not the Celebration. Is that not the case? The Starspeeder was there in that case.

    • Hi Alex – The merchandise that was in the case at Star Wars Weekends was a sneak peek of what Disney Theme Park Merchandise created especially for Star Wars Celebration 5. If there are any StarSpeeder 1000’s available after the close of Celebration 5 on Saturday, August 14, we will have them at Last Tour to Endor!

  • Will the new Starspeeder 1000 toy be available at the “Last Tour to Endor”? or is it ONLY at the convention center?

  • Will this also be sold at the Last Tour to Endor?

    Club D23

    • Hey Travis – If there are still StarSpeeder 1000’s available after Celebration 5 closes on Saturday, August 14, then YES, we will have the StarSpeeder 1000 available at Last Tour to Endor!

  • It’s not totally clear in the article, will folks near Disneyland be able to get the preview toy? Or will it only be available at the Disneyworld Star Wars Celebration?

    • Hi Joseph – Sorry for the confusion, the StarSpeeder 1000 Sneak Preview Vehicle will not be available at Disneyland.

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