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Star Wars ‘Last Tour to Endor’ Party Is August 14 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Got your tickets? If not, better get a move on – the largest private party ever held during a Star Wars Celebration is right around the corner and you’ll want to see what’s now planned for the night. “Last Tour to Endor” will still feature a special Star Wars-themed fireworks show, a “Death Star Disco,” live entertainment and Disney Characters. But we’ve learned more about a special edition of Hyperspace Hoopla.

Darth Vader

Yes, Star Wars characters (like Darth Vader) will be stepping out of their galaxy to dance just like they do during Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World Resort. And today, we can share an official lineup for the “Last Tour to Endor” stage:

-“Grease is the word” that Chewie heard: Chewbacca, Han Solo and the Jawas put on their dancing shoes (except Chewbacca of course, who will be frantically moving his furry feet) and perform a tune from the 1978 hit movie-musical “Grease.” In fact, Rebel spies have provided initial intel that Chewbacca’s fur will be fashioned into a 1950’s pompadour hairstyle just for the occasion.

-“Nobody puts Leia in a corner”: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia will go back to the 1980s with a dance number from the box-office hit “Dirty Dancing.”

-“Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it”: Some of the most famous females from the Star Wars saga — including Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing — will join forces for an ensemble dance number set to one of the biggest pop hits by the “material girl” herself, Madonna.

-King of Pop, or King of the Dark Side?: Returning by popular demand will be Darth Vader and his crew of dancing stormtroopers, cutting a rug (and no, not cutting it with a light saber) to a hit medley from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At previous “Hyperspace Hooplas,” the Dark Lord has been known to even don a single, sequined glove as he channels the iconic music superstar.

Of course, event activities are subject to change without notice.

The party begins at 8 p.m. but “Last Tour to Endor” ticket holders can get a head-start on the fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as early as 4 p.m. We’re also offering free round-trip shuttles to the event from the Orange County Convention Center for all attendees.

Tickets for the August 14, 2010 event are $75 in advance and $89 at the gate (if available). For more information and to purchase tickets, check out


  • The ticket costs $75 is you purchase it on-line .. more at the gate.

  • You need to have special event tickets to attend this. These tickets will say “LAST TOUR TO ENDOR” on the back of the Disney ticket.

  • If I already have tickets to Disney for this day can I just show up with my convention badge to be part of the special event? Or do I need to purchase special tickets?

  • No, After 4 convention ticket do not apply to this event. This is a special hard ticketed event like the Not so Scary Halloween party that you need to buy a special ticket for.

  • Do you know if the after 4 meeting/convention tickets apply to this event?

  • Yay! I am going to the Last Tour to Endor for my birthday!

  • so cool! luv star wars & star tours! luvvv parties 2! hehe

  • WOW I WISH I WAS THERE !!!! What a Party WOW !!!
    I am on the west coast
    My 1st cousin Brian would love this too, WOW

  • Hello, I have purchased my tickets and being a Star Wars fan for 30+ years, and a Disney fan, I am very excited to attend this party. Can anyone tell me more about the shuttle service? Particularly, will there be multiple shuttles ferrying attendees back and forth from the convention center to the park throughout the night, or just one shuttle at 4:00pm and one back at 1:00pm?

  • The event is open to anyone – no need to be attending Celebration V. There’s a previous blog by Thomas about the event where he confirms anyone can buy tickets to the event. My family and I are not going to Celebration, just the Last Tour to Endor and we’re getting more excited with each announcement. This looks like it’s going to be a night very strong in the Force!

  • This event IS open to non-Celebration guests, right? I’m a little unclear on that…

    We are Disneyland APs who just happen to be visiting Disney World for the first time in three years that weekend!

  • So are they getting rid of Star Tours all together never to go to galaxy far far away?

  • I know this is being marketed as the “Last Tour to Endor” and is capitalizing on the Star Wars Celebration event in town that weekend, but the official shut-down date for the ride isn’t until late September, correct? Are there any special events being planned for that night, or will the ride quietly close at the end of that day?

  • Wish I could be there, this is one of our family’s favorite rides.

    The best ever time we rode was a few years ago–everything but the sound worked on the ride. Every one on the tour started either making the sound effects or the dialog. It was great! You could tell that we were with a group of fans because nothing was missed.

  • 1. Thank you for giving us the additional scoop on what we can expect. I am super excited that the rides in the park will be open that night. I think this has potential to be an excellent evening.

    2. I am hoping that there will be lots of Disney and Star Wars character meet & greets. Will we be so blessed?

    3. Will there be bus service back to the resorts that night? We are staying at POFQ, not as part of the convention package, but as regular pixie dust seeking guests.

    4. Will the stores and restaurants be open?

    5. Where will the special event merchandise be sold?

    6. Can you tell that I am excited!?!?! 🙂

    • Most quick service restaurants and merchandise locations will be open during the party. And yes, event-exclusive merchandise will be available. I’m checking to confirm answers to your other questions.

  • My husband & I have bought tickets, but we are wondering if our 2 year old will require a ticket, or will he be free as is customary?

  • Will the WDW buses be running between the Studios and the resorts during the party?

  • Please don’t get me wrong, but… Isn’t this the same ‘song & dance’ as “Star Wars Weekend(s)” that we go to each year [just at a (much) higher cost] ?

    • Hi Steven, not at all. This is an entire evening of live shows and events developed just for “Last Tour to Endor.” Included will be “Symphony in the Stars,” a Star Wars fireworks spectacular; the Death Star Disco and a new “Hyperspace Hoopla.” Also, a never-before-seen show, created just for “Last Tour to Endor” guests, will be announced soon.

  • So glad to hear Star Tours will get at least one big and proper send off! Just wish the Disneyland/D23 ‘Last Tour’ could have been like this, too!

  • Will there be meet and greets with Star Wars/Disney characters at Last Tour to Endor? I’m so excited- I bought my tickets in May 😀

  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    So I won’t.

  • Is there any word yet on which rides will be open for Last Tour to Endor?

    • Sure, you’ll be able to enjoy other DHS attractions during the evening, including The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, “The American Idol Experience,”
      Toy Story Mania, the Great Movie Ride and others.

  • “Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia will go back to the 1980s with a dance number from the box-office hit ‘Dirty Dancing’.”

    What!? They’re BROTHER and SISTER! This is so wrong. Make it Han Solo and I’ll withdraw my objection.

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