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Summer Fireworks at Disneyland, A Beautiful Tradition

Many people have to wait until Fourth of July to see a spectacular fireworks show, but not here – and that’s one reason I love my job at the Disneyland Resort. Along with thousands of guests, I can see amazing fireworks combined with Disney magic throughout the year. Starting tonight through July 4, guests will see a fireworks spectacular that salutes America’s Independence Day: “Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky.”

Special summer fireworks run every night at Sleeping Beauty Castle through Labor Day weekend. It’s the perfect way to end a day at the parks. (Of course seeing the new “World of Color” show at Disney California Adventure park is also a perfect way to end a great day. I’m just sayin’.)

Summer fireworks at Disneyland began way back in 1956. Five years later, the “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks show debuted and ran until 2001. The next year a new show began, “Believe … There’s Magic in the Stars.” It ran for three summers. The summer of 2005 exploded with new fireworks in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. Guests were treated to “Remember … Dreams Come True,” a nighttime spectacular, narrated by the legendary Julie Andrews, that took guests on a nostalgic journey through the park’s history. It was a touching tribute to 50 years of magic. Last summer a new show lit up the sky. “Magical” premiered, and that’s the show currently running. Check out this video of the summer fireworks past and present, and then come see them in person.


  • Thank you for your comments. We have corrected the video. Enjoy!

  • Remember…Dreams Come True is the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. The combination of the music with the fireworks brought tears to my eyes every time.

  • Here is what I have for fireworks at Disneyland (it’s not quite the same, and I don’t guarantee accuracy. Most of my information has been from Disney Books, such as Disney A to Z by Dave Smith, etc….)

    1957-1999 Fantasy in the Sky
    February 14,2000-2003 Believe…There’s Magic In the Stars
    2004- May 2005 Imagine…A Fantasy in the Sky
    May 2005-2008 Remember… Dreams Come True
    2009-current Magical

  • Wait wait wait…what about “Imagine” that ran between “Believe…” and “Remember…”???

  • I can’t believe you skipped over “Believe…There’s Magic in the Stars”, it ran for four years and was very popular.

  • 1. Can’t wait to see this year’s fireworks on 7/23. (Sorry but till then we are in the memorization phase of World of Color!)

    2. re: Comment #1 from Andrew in CA: RIGHT ON BRO! HIGH FIVE!! Let’s wipe out IAU (Incorrect Apostrophe Use) in our lifetime! Disney should know better. If you write “the ’70s” then you need one to replace the 19, but you do NOT put one on a simple plural, people! 🙂

  • “Remember” with Julie Andrews IS the best.

  • I remember the 9 o’clock rule from the 80’s as well. But then Fantasmic started in the 90’s and they bumped the fireworks to 9:25PM to help with crowd control. But just a few weeks ago, with the debut of the AMAZINGLY FABULOUS World of Color show, the fireworks got bumped again to 9:30PM. Now I hear the first booms go off and it’s an easier way to know it’s half past nine.

    Thank you Disneyland for moving the fireworks to a more standardized starting time! I can’t wait to see the 4th of July show tonight!

  • I remember them all!!! Nice video putting all those memories together!!!! Love me some Disneyland Fireworks!!!!

  • My family lived two miles due south of Disneyland in the ’70s and ’80s. Every so often, especially when we had visitors, we’d just go out on the front sidewalk and watch the show. Couldn’t get enough of them. I can’t count the number of times I’d hear the first round of booms through an open window and realize “huh, must be 9 o’clock”.

  • Where’s Believe?!

  • During “Remember…” I love to be either in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or over in front of It’s a Small World. I also love to stand on the 6th floor of the Mickey and Friends parking structure to watch the fireworks. What a great view and you can see them being launched as well. I only live a few miles from the resort and one of my favorite things is the nightly “boom, boom, boom” that I hear during the summer. It reminds of how lucky I am to live so close to the Magic and that even if I’m not at the park that night, there are a lot of guests being sprinkled with “pixie dust” and enjoying the hard work of a lot of great cast members.

  • Andrew, you mean punctuation, not grammar. 😛

    I love the fireworks at DL, whether from Main Street, the area near Small World, or even from the stairs at the Mickey & Friends parking structure! I will also never forget watching from the area near the exit of Storybookland to see Tinker Bell *slam* into the mattress! Very cartoonish! LOL!

  • I really enjoyed this video. Unfortunately, there was a grammatical error in it. When displaying the decades, there should not be an apostrophe before the s.

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