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Sure to be a Home Run

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

As many of you may know, the Major League Baseball All Star Game 2010 is just around the corner. I know I’m counting down the days. Are you? While we will have an array of baseball inspired merchandise “in store” for you, I think you’ll agree with me that some of these “must have” items are sure to be considered a home run.

All Star Mickey Statue

  1. Mickey Mouse Baseball Team Inspired Sculptures
  2. Collectible Pins
  3. Adult and Kids Tees
  4. Plush

These items and more will be available at select locations throughout the Disneyland Resort.

Special Scoop: Baseball and Disney enthusiasts will be grinning from “ear to ear” with the special item shown below. There are very limited quantities available. You may have seen them in a few locations today, but you’ll probably see more in stores next week. Please note: These ear hats are not available for purchase online.

Major League Baseball Ear Hats


  • Is there any Dodger merchandise left? I ordered the Dodger Mickey through EBay over a month back and still hasn’t arrived but I want the ears 🙁 and won’t be able to get down there til sunday.

  • Wont be there till the 17th hope they still have the ears…anyone see them still?

  • To Samantha:
    You make it sound like theres an issue with Disneyland selling Dodger Mickey Ears. Yes, the All Star Game is being held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Im still a little confused too…..as to why the Angels claim they are from Los Angeles…

  • What kind of collectible pins?

  • I drove all the way from Moreno Valley on the 8th to Downtown Disney and got my Angels Mickey ears.I left my house at about 8:15pm drove there got my ears and was on the freeway headed back home by 9:45pm!! There was about 15 of each team on shelf and were told they were going fast. Glad I got mine it’s a combination of my two favorite things..Anaheim Angels and Mickey Mouse.

  • I was there last night and didnt see the hats but did pick up the Donald All Star Game pin.

  • I love the Disneyland.com remodel! Great Job 🙂

  • @Jennifer: I found both Angels and Dodgers ears, as well as some pins, at the Disney Store in Downtown Disney this afternoon. They were selling as fast as they could re-stock them, though.

  • I think they made Dogder ears beacuse LA is nearby and most of Disneyland vistors are locals. Sigh, no Red Soxs ears!

    • Olivia, sorry about not having the Red Sox hats available. The only one’s we are carrying this time are the Angels, Dodgers and All Star Game.

  • Would love to know what stores are carrying these? Do they have them in Downtown Disney or the Angel Stadium? I live locally and would love to go pick up the Angels Mickey and the Angels ears!

    • Hey Jennifer, you can actually find the hats at Disney Showcase and at World of Disney as well as a few other locations. They’re going pretty fast though.

  • LOVE IT !!! Can’t wait for my Angel ears. Both my sons are going to the All-Star Game and 4 day event…and I think it is wise of Disney to include our “sister” team from LA ! Just kidding Dodger fans ! The statues are of different major league teams…a lot of “Braves” left on the 4th of July. Couldn’t find an Angel statue or a Dodger one. Hope they restock. Got the All-Star pins…love the 2 with the Angel logo ! THANKS AGAIN for the info.

  • I’m a little confused as to why there is Dodgers merchandise. The All Star Game is being held at Angels Stadium, so that makes sense. I’m wondering if every team will soon be included since the Dodgers are included?

  • I was at Dland last Friday, and I didn’t see any of the All-Star ears. I only bought All-Star t-shirts. I would have bought the ears if I saw them. Oh well.

  • I’m so sad that they aren’t available online:( I live in Hawaii and making a “quick trip” to Disneyland to buy Dodger ears just isn’t in my schedule:(

  • are there SF Giants ear hats?!?!?! PLEEASE let there be some Giants ear hats!

  • These are so cool. You have put my two loves together, Dodgers and Disney! Where in the park can they be found? I may have to make a trip out to Anaheim soon!

  • i need to get me some dodger ears soon…Disneyland here we come!

  • Which stores are these available?

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