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Tea Time for Gwen Stefani

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Last week, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale brought their sons Kingston and Zuma to Disneyland park.

Gwen Stefani with her family at the Disneyland Park

An Anaheim native, Gwen is no stranger to the Disneyland Resort and it’s always nice to see her and her family return “home.”


  • All I can think of is her “Whatcha Waitin’ For?” video, where she’s in Alice In Wonderland! A visit to the Mad Tea Party is certainly appropriate 😉

  • I adore this family and I adore Disney! I’ve been huge a huge fan of Gwen and Gavin’s music since the mid 90s, so this makes me quite happy to see. Their boys are just too adorable, and they’re the same ages as my 2 nephews!

  • We saw her! I was there that day, it was Wednesday (the 7th). We were in line for Pirates, and suddenly the Cast Member told us a celebrity just boarded with their bodyguards. Right after that my uncle saw her. She said “excuse me” to him for some reason (politely though). We didn’t even know it was her until we found this picture after we got out of Pirates because we didn’t know what Gwen looked like. I think this was in the afternoon. It was fun! Then later, there was the earthquake 🙂

  • Hey “Dude” the center wheel is missing because that certain tea cup is off to the side of the ride for picture taking purposes.

  • I love our local homegirl, hope they were able to enjoy the park with their kids without too many looky-loos and people bothering them. Everyone deserves a magical day there with their kids hassle-free.

  • If you ever want to spot a celebrity at Disneyland, look for the host or hostess wearing a “Scotch” vest. They usually escort the V.I.P.s throughout the park. But, keep in mind, celebrities always “dress-down”. Look at the family’s attire, especially Gavin and the kids…they blend right in with the summer crowds.

  • That’s all cool and stuff, but did anybody notice that the center wheel is missing from the teacup? Lol

  • I always loved how the “Remain Seated Please…” was featured on the Album Tragic Kingdom.

  • Aw! thats awesome! they have a beautiful family. I ♥ Disneyland (:

  • The earthquake was on Wednesday, 7-7. I was at Disneyland on Thursday & Friday.

  • They def look like a real family and I am glad they are so happy =) I wish the best for them! But wait they went on the day of the earthquake what day was that exactly cause I believe I went on the same day! I just stayed more in california disney to check out what the glow party was! Darn I love gwen too!

  • DITTO Diana! They ARE a REAL Family!!

  • We looked for her and Holly Madison all day! Then the earthquakes hit soo we just gave up! Hope they had a swell time!

  • I love them. I love they love Disneyland. They look like a real family.

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