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The People’s Choice – Your 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Finisher’s Medal

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

This year we tried something new – we let you, the fan, vote for the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon finisher’s medal.

We received over 50,000 votes – that’s almost as many registered participants we had for the entire Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend events in 2010. Receiving an overwhelming majority of votes, here is your 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon finisher’s medal:

2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Finisher's Medal

The 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend continues to be one of the best marathon weekends in the country and this year we’ve added a special reward. All the athletes that complete the full marathon will get a complimentary day at a Walt Disney World theme park for a celebration we’re calling Marathon Monday. If you aren’t quite ready for the full marathon, don’t worry – there’s something for every family member, such as the Kids’ Races, Family 5K, half marathon, marathon and for the passionate runner, the Goofy Challenge which is running the half marathon AND marathon in back-to-back days. Register now to make sure you reserve your spot and start your training.


  • This was the only medal design of the three I did not like. I am so disappointed. I will never wear it, not even at the finish. Hopefully in 2012 it will be back to the classic Mickey head shape. I will wait and see before I enter.

  • nice…almost makes me want to take up running…*almost*

  • Yay!!! This is the one I voted for!!! Can’t wait to get it when I run in January!!

  • I know I’m going to take a lot of flack for this, but I don’t like it. There are just some things you don’t change, and this was one of those. The Mickey Marathon has had the same basic medal design for more than a decade: The 3-oval’d Mickey Head.

    My wife has been lusting after one of these for most of that time. She’s talked non-stop about wanting to do the race, even though neither of us has ever done anything like this before. When we had our first child this past February, we immediately started walking. My wife decided that the Marathon Medal would be her goal for losing the baby weight. So we walked and walked. Farther and farther distances at a faster and faster pace… all intent on building up to at least being able to walk the Marathon next January.

    She saw the medal design today. But while her desire to lose the baby weight continues, she’s no longer interested in participating in the event. Memorializing such a feat with something that doesn’t meet her expectations may seem trivial to some, but to her, it was everything.

    So, sorry Disney. It’s a nice design and all… but not for the Mickey Marathon. 🙁

  • I love the determined look on Mickey’s face on this pin~

  • I’m so glad that one won! I can already picture it around my neck as I finish my 1st marathon!

  • YES!!!! I voted every day for this one. Woot! Thank you!! I’m going to get this for 2011!!

  • That’s the one I voted for! I wonder what the Goofy medal will look like.

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