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The Sanctuary, Part II

Three more studies that reveal stunning beauty, all within the confines of the most spectacular butterfly garden that lives at the Fort Wilderness Campground Outpost.

First, a spectacular Rudbeckia hirta (black-eyed Susan) soaks in the sun in all its splendor and intricate design.

Rudbeckia hirta (black-eyed Susan)

Next, simple elegance and extreme beauty help describe this delicate pink Gaura Lindheimeri, or Whirling Butterfly.

Gaura Lindheimeri, or Whirling Butterfly

Finally, the dramatic contrast of a massive bumblebee approaching a petite Salvia coccinea (Scarlet Sage).

Bumblebee approaching a petite Salvia coccinea

I thank all of the fine folks within Disney’s Horticulture for assisting in the identification of these plants, particularly Wendy, Heather and Janet.


  • Gene;

    I have been following your post sence the first one in 2009. your shots are fantastic. I will be wintering in Orlando area this winter and would love to meet and talk with you. Is there any way to do this?


  • what kind of camera & lense do you use?

    • Kristin- I presently use a Nikon D3, and the lens is a very old, manual focus Micro-Nikkor 200mm. Any macro lens would work, but I really like the shallow depth of field that the longer lens produces- adds a very dreamy feel, in my opinion. That same lens configuration is produced today, complete with autofocus…

  • those are beautiful!!

  • Pretty photos! Now I must visit this garden next trip. Is the butterfly Garden at Port Orleans Riverside still there?

    • Michelle- I checked with a Horticulture manager who advised that the butterfly garden at Port Orleans does not exist today. However, there is a Gardening Hotline available for anyone seeking more information regarding butterfly gardening. That number is 407-938-3900.

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