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To the Pyramids – And Beyond!

Adventures by Disney in Egypt

Hi everyone…Adventures by Disney has just announced its 2011 Season itineraries, including two brand-new itineraries that’ll give travelers a chance to visit one of the most dreamed-of destinations in the world – Egypt.

Adventures by Disney in Egypt

Why Egypt? Egypt is a destination that has a wide draw for many American families but could be harder to plan on your own. We take care of all of the planning and make traveling to a place like Egypt, accessible, worry-free, easy and family friendly. From the moment that you get off the plane, we are there to greet you. Below are just a few of the highlights:

We bring on an Egyptologist specifically for this itinerary in order to give you more of an in-depth exposure to the country and its bounty of antiquities.

We also will bring Guests to one of the most colorful and vibrant markets in Egypt and while we do give them some free time in the market we also give each Guest a small amount of ‘purchasing money’ to buy a gift for our unique ‘white elephant gift swap’ activity. This is always a bit of a surprise and is an activity that is usually a solid home run. Guests of all ages have fun with it and it also helps to bond the group into one large traveling family. Moreover, we include welcome and farewell entertainment on this trip as well as unique activities such as an Egyptian cooking demonstration and a papyrus-making activity at which Guests make their own souvenir to bring home!

In addition to the new Egypt vacation, Adventures by Disney offers 23 other vacations around the world, including itineraries to popular places in the U.S. such as Washington, D.C., the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks.

If you’re curious as to what it’s like to travel with Adventures by Disney, ask Kay B., she’s our go-to mom on the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel. You can ask Kay B., questions at

For more information on Adventures by Disney 2011 Season vacations, visit us at

Visit the Disney Fans Insider on for an exclusive Egypt overview with Adventures by Disney.


  • This trip looks spectacular. Hubby teaches Egyptian history, and it is a dream destination of his. Maybe someday…..

    PS Love the shout-out to Kay from the Moms Panel

    Kara B. (2008 Disney World Moms Panelist)

  • The wide difference in recommended age and required age proved to be a problem on one of our recent adventures. ABD should make their recommeded age the required. The adventure in Peru has no place for children under the age of 8. We traveled with and without children and the family departures were much more fun. Seeing the experience through childrens eyes is magical but not when you’re worried about their safety.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt. Ancient Egyptian Art History was my favorite subject in College. My husband said we’d never go unless we had a trusted tour guide, and I can’t think of a better one than Adventures by Disney!! THANK YOU!!

  • Yes! Thank you! Thank you! THANK you! I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt but always felt unsafe planning it on my own. I know if I go with Disney I’ll be taken care of and not have to worry about ending up lost in the wrong side of town or worse. I’ll call tonight to book! Thank you!

  • That is awesome! Disney should consider putting an Egypt section in the World would be great to see something new in there!

  • OOOo I am SoO excited about this!!!!!!

  • This sounds awesome, but there’s a minimum age on these, right?

    • Hello Alison,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, you’re correct. Minimum age is 4 and our recommended age is 8+ for our new Egypt vacations from Adventures by Disney.

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