Video of First Stop on the ‘World of Color’ Road Show

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

The “World of Color” Road Show launched last night in San Francisco, with a special presentation of Disney animation projected onto the façade of an iconic landmark, the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, near the Presidio in San Francisco. This unique experience is inspired by “World of Color,” which is now at Disney California Adventure park. The public is only invited to view live webcasts and participate online during all the stops of the tour at the “World of Color” Road Show website. See another live webcast from the San Francisco location tonight from approximately 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The shows in San Francisco are dedicated to the theme of “Love,” featuring romantic couples from Disney and Disney●Pixar animated films. Encore webcasts (not live) of the San Francisco show will appear online from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 9 through 11.

We’ve snagged about a minute of the webcast to share with you here:

There are three more stops on the road! Don’t miss out on the shows in Sacramento, San Diego and Los Angeles, each with its own theme and unique digital projections. The public is invited to participate online at the “World of Color” Road Show website, where you can see the best shots from the evening’s presentation, and even vote for the starring color in that evening’s show.

Find out how to cast your vote! Just as fairies cast their spells, online viewers can cast their votes each night for one of three colors representing each of the Three Good Fairies from “Sleeping Beauty” – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. The color with the most votes will be featured in the show’s opening moment, complete with a trail of pixie dust.

Follow to see all the magic, and cast your vote online for the color of the landmark in each of the cities.


  • well i’m glad i’m not the only one disappointed that i couldn’t see the show live and in person. i’ve heard that the other sites were open to the public and that only the SF show was unavailable. can someone confirm this? it’s frustrating that i’m giving 300 bux to disney annually for a pass and i’m not allowed to see everything available.

  • Hello,
    I have a question that is so very important, however, I don’t know exactly where to ask. I want to propose to my beautiful love and hopefully I can at Disneyland during the Color Show. I want to have something show during the Show with the question: Rachael will you marry me? Can anyone help me with this idea? Who can I contact to make this arrangement or even is it possible?
    Thank you.

  • I was waiting for prior to the showing on which locations it would be viewed, but alas, I never got or found the info.. So, I watched it online!!! and it was still Amazing!!!

  • This is really interesting! It looks like it is going to be similar to the water shows at Disney.

  • Is it possible to actually go and see it live? For example, I live in San Diego. Where will it be?

  • I can’t believe we are not invited to go and watch the roadshow 🙁 I was looking forward to seeing it come to life in Los Angeles.

  • Ms. Rivers please print a correction the Legion of Honor is not in the Presidio, you have it confused with the Walt Disney Family Museum which is located in the Presidio of San Francisco. We are talking some 3.9 miles apart. Who saw this show? VIPS? Sort of disappointed I have to wait until 2012 ( next time I visit Disney California Adventure) to see the show.

    • Thanks for helping us keep the Blog as accurate as possible. This is fixed in the copy.

  • If Disney seems to recognize that World of Color is best for animation, why is that big ugly (and scary) pirates sequence in the real show? Can I just say again that it does not fit?

  • We attended the San Francisco show last night. What a delightful and amazing experience. We just wish we could see all of the shows live but we will be following it online.

  • I would also like to know if the public can view the Sacramento roadshow. I am befuddled as to why Disney present such a spectacular event and not allow the public to view it!

  • What a spectacular night. Watching the Legion of Honor transform was truly magical. Thank you for having me. #disneywoc

  • Heather….so we can only see it online and not in person???? I live in Sacramento and would love to see it in person.

  • This would have been something great to see live, let people picnic, and help PROMOTE the World of Color and California Adventure. I can only guess that in San Diego it will be broadcast from Balboa Park, and projected on the side of one of the many museums. I’ll be at Cal Adv Monday night to see it, but this would have been a bonus, and something nice to many people who cannot afford to see it in person.

  • I agree with Courtney. What good is a “road show” that may only be viewed “online”. I think the show is a spectacular idea which should be open to the public.

  • PS – It’s a wonderful world, and I’ll gladly stop the world and melt with you. <3

  • Beautiful. I shall go someday.

  • why is it that the public is not allowed to view the show live in person? A little disappointing.

  • Is this the actual soundtrack used for the show? It’s very synthesizer/electric keyboard sounding… Not like the actual soundtrack. The actual soundtrack is much better.

  • I must stress again my disappointment in a roadshow where no one is allowed to go see the show in person. Online streaming? Might as well have kept it at home.

  • I live in Sacramento. how can I watch the road show live??

    • Katie, as you’ll see on, the tour will be in Sacramento July 15-18. You can watch it live from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. each evening.

  • wait is this happening tonight in sf again? how do i get in?

    • Yep! Tonight you can log into the site to watch the webcast live.

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