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We See You, Mickey!

Mickey Balloon by Sleeping Beauty Castle

Very early in the morning, a couple of days before Disneyland’s 51st anniversary, Cast Members welcomed home the “Happiest Balloon on Earth.” The balloon was inflated in front of “it’s a small world” and I was on a lift in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle with a 300mm lens so that I could compress the distance between the two to get this one of a kind photo.


  • Such a great photo! Thanks for sharing!

  • Look at him sneaking around the park.

  • Hey, that´s a nice pic……

  • If it’s 51 years. Then y does the balloon say 50?

  • Pretty!


  • is this here now?

  • A one of a kind shot for sure!

  • Is it just me….or is the balloon a year behind? Great photo though!

  • Great photo!

    If it was “days before the 51st anniversary” that means it was still in the 50th year, so I don’t see any discrepancy with the 50 on his hat.

  • Hey this is pretty cool i love it!!!

  • This photo just makes me smile! Thanks so much for a great shot! We were there for the 50th year so it brought back such great memories.

  • Well now that the 51st year is here, the balloon may be shipped to my house so i may fly it monthly. Thank you Mickey Mouse.
    You are my favorite.

  • Nice picture.

  • Very cool picture, I loved how Sleeping Beauty Castle was decorated during the 50th anniversary.

  • Paul is the master!!!

  • What a fantastic photo! Love it! My first trip to Disneyland was during the 50th anniversary celebration, and everything was so beautiful with the golden accents!

  • What is 51 years old? I thought Disneyland was 55? I’m confused.

  • What a fantastic photo! Paul, how truly lucky you are to be able to witness the things you do. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Looks like the old Ear-force One balloon WDW had back in the 80’s

  • I LOVE this photo!!

  • Great photo!

  • Reminds me of a “Where’s Waldo” photo, except Mickey isn’t hiding quite as well as Waldo usually does. It takes an expert photographer like Paul to know how to bring out the magic in these kind of pictures. Kudos!

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