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What Have You Celebrated at Disney Parks?

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We here at the Blog love to celebrate in the parks – and in recent weeks, I’ve noticed many of you do too. There are so many unique special occasions being celebrated every day at Disney Parks and we’re curious about yours. So today, we’re in the parks again asking, “What have you celebrated at Disney Parks?”

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday at Magic Kingdom Park this month and had a blast. Let us know what you’re celebrating.


  • My sixteenth birthday last year at Walt Disney World is something I will never forget. Raving with Stitch, going on the Tower of Terror for the first time (I was always too scared, but when I actually went on it was SO FUN!), and Donald showing up for my final dinner before going home.

  • In June we celebrated my parents combined 100th birthday. They calculated, to the day, when they would be a total of 100 years told between the two of them and decided to make an event of it. My husband and I and my parents were joined by my mom’s mother, stepfather, father, and step-sister and her family. Between the 11 of us, ages 9-75, we celebrated the combined 100th birthday, two 75th birthdays, and two first visits (as well as a first ride on Splash Mountain for the nine year old). We stayed at AKV and loved every bit of the trip. I can’t wait to return in October… and March!

  • I have been to Disney EVERY year at least twice since the DAY it opened!!! I am 47 and it REMAINS…THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON MY EARTH!!!!! Disney MAGIC rocks tooooooooo…try the cruises! They are unbelievable!! I am still facebook friends with all of my waiters/waitresses from the trip and made LIFETIME friends. NOBODY can outdo DISNEY!!! THANKS for all the smiles!!

  • I celebrated a birthday back in the day, I think maybe my tenth. Then this January my boyfriend and I celebrated his graduation from college. I absolutely love Disney World. I’m 21 and it is still my most favorite place in the world. I look forward to many celebrations there in the future.

  • My husband and I spent our honeymoon at WDW 17 years ago. We have since spent our 10th, 17th and this coming December, our 18th wedding anniversaries at “Our Laughing Place”. And this past Feb., my Mom offered to watch our 3 children so he and I could have an adult only trip to the world. So we celebrated a “Child Free trip” and had a blast doing the things that we wanted to do, when we wanted to do them!

    But before December comes, my best friend and I will be celebrating our 39th birthdays together in October! Our birthdays are 5 days apart. It’s going to be a girls only trip, with 3 other friends coming along. Polynesian Resort for the very first time! Cannot wait!

  • My 35th Birthday in just a few weeks! Been there for lots of my kiddos BD’s! We love Disney!

  • When our oldest turned 5 we decided to make it a tradition to take our kids to Disneyland for their 5th birthday present. It has been 20 years since we started and since our first three boys were 5 years apart it worked out great. Our youngest joined our family two years after his older brother and had his first trip when he was 3. He was hooked. He now LOVES everything Disney and we find any reason to come down to California, and save up to go back to Flordia. He often talked of being there for the 75th Anniversary celebration. Thanks for all the wonderful memories 🙂

  • We are going to be celebrating this coming July in Disney….my oldest daughter’s 21st birthday, my middle daughter’s high school graduation and my youngest daughter’s 1st visit (she just turned 3)! She is so in love with Cinderella…can’t wait to she meets her!

  • My husband and I took our three children to Walt Disney World to celebrate their adoption! We all had a wonderful time, and the kids were treated like royalty. (Cinderella was especially wonderful with them!!) My parents even met us there so that we could have an even larger celebration.

  • @Rogelio, #22- you can join two people, I was married at WDW

    I’m surprised no one else here has said this, but my husband and I were married at WDW in Animal Kingdom (Tamu Tamu Courtyard- beautiful!!!). It was the celebration of a lifetime! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the days before and after our wedding. The cast and visitors certainly celebrated with me as I walked through the halls and lobby on the way to my limo. My husband and I also honeymooned there. Talk about a grand celebration! We are heading back this fall to celebrate our first return since our honeymoon and our pre-2nd anniversary. It’s going to feel like a homecoming.

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