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Who Doesn’t Love Free?

My ears perk up whenever I hear the word “Free.” I’m first in line when I hear, “free gift” or “free shipping” which is why my smart shopping sensor went off when I heard our eCommerce Manager, Bekky, mention “free shipping” as she walked past my office.

You can believe that I popped out of my office chair and followed her through the hallway to hear all about the free shipping offer she was talking about. Turns out, when your shop at DisneyParks.com/Store July 7 – July 13, you receive free shipping on your entire order, just for purchasing Disney Theme Parks Authentic Merchandise!

Disney Theme Park Authentic Logo

Buying Vinylmation? It ships for free! Shopping for Dooney & Bourke Disney Park Bags? They ship for free! You can see where I’m going with this – any Disney Parks Authentic Merchandise gets you free shipping – it’s as simple as that. All you have to do is enter promotion code: PARKSFREE at check-out, and free shipping is automatically applied to your order!

I’ve passed the “free” word on to you – so make sure you pass this great deal onto your friends!


  • so it doesn’t apply to international shipping!?

  • Pity the offer isn’t available to overseas enthusiasts 🙁

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