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Yankee Legends

Billy Martin, Mickey Mouse and George Steinbrenner
Walt Disney World entered into a successful promotion with Major League Baseball in 1985, and the very first event took place in Yankee Stadium during a sold-out series between the Yankees and the Tigers. Prior to the actual events, which involved a “team” of properly costumed characters performing on the field before the games, marching bands, balloons and fireworks, we filmed a television commercial inside the Yankees dressing room with Mr. Steinbrenner and Billy Martin. The commercial featured the two superstars and I was delighted to have a front row seat.


  • No, but wasn’t it Goofy who traded Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps?

  • Do you think George ever tried to fire Mickey???

  • Fantastic picture…Billy Martin was such a colorful manager for such a powerhouse owner..Mr. Steinbrenner . May they Rest In Peace…

  • Aha! That solves it!

    As recently as 2008 (the final year that the Yankees played in “old” Yankee Stadium), there was a picture of Mickey at the plate, with Donald & Goofy behind him (one was playing catcher, the other was umpire…it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so the details are sketchy) on the wall of the Yankees’ food court on the left field side of the Stadium, and I wondered when they had taken that shot. Looks like this is the answer! Very neat!

    Rest in peace, George (and Billy). You made things in the Bronx interesting, for better or for worse, and for that you’ll always be remembered.

  • A combination of my two favorite things. Excellent 🙂

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