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‘PeopleMover’ is Coming Back at Walt Disney World

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Not sure whether it’s a case of back to the future or forward to the past or the past meets the present, but: a long-running Tomorrowland attraction is getting a new (well, sort of new) name …

As of today, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, the “super skyway” that allows guests a glimpse of a variety of attractions in Tomorrowland of Magic Kingdom, will be renamed Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

The ride opened in 1975 as the WEDway PeopleMover. It has been called Tomorrowland Transit Authority since 1994.

The ride technology, which uses pollution-free linear induction motors, was developed by WED Enterprises (that’s what Disney Imagineering was called back in the day) and was introduced at Disneyland in California in 1967. While the attraction at Disneyland has long been closed, there is a place other than Walt Disney World Resort where guests can experience an application of the WED technology. Any guesses as to where?


  • Bring back the Disneyland PeopleMover! Make it a magical pair again!

  • Disneyland please.

  • We have always called it the PeopleMover – never realized it had been changed! LOL So this is GREAT news! 😀

    As for Disneyland – yes, yes, YES!! PLEASE bring it back!! It is one of our absolute FAVORITE rides of all… When you are hot, tired, and your feet desperately need a break – trying to find a shaded, private bench somewhere is a nightmare. But just getting on the PeopleMover – a wonderful, cool, and long ride was/is the highlight of every day (many times we rode it more than once just for the break it provided!)

    ** What about putting the one at Disneyland to even more “practical” use and making it a true “commute” between the Disneyland Hotel (or even better – the PP) and back??! It would be totally awesome to give those families that dread the long walk thru Downtown Disney a WONDERFUL and relaxing way to get back and forth to their resort room! (The monorail has overly long standing waits sometimes – whereas the PeopleMover is constantly loading so you don’t mind as much!)

    Oh… and yes, I absolutely would LOVE to see Horizons (it was ALWAYS fun to view the “fantasy” future of cities/amenities!) and Country Bears return (I really miss Big Al! LOL!)!!

  • I believe you will find that the original PeopleMover in Disneyland did not run on LIMS but rather was propelled by tires spinning in the track.

    The propulsion system on the WDW PeopleMover was designed for Florida – not California.

  • Agreed on the previous narration. Regardless of whether or not the current audio is most similar to the original audio, I still think the narration prior to last year’s change was the best to date. It fit well with the theming of a transit authority. And seeing as how Disney parks have always been commited to extensive and intricate theming, it would be nice to see a return.


  • I do wish that the people mover would return to Disneyland. The reason why is because I hate seeing the track at tomorrow land sitting there unused and becoming an eyesore to all the people in the park. If they won’t bring back the people mover then they should put something exciting up there that will run on the track like the rocket rods or something based on the upcoming movie Tron.

  • I’m happy about the name change and thrilled to hear paging Mr. Morrow might be back; I love that line and the other classics from the original soundtrack; now approaching announcements, chimes, party from Saturn, etc. I hope they ALL come back -and STAY!!! I always ride TTAPM (or whatever the new abbreviation is!) at least several times per WDW trip.

  • Great Job with the name change. Now put the “Tomorrow” back into Tomorrowland at Disneyland by brining it back!

  • As for the Tiki Room, however, let WDW keep the Under New Management (which I think is just as fun a show as the original) and let the original show remain unique to DL.

  • Hunter, you’re entitled to your opinions (which are always subjective), but I still don’t agree with you.

    And I think you need to stop referring to the previous narration as the “old” one because it was not the original narration.

  • It is funny that you bring this attraction up because I was just e-mailing a friend that it was actually my favorite attraction as a kid (except for the monorail going through the Contemporary).

    As a Disney lover, I often cringe when I have to let go of Walt’s Disney (Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride anyone?). However, I try to remember Walt’s idea that Disneyland (and I am assuming Disney World), “will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” My only true complaint is that I don’t see the focus on perfection and invention quite as much I think. For example, am I the only one that feels the soundtrack doesn’t flow so smoothly from one room to the next in Pirates of the Caribbean in WDW since the rehab? I don’t remember hearing the rooms being in different places when I was a kid. That’s not to say that all change is bad. I love the discreet additions of Captain Jack Sparrow and think the rehab to the Haunted Mansion was absolutely marvelous!

  • AMAZING!!! I hope they bring it back to Disneyland someday…

  • I just want to add that a good reason to bring the PeopleMover back to Disneyland is that the track is sitting there unused. Its a sad sight and I can’t possibly imagine what tourists who are not familiar with the PeopleMover must think!

    Linda–Yes, its great that Disneyland’s submarines are back. The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is very cool!

  • Yes Philip, I know the history of the WEDway peoplemover. The new narration is reminisent of the old ORAC-1 narration, but this tribute just dosen’t fit the Tomorrowland of today. Tomorrowland was one of the most cohesive and fun theme throughout all of Walt Disney World. The TTA narration brought together this cohesive theme but giving this city a living, breathing feel. The names for all of the buildings like Tomorrowland Metro Retro Scoiety, Tomorrowland Light and Power company, etc. gave the area a feel that is more than just a land with some attractions. I really think Disney is making a mistake in changing the land and hope instead of replacing this theme, update it. The new narration does not do this and i hope they reconsider it and bring back the old one of atleast use parts of it. The chimes and “Now Approaching…” could still certainly work. Dave, have you happened to hear anything?

    • Hi, Hunter. I haven’t heard anything. Just excited to have “the PeopleMover” back.

  • Yay! I’m so happy to hear that Peoplemover has been added to the name of the TTA. I, too, miss the funny announcements as part of the spiel, but I would be happy if a new version had a mix of the old ones and some new ones. You guys are so clever that I’m sure you could write a new spiel that had a similar flavor to the old one. I have to agree with so many others’ comments, that it seems like a real shame to leave the Peoplemover tracks in Disneyland unused. But, don’t just take them down! That would really upset a lot of hard core Disney fans. Sometimes the old things just need a new fresh approach, not to be replaced. As an example, look at the success of the submarine redo. We all thank Disney very much for saving the submarine ride in Disneyland. Although I haven’t had a chance to ride it, it gives me something unique to look forward to as an incentive to go back to Disneyland.

  • PLEASE bring this ride back to Disneyland!!!

  • Awesome! Now can we have it back at Disneyland?

  • I ‘always thought’ it was called The People Mover…….did I miss something?

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