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Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Mickey and girl silhouettes

While silhouettes may seem sort of old fashioned, I assure you it’s one of the hottest crazes out there. You’ll find several notable fashion and jewelry designers who have made silhouettes part of their Fall lines, and several notable actors and musicians who are keeping in style with the trend.

For almost 55 years, our Silhouette artists have been ahead of the trend, capturing moments in time and creating magical memories for Guests of all ages. A Main Street, U.S.A. gem to discover, the Silhouette Studio is currently home to veteran silhouette artists, Bonnie and Sylvia, who have been on the cutting edge for over 30 years.

If you’ve never had your silhouette done or you’re wondering how it works, check out this video, and watch as this amazing artistry comes to life.

Did you know? Our artists can actually create a silhouette in approximately 60 seconds, per portrait, of course.

Special Tip: Silhouettes make the perfect gift for special occasions and holidays and can even be a fun way of announcing engagements, weddings or new additions to the family. Reminder: Grandparent’s Day is right around the corner, if you’re still on a quest for that special something for Grandma and Grandpa.

I thought that you all might enjoy this touching story from one of our cast members, giving you a first-hand look at their experiences. As you’ll see, silhouettes don’t just make a great gift, they make special moments and dreams come true.

A mother and daughter came in to have her daughter’s silhouette done. Upon completion of the silhouette, the girl looked at the silhouette and began to cry. I asked her why she was crying and she replied, “That can’t be me because that is so pretty and I am not.” To which, I immediately replied, “I only cut what I see.”

Silhouettes are $9 each (two copies, in opposite directions), and if you’re looking to make it into a gift, then have it framed while you wait.

So whether you want to add a personal touch to your next gift or capture a moment in time, be sure to stop by the Silhouette Studio and watch art in motion.


  • my boyfriend had our silhouettes done for my birthday. the oval frame even had hidden mickeys on it! definately one of my most treasured gifts. 🙂

  • We just got back from Disney World and my MIL had the silhouettes done for my two daughters and they look WONDERFUL!!! We found them on the right side of Main Street down one of the streets that most people never take the time to walk down to…. I was amazed at how quickly and with what detail they were able to do! Recommend it to all!

  • For everyone asking if you can have this done at WDW, the answer’s yes! There has always been a Silhouette spot at Downtown Disney. If memory serves, it’s right in front of Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot. 🙂

  • i have been getting silhouettes of my son since he was 6 months old and now he is 18 I think that the silhouette place is the best thanks ladies for doing such a wonderful job.

  • My girls have had this done at DTD at WDW. Do they do the silhouettes with the characters at the WDW silhouette locations, also? If so, I’ll have to go back and get another one on their next trip!

  • Slowly but surely we are covering a wall in the house w/ silhouettes of all family members. Made to look like a family tree..Yours, Mine and ours…we keep one and give the family members the other one..always great memories.

  • I can’t WAIT for December! It’s going to me and Tigger!

  • Is this also done at WDW? i have not seen it there but would love to have it done.

  • Bonnie did a miniature silhouette of me when I was a cast member 26 years ago. I still cherish it!

  • This post just inspired me to start a spreadsheet of unique experiences/souvenirs for my family to look for on our next big trip to WDW in August 2011. We’ve been to WDW 30+ times, but there’s always new memories and special treasures to find – and this is one of them! We’ve never done a silhouette before. I can’t wait to get one in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom!

  • You know, that’s something that I’ve never had done at Disneyland. They’re so cute and old timey, I wonder why. I love things like that! I’ll have to make it a plan for my next trip.

  • PLUS. . the oval frame has HIDDEN MICKEYS in it!!!

  • I have always loved these, I have some of my own children from the 70’s, some of the 2 together and some separately. Now I have some of my two grandsons who are cousins and I have them hanging together in the playroom at my house, Disney themed playroom of course. We come every year from Nor Cal so maybe it is time to get another set next month when we come. maybe my kids with their kids! Hmmm………..


  • Bonnie did our silhouette when my daughter was 6 and 16. We will be there next week and will look for her to do one of us now. Erin is almost 29…I have them in the living room and will add next weeks to it.

  • Great video-thanks!
    I had my first one done at age 69 and this Christmas season I will do another one with another fav character! They are so much fun for such a nominal price and the frames are very reasonable too! Boxed and they make a fun gift!
    I believe this artist did mine 2 years ago and she was outstanding! She captured the child in me with Minnie!

  • I set aside money for my whole family to get silhouettes last time we’re at Disneyland and we didn’t do it and I’m very much regretting it. 🙁

    • Rindy,
      While it’s always best to get your Silhouette done in person, if you are still looking to have this experience done for your family, you can actually call Merchandise Guest Services at 800.362.4533 to place an order. I’m sure they can give you all the details on how to make it happen. Hope that helps!

  • That story is lovely! I still have my silhouette on the wall. I had it done there 20 years ago back when I was 10. I still love it!

  • ..Oops, I meant to say “Mickey’s ears..”

  • Randall–Mickey’s other ear is hidden behind the woman’s head.

    In profile, Mickey ears are always like that; one on the top of his head, and the other below it on the back of his head.

  • I’ve been an AP for 3 years, and I’ve never had this done. There’s always something new to experience at Dland.

  • Just had mine done a few weeks ago. 53 seconds!

  • I had these done on every trip to Disneyland when I was a kid. I recently was going through my photo albums and found one of my grandpa from 40 years ago! HOW COOL!

  • Yes, you can get silhouettes cut at several places in Walt Disney World: Downtown Disney, Epcot near France, and the Magic Kingdom on Main Street (a cart in an alley about halfway down on the right as you enter the park) and in Liberty Square.

  • My husband had his done on his big trip to Disneyland when he was a kid so about 5 years ago, I took the kids to have theirs done as Father’s Day gift. What I love about Disney is the many endless ways to create memorable traditions!

  • In the silhouette above, where is Mickey’s OTHER ear? (And don’t tell me it’s “behind the other ear”.) Have you EVER seen any image of Mickey that only had one ear?

    It’s like the old Disney Studios story where an Animator asked Walt what Mickey’s head and ears would look like if viewed from directly above, to which Walt replied, “Why would you ever want to draw him from that angle?”

    Just wondering…

  • I would like to know if they do this at WDW, too. I’ve never seen it, if there is a studio there.

    I would love to have one done with my son. It’s really kind of a long-lost art.

  • I used the silhouette of my husband and I for our wedding invitations 🙂

  • I purchase a silhouette of my children on every trip to Disneyland. I hang the silhouettes in a hallway. We have so much fun looking at them, marvelling at the changes over the years, and reminiscing over our past trips. We love them!

  • Aw that brings back such memories! My cousin and I got a joint silhouette done about 20 years ago when we were 5 and 4. It hung in the hallway of my grandparents house my entire life and we still have it. They really are a special memory to have I’m so glad Disney still does them.

  • this is awesome, thanks for sharing. i had no idea this place existed. i’ll be taking my niece there soon, for sure.

  • We had Bonnie cut our profiles last year. She’s fabulous!!!!

  • Can I get this done in Disney World? If so, where?

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