A Special Treat: Espresso with Walt Disney

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Recently I shared a photo of Walt Disney enjoying a cup of coffee at the Plaza Inn, and the reaction to this rare photo was so positive, I thought you might enjoy another “caffeinated photo” featuring Walt.

Shortly after New Orleans Square opened in 1966, Walt posed for this photo with Cast Members at the Creole Café. Later renamed Café Orleans, you can still find delicious desserts, and of course, espresso there.
Walt with Cast Members at the Creole Café
The day I found this photo, I took a walk out to Café Orleans where I was pleased to see the very same espresso machine pictured with Walt still in-residence after all these years.
Espresso Machine
These little connections to Walt Disney are always a special treat to discover at Disneyland park. Do you have a favorite place or item in the parks that especially reminds you of Walt?


  • Fantastic memories from all the posts and thanks for sharing this special photograph with Disney fans!

  • For me it’s Snow White Grotto — one of those little treats that Walt liked to provide his guests.

  • Now this is the Good stuff!

  • thats a great photo! the place that reminds mee of walt is right where walt drove a golden spike in the ground next to the sleeping beauty castle.

  • The place that reminds me most of Walt would be the vibe of Disneyland. Just being there reminds me of Walt and all his magic.

  • I have two favorite places that remind me of Walt outside of Disneyland. One is Walt Disney’s Barn at the LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum in Griffith Park which is open free of charge on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The Barn was his happy place and I feel his joy every time I visit.

    The other is the Walt Disney Family Museum in the San Francisco Presidio. This is an amazing museum that lovingly displays both the private and corporate sides of Walt. I love seeing him interact with his family in home movies.

    In Disneyland my favorite place is the walkway between the Matterhorn and the submarines. When I was 11 I was in the Matterhorn line when I saw Walt walking through his Park. I don’t remember what I said to him but I remember he wanted to know what I liked about Disneyland as well as what I didn’t. It was a magical experience with an amazing man who is loved and missed.

  • Walt is Disneyland. Almost everything in the park ressonates his ideals and memory. Standing at the wishing well next to the castle is one of my favorite spots to imagine walt and what he wished for while standing there. The trains that constantly circle the park, along w the monorail, Pirates of the carribean, esp the auctioneer(hint hint, wink wink)

  • Brett from California (#14 above) and I share a connection though we have never met. There is a photo of Walt standing on the lower steps of the train station. Whenever I’m in the Park I always take a moment and stand there and look down Main Street USA and try to imagine how Walt must have felt as he looked out upon what he and his talented crew had created! Though the company has grown beyond anything that Walt may have ever imagined (or perhaps exactly as he imagined!) we should never forget that it all sprang from his wonderful, creative, mind!! With the help of tens of thousands of capable and creative people and the support of millions of fans the Magic continues still. May it continue to evolve and live forever.

    Mike in Arizona

  • I always think of Walt when I see that espresso machine. A few years ago I was going through an old cast magazine (Backstage Disneyland, Spring, 1967) in my collection, and ran across a black and white variation of this photo. The two young ladies in the photo wrote a memory of the day the photo was taken:
    “Walt wanted to send some pictures to Mr. Pavoni, in Milan, Italy, who built this espresso coffee maker. He said, ‘Now let’s all face the camera and say hello to Mr. Pavoni.’ We were really nervous at the beginning, but Walt started talking to us and in no time we felt we had known him for a long time. It was an experience we’ll never forget.”
    — Sally and Jo Anne

    (I note that Sally’s daughter wrote in above. How wonderful! Which one of the young ladies is your mother?)

  • Billy–Its actually Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. 🙂

  • My favorite place in Disneyland that reminds me of Walt Disney is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. However, that is not the only thing that reminds me of him. When I watch some of the classic cartoons he has made over the years, as well as his ideas for building Disneyland and Walt Disney World, they remind me what a wonderful person Walt Disney was.

  • Main Street of course. I love looking at the lamp posts and thinking that he had bought them himself. As you would for your own home. He truly loved Disneyland and you can feel it when you are there. He was a very special human being

  • Cinderella’s Castle, Main Street, and New Orleans Square all remind me of Walt Disney.

  • While Walt Disney World has so any more things to do and see, Disneyland is still my favorite park. It has so much more charm and knowing that almost all of it had a direct connection to Walt Disney himself pluses everything.

  • I enjoy haveing dinner in Club 33 at the long table where Walt used to listen and watch his employees and guests through a bird and a chandelier, of that Chateau Briand is to die for…

  • On the last day of my visit – for the last 60 minutes before I leave the park on my way home – I go to the Train Station and sit on a park bench overlooking the park…here I reflect on my magical stay and thank Walt for making the Happiest Place on Earth! My niece Wendy now does the same thing – it’s a remembrance of all the wonderful happiness Walt Disney has brought to me and my family.

  • This picture of Walt Disney is also of my Mom, Sally Ann Haynes and her friend and co-worker Bonnie Davis. I have one of the original prints on my wall, as well as other photos taken that day. Mr. Disney had received this espresso Machine from the Ambassador of France and was taking the photo shoot to commemorate and thank him for the gift. Mr. Disney was always kind to her and asked often about her children. I was just a child then, but she has many stories of his kindness when we were kids.

  • I think hot chocolate comes out of it now instead of coffee…..

  • When I was about 5 I ran around the corner of the fire station and directly into the legs of a man. I looked up and was shocked to see the worried face of Walt Disney, wanting to know if I was hurt and could he help me. He knelt down and put his arms around me until my parents showed up, mere seconds I’m sure but I thought it was an hour. Everytime I see that building, I see that wonderful smiling face and feel those protective arms. I know it is truely the Happiest Place on Earth.

  • Riding on the trains…especially the time I got to ride on the engine! I love all the photos showing Walt riding on the Disneyland trains with his engineer’s cap.

  • I totally agree with many of you; He is all over Disneyland but most definately Main Street. And, when can I get a coy of “Coffee with Walt”?

  • Definitely Main Street. New Orleans Square is my favorite place in the park — but Main Street is where I feel Walt . . .

  • You can tell this picture was taken shortly before Walt passed away. He looks so tired here. God bless him.
    There’s hardly a spot in Disneyland where I don’t feel Walt’s presence or at least his influence. Standing on the steps of the Main Street Station, looking at what Walt hath wrought is one of my favorites. Looking at the Station at Walt’s favorite toys, or turning around and seeing Main Street USA with the Town Square, the bustle of guests, the American Flag, the castle… I gotta stop cuz I’m getting choked up!

  • Just past the back of the Castle. That famous picture of Walt walking through the castle gates with his hands in his pockets, just looking around. The first time I was there, I had to text my fellow Disney-phile “I’m standing where Walt stood!!!”

  • I always remember Walt when I look at the Castle in Disneyland. I can still see him walking through it.

  • Another great, rare picture of Walt in Disneyland! 🙂

  • All of Main Street, USA. It shows us the past that Walt’s experienced and loved.

  • What a fantastic shot! I love that the machine is still there, too. Very nice bit of follow-up on a wonderful picture. 🙂

  • Sitting at the River Belle Terrace.

  • Town square where Walt made his Welcome address on opening day.

  • Love it! I hope you can continue to provide us with more rarities of Walt in Disneyland. They make me so happy! :oD

  • Definately the window above the fire station that was Walt’s home during the park’s construction!

  • The place that reminds me most of Walt is the entrance through the castle. There hangs the clock immobilized at 4:02. It’s sad to think of his death, but it reminds me how he still lives on.

  • Main Street reminds me of a time that was carefree, Walt’s presence is everywhere in Disneyland but especially on Main Street

  • outside the firestation looking up his window and the kontiki room

  • Where can I get a copy of “Coffee with Walt”?

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