• Heh, I remember this place! It is really good for a cool-off when it’s really hot out.

    Speaking of photos, my Mom took a photo of my misted hair after I came out from under the rocket, but the angle she took it at made me look evil!! We always call it the “supervillain” picture… 😛

  • Blast off on a cool ride to outer space on the Moonliner! I remember being a passenger many years ago waiting to “lift off” on that special journey. I know it isn’t the same rocket but it’s a great memory — isn’t that what Disneyland is all about?

  • i concur with fred, bring back the people movers!

  • Very cool picture. 🙂

    I’d say the only thing that Tomorrowland needs now is to bring the Peoplemover back.

    Star Tours is currently getting refreshed so that is good news.

    Perhaps they could turn Pizza Port and the Starcade into new attractions.

  • Beautiful pictures. But sad to say, not only the Peoplemover that’s sad seeing just sitting there all these years unused, but the entire Tomorrowland is in desperate need of help from a facelift to new attractions. Compared to WDW, it’s not much at all any more. Definitely not Walt’s vision.

  • Great photos!!! 🙂 But the greatness is overshadowed by the sadness of the old Peoplemover track just sitting in the background. I hope they do something with it soon.

  • I love Paul’s pictures, he offers such a different perspective from the typical postcard type pictures. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I’ve had fun my last couple trips to Disneyland getting some of the more creative shots. I would love to know what type of camera he uses.

  • Wow! I didn’t know they had a water mister in that area. I guess I missed it when I was there two weeks ago when it was blazing hot. Ended up at California Adventure in “a bug’s land” cooling off under the big faucet and by “Soarin’ Over California”.

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